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Elven_Archer: If you mean in our Fan Art section, then look in the thread called Tolkien Artist Guild Anyone where one of those posts tells you who to submit your art to.

If you mean into one of our forum threads, then I must say that you may not, as that is against another of our rules.

Speaking of which, these rules should soon be sent as part of the P-T welcoming email to all newbies along with their password in the very near future followed by another to all current members so we can all be on the same page. This is something that the council has been working on for the last couple of weeks; however, everytime we get it about finalized, someone breaks another unwritten rule and we have make a further revision to our forth coming postBody.

When we were smaller, the policing could be done more by osmosis as everyone could easily read every thread daily and thus violations were seldom repeated. Now it takes great effort to just get through the daily postings and we have so may newbies that a list of rule becomes mandatory. But enough of this ramble. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Oh. Thanks for the information though.
I have no idea, unless it means slaying something. I am no help to you.