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They let you use Spray Paint on your hair at school!!!!! Really? I'd have thought they'd make you use hairspray at least/ How ver irresponsible...
In my area, we have just started wearing necklaces made from shells again, after 15 years. Glad I am that I kept mine!

lol! i like 2 wear clothes 2, inder,so does every1 else i know. but we like goin 2 skool in pj's stead of designer clothes! lol, dont ask. Tongue Smilie
that shell necklace thing sounds cewl, Allyssa. now if i could just my sum of my shells on a necklace...
I never really follow trends or the latest fashion... I tend to follow my own trends... Orc Grinning Smilie

Oh, wait, that's not what you guls were talkin' bout, right? Cool Smilie
I have spray painted my hair too before Plastic. We were doing a hair thing for school and they did my hair as the American Flag. I aslo did a Cyndi Lauper thing that same year. (Not shaved but slicked back) I dressed up in some wild sequined outfit and sang Girls Just Wanna Have Fun in front of the whole school. I was sooo nervous that I forgot the words to the first part of the song. But I calmed myself down and just had fun with it and it turned out great. Got a standing ovation. I was really worried about what my dad would say so, I stayed at the school until 2am washing my hair over and over again, trying to get those awful colors out of my hair, and back to my "normal" blonde. My head was soooo sore from washing and scrubbing out the hair paint that they used on me. The next morning I went to school with out touching my hair.
You're not a girl then? Eeek! I was so sure you were. Must check out that gender thread again... Paranoid Smilie
oh please Rolling Eyes Smilie fashion is not just 4 girls. and that soda tab thing that my friends and i do, sum of us make belts out of paperclips and soda tabs. most of the guys do it 2! last mon. one guy had a hat covered w/ soda tabs on. sum pple think that its really weird but we luv it! Wink Smilie
Another fashion I see a bit of lately is bright hair dye, purple, green and orange being prefered! Don't think I will copy it though. Shaking Head Smilie
i would b in major trouble if i died my hair a brite color. Sad Smilie but i think that looks really cewl on sum pple
I have been dyeing my hair since I was 17. I have not seen my naturaly hair color in sooooo long. Not even sure what it looks like anymore. I just got a new color that I wanna try. Still blonde but with a touch of red in it. Should look good.
I bleached my hair blond a few years ago. I may do it again, eventually... If I don't like it I can always just shave my head Big Laugh Smilie
I am sure you look great blonde Prog, with those eyes. wooohooooo.
My hairdo is also not-quite-natural. I have that streaking effect, with blonde, red and brown tips. It looks a bit stripedy when i first get it done, but settles down nicely after a wash or two.

I saw a lady today who had a purple band around her head, a bit like a halo or something - or a really funky hat. Havent seen that hair-do before!
Hmmmm... Hair dying, back when I was still heavily into the punk thing, I used to do my hair any number of colours with spray paint, which doubles up as Hair spray, but holds better. Of course, it does mean washing your hair in turps every now and then to get it out....

insert usual "Skwerl is a fully trained idiot do not ever do as he does" disclaimer here
Definitely male, Inder! I knew you were definitely male. Tongue Smilie
I would not take you for a girl now Inderjit but after having read your very first posts I rather thought you are a female. Why? Because of your nickname (i did not know that it is actually your true name!), ending by an "a". Simply that!
And I was took to be a man during quite a long period - also because of my nickname which sounded boyish for some of the members...
Do you still shake your fist at me, or laugh?
Yeah, suppose it was the nick that confused me too, Inder! Sorry!!! Big Smile Smilie

And how many people thought I was a boy at first... Tch! Rolling Eyes Smilie Animated Wink Smilie
Everyone Tom...EVERYONE. But then, does that really surprise you? Wink Smilie
that is cool.
Naah, not really... Big Smile Smilie
It was actually Hair Paint, but it was basically the same thing. You sprayed it on and was just about as stiff, and hard to get out. (May not have been as flamable, I don't know) But think about it Hair spray is flamable too. Who knows what the rules are for stuff like that.
Dying your hair was actually forbidden at my old school. The rules actually contained this: "Dying your hair in any unnatural colour is forbidden. And blond is not a natural colour." And man did we protest against this!
I would have had a fit, if they had tried to tell me that I couldn't do it. lol. I started dying my hair during the summer break and changed schools. So when I got there they had no clue what my natural color was. When I move back to Texas, none of my old friends recognized me. It really was kinda funny. It took me about 6 months to actually get it blonde. My hair is so dark, that it turned an Auburn shade first. (Which I hated at the time, because I wanted to be blonde.) I kept putting the lightest shade of color on my hair every month, and finally got it to be blonde with only a little red in it.

Now it is much easier to get it any color I want. It is so light, that what ever color I put on, just takes beautifully, until I go dark, then I have to start over again. lol.

As far as clothes are concerned around the house, I just wear shorts/sweats and T-shirts or Nightshirts. But when I go out..... it is usually tight, black, short, and low cut, with out being cheap or trashy looking. I like the classic little black dress. I own a ton of them.

My favorite type of jewelry is pearls, lapis lazuri, saphires all in gold settings. I like silver, but can't wear it, because I look like a ghost in it. I like costume jewelry too, when it matches what ever I am wearing at the moment.
my school actually almost encouraged hair dying...the boys soccer and wrestling teams all dyed their hair platinum blond for a psyche at the start of their seasons.
I once dyed my hair blue, I also wear a Duffel coat (padington bear jokes expected). As for schools I was the class councillor and the school rules stated that girls could wear either skirt's or trousers, boys couldn't wear ear-rings and that bays should have medium lenght hair(go figure) so being extremely agressive towards the headmaster, had an arguement with him and had all these things reversed. I never knew any lads who wore a skjirt thiough.
u died your hair blue? *cough*
I love to hear it when guys dye their hair odd colors. I am proud of you for getting those rules changed Ross. That takes a lot of guts to stand up to a headmaster like that. We also had some of our rules changed. Several of the guys really did turn up in skirts. I was quite humorous.
Good on them. Wink Smilie
What can I say?I have never followed much trend, I just wear what looks good on me,and yet I get tons of compliments Cool Smilie
I have never done any dying,the parents were like "NO!"to that idea, I was going to do red and electric blue, I bet the Church would love(Not) to see some 'sweet' 13 year old with punk hair Big Laugh Smilie
Anyways, Iowa ain't that big on style.
Well you make them big on that sort of style. Go and buy some hair dye and Go red and blue!
Well you make them big on that sort of style. Go and buy some hair dye and Go red and blue!

Hehe, No thxs Ross. Im not going to directly disobey my parents,i got to set up a good standerd for the other little sisters and brothers,now dont I?
I'll do it for you some time Ross Wink Smilie