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Thread: Eyespy in Middle-earth

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#11Is it really a location?
#11 - Not exactly a location but it is in a certain place and can't be moved
#11Is it bigger than a breadbox? I'm kinda at a loss here and not having any other members' guesses to also work off of is a hinderance. Maybe I misconstrued what the answer to question question #5 meant by "southish".
#13 is it the Rammas Echor?
You are so right, your turn Big Smile Smilie
Ah, so my problem was that I didn't ask with #5 if it was located south of an east-west line drawn through Orthanc. In which case the answer would have been yes. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Don't worry about it, I certainly won't.

Good question Maydmarion. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
i may be absent for a small amount of time, so for those who may wish to continue the game, someone else can start one
Okay Fingolfin, take care while you are away and come back when you can. Happy Elf Smilie

Eye Spy with My Little Eye

AGE: First
AREA: Beleriand
Eyespy with my little eye... something that starts with... C
#1 - Is it a place
#1 Yes, it is a place.
#2 is it West of the River Sirion?
#2 Yes, it is West of the River Sirion.
#3 is it north of a west to east line that passes through the hill of Amon Rudh?
#3 Yes, it lies north of a west to east line that passes through the hill of Amon Rudh?
4# is it a place of habitation?

i realize im kinda hoggin this one, so im gonna try and give other people a good few guesses after this one
#4 No, it is not a place of habitation.

You can guess as many times as you want in this one Fingolfin, as long as you wait for an answer before you guess the next time.
If I had a map here I would hazard a guess, but I don't, so I can't. Animated Wink Smilie
#5 - Is it Crissaegrim
#5 No, and that might have been a good guess, except for the answer to #2.
6)is it Cirith Ninnlach?
#6 No, no that westerly.
7) is it the Crossings of Telglin?
#7 No, it is not the Crossings of Telglin.
im going to be right...there r only 3....i hope
8) Celebros
#8 No it isn't Celebros.
9) is it a river or tributary (is it a body of water)
# 9 No, but it was cut by one of those.
#10 OK - how about and I know it's wrong coz its starts with a D.... but......Dor Cuarthol??????????
#10 No, nor even Cuarthol, Dor. (Hint: 'Narn I Hîn Húrin')
#11. OK - is it Cabed Naeramarth (or Cabed-en-Aras)??????

This is driving me mad Very Mad Smilie
#11 Yes, it was Cabed Naeramarth. (I shouldn't have given the hint, but I also was tired of this game sitting here gathering lint.) Elf Winking Smilie

Maydmarion's turn.
I spy with my little eye

First Age - Place Middle Earth

Something beginning with W
#1 Is a geographical?
#2 Is it mentioned in The Lord of the Rings?
#1 No, it's not Geographical

#2 No it wasn't mentioned in LOTR
#3 Is it a living being?
#3 No
#4 Is it a thing?
#4 No it's not a thing.
(a place would be geographical right?)

#5: Is it a noun? (person, place, thing, or idea)
(a place would be geographical right?)
That is my interpetation, as would be rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, towns, and areas, which is why I used the generalized "geographical" in question #1.
#5 I know I said it's not a thing but it is a noun......sorry
It was an event...
#6 was it the "Waking of the Elves"?
#6 No, sorry
I've forgotton what my question was Wink Smilie - so someone feel free to have a go....
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