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Thread: Matrix Revitalized: P-T's Ideas !

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Well,if we don't find a good use for it then the Council Members will delete it,so how about An Advice Forum? (stupid idea,I know...)
Too many of those, how about a thread on how we could have made the Matrix so much better... us playing the characters!
I like part of Andrea's suggestion. Happy Elf Smilie

How about: Matrix Revitalized: P-T's Ideas Deal Smilie

1) Where did their plot-line go wrong?

2) What would you have done to make the Matrix sequels more meaningful?

Obviously I though Andreas and Grondys idea was good. I was going to wait to see if there where other suggestions, but then I tried to answer Vals question about what Neo achived by doing what he did, and I got annoyed at the pointless plot and decided to go with Matrix revitalized.

1) Where did their plot-line go wrong?

2) What would you have done to make the Matrix sequels more meaningful?
1) As soon as they made the second film.
2) By not making them at all.

Did anyone know that there are going to be two more pointless Matrix films?
You're right. The Matrix was exciting because it explores a new possibilty, a new existense in our lives. The sequels pretty much dragged on what was established in the first movie. If it was meant as a trilogy in the first place, they should have made it to be like a trilogy, instead of a movie and its sequels.
1. It didn't, the story was about the journey of Christ, with Neo serving as an allegory.
2. The movie was meaningful. There are numerous layers to the Matrix movies, and different people discovered different parts of them. Although many people hated the way it ended, it was the only way for it to end, in order to complete the story of Christ. Many people wanted a happy ending, where Neo kicked Smith's a**, but that would have been untrue to the meaning of these movies. When Jesus was on the cross, he didn't use his miraculous powers to fight back, he gave in and died in order to save mankind, or in Neo's case, to end the war between man and machine, and to save Zion.