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Hehe,I'll tell you what I think when I watch the second one then the third one,that is if I do. Wink Smilie

Like I asked in one of the other Matrix threads... Did Neo actually achieve anything at all in the end? To me he just cancelled out a problem he had created in the first film, and in doing so kind of ceased to exist. Okay, that little scene at the end between the Oracle and the Architect kind of said, "They all lived happily ever after, if they wanted to," but to me, everything seemed to go back to square one.

Reloaded promised so much from Reverlations, but it just failed to go there.
I think that the ending sucked big time....I was really disappointed.....what did he really accomplish? nothing...they came back to square one as Val said.....irritating end!
Exactly Perry....As Smith said in Reloaded: It’s inevitable!
And after loads of fighting Neo realises this and let’s Smith stick his hand and copy himself....but they are opposites as Perry said and they cancellled each other out....and gotta see it to know how this saves Zion
Agent Smith doesn't die does her? C'mon, how does the movie end? I can't afford to go and see it, somebody tell me what happens at the end??
They don't kill Agent Smith do they?

Neo and Agent Smith kill each other. They are opposites, and thus cancel each other out.
Neo and Agent Smith kill each other. They are opposites, and thus cancel each other out.

And after loads of fighting Neo realises this and let’s Smith stick his hand and copy himself....
What are you talking about? That is after Smith realizes he hasn't taken over the Oracle after all, she is playing virus, didn't you notice she spoke trough him? Neo realizes the Oracle is in Smith somehow and doesn't resist the attempt to be "copied". Neo wins because the Oracle helps. After Smith is gone, Neo is "absorbed" by the machine. He couldn't function properly in the real world anyway, i think Trinity died so he could do just that.

Maybe that is what it takes to keep the peace, Neo beeing one with the machines. If not then the machines would go after the humans again.
Thanks for writing Ama, then I didn't have to Wink Smilie
As you know I totally agree with you on this matter, I too interpret it like you have.

I remember the Oracle saying to Neo something like "everything that has a beginning has an ending", and when Neo and Smith faught and Neo was on the ground, Smith approached him saying those exact words.
Smith didn't understand why he said that and totally panicked and got in a real hurry trying to copy Neo.

Neo seems to understand what's going on and let's Smith copy him.

The Oracle also said she gave up a lot to make a choice , but she had planned it down to the last bit.
When Smith came to her house he said something like "you knew I was coming, so why are you still here?"

So in my opinion the Oracle chose to help Neo by infecting Smith (like a virus) thus leading to temporary victory for human kind.


Neo and Agent Smith kill each other. They are opposites, and thus cancel each other out.


Oh well, Neo had it comeing anyways. Whiney little pug faced pretty boy that he is! Big Smile Smilie

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Neo saw that it was impossible for Zion to survive the machine attack.So he decided to offer a peace treaty to the machines. Now i can hear you ask the lethal question; Why would the machines accept that peace offer? They're strong enough to destroy all those who rebel and they've got no feelings.So why accept the offer?

Simple, the machines are in trouble as well. The Matrix, the world they simulated to use people as a source of energy, was taken over by Agent Smith. They simply couldn't control him anymore. He kept copying himself until he took the control of the matrix. But, even Agent Smith had a weak point; He had a mission to accomplish and had no idea that he'd be deleted automaticly after achieving his misson. And that's where Neo comes forward because Smith's mission was to destroy/kill/terminate/eliminate Neo.

So Neo went to the city of the machines to offer them a peace treaty.Of course the machines didn't know that in the first place and that's why they attacked their ship and killed Trinity.When the offer was accepted by the machines and Neo was once again released to The Matrix -now ruled by Smith- there was only 1 more problem; Neo didn't know how to kill Smith. So they start fighting and keep fighting for a while until the oracle -prisoned inside Smith- gave Neo the most important tip;
The existance of Smith depends on the existance of you! Or in other words, if you die, Smith dies as well!
So Neo thinks, "Hmmmm....Then i gotta destroy myself! And how to do that? Oh I know, i'll let Smith copy himself on me, which will cause his mission to end and then he'll be deleted automatically" and he lets Smith copy himself over him and *Poof*
Both Neo and Smith are dead, the oracle's free, the Matrix runs again and the people of Zion are free as well.

That was not a satisfying end if you ask me and i suspect that the Wachowski brothers will make more Matrix movies.Just like in Star Wars.Oooh Star Wars! But i already wrote a lot, we'll talk about that later.
Hmmm....Amari’ I never thought of are right...I remember that now...thanksWink Smilie
Holy Handgrenade ppl!

U all are just like the rest of them who have been criticising the movie! Tut! tut! In one word I'll say that it was AWESOME! The BEST OF THE TRILOGY! A PERFECT ENDING! CLDN'T HAVE BEEN ANY BETTER! (OK! I admit that was definitely more than one word)

*And the oscar for best visual FX goes to......The Matrix Revoltions. Applause! The Wachowski bros. come up on stage. Aceept the award! Andy moves his hand towards his pocket but stops. Alook of recognition and then surprise comes on his face. He looks around and spots PJ sitting there.
Andy says," I have seen this before! U were sitting right there and I was.....I was standing here! I was s'posed to say something...wat was it? Oh yes! Everything that has a beginning has an end! Ur reign over this award for 2 yrs has ended. The machines have broken the Hobbit! HAHAHA! Applause!*

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