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Thread: Best lines.

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'And if not,' said Gandalf, 'I will ride to Lossarnach with Ioreth behind me, and she shall take me to the woods, but not to her sisters. And Shadowfax shall show her the meaning of haste.' - RotK, Book VI, Chapter 8 'The Houses of Healing'
Can you imagine a conversation between Ioreth and Treebeard; him trying to get a word in edgewise and her never coming up for breath. Oh what a dichotomy. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Tis is more than just a line, quite a lot more, in fact, but I couldn't condense it any further:
Suddenly about him there gushed the sweetest odours of the Earth - nor were more lovely fragrances ever upon the airs of Valinor, and he stood drinking the scents with deep delight, and amid the fragrance of evening flowers came the deep odours that many pines loosen upon the midnight airs.

Suddenly afar off in the dark woods thats lay above the valley's bottom a nightingale sang, and others answered palely afar off, and Nuin well-nigh swooned at the loveliness of that dreaming place, and he knew well that he had trespassed upon Murmenalda or the 'Vale of Sleep', where it is ever the time of first quiet dark beneath young stars, and no wind blows.

Now did Nuin descend deeper into the vale, treading softly by reason of some unknown wonder that possessed him, and lo, beneath the trees he saw the warm dusk full of sleeping forms, and some were twined in each other's arms, and some lay sleeping gently all alone, and Nuin stood and marvelled, scarce breathing.
That was beautiful Pere, I really want to read Lost tales now, a lot more than I did before.
I like the one Pere posted as well Smile Smilie