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Thread: Strange Weather

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Just a question, but I have to ask it. Is anyone else having strange weather where they live? I live in North Western PA and usually around here at this time of the year, we have at least 12 inches of snow. However, we have none! Orc Going Huh Smilie The temperature is around 40-50║ F. This is the first year when there wasn't snow on my birthday Birthday Smilie , the 28th of December. If anyone else os having strange weather too, speak up I'm curious. Elf Confused Smilie
Well... I live in Iceland and for the last 3 or 4 years we have had no snow in the capital city, ReykjavÝk, but now we have about 50 cm at least...
Yeah, that┤s true, the snow suddenly just started pouring down here (in Reykjavik), It was a little weird, we almost never have snow here (it┤s more on the northern side of the country)
I live in IL and its around 30-60.It's so weird.
It snowed today. Not strange, but good. Big Smile Smilie
In Iowa (where I live) there has been very little snow, not sure why because in this time of the year we often have a couple feet of snow. *sigh* I miss the cold weather.
Yes, we have been having unusually warm weather here in Texas as well. Yesterday, it got up to over 26 C/78 F. Normally, January and February are our coldest months. If it is already that warm this time of year, I am really dreading the coming summer.