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Thread: Riders of the riddermark!

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this is alaglonde of grimbold's eored!...welcome all! I am formally inviting you all to King eomer's great feast this friday at Edoras. all welcome
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, Alaglonde. A feast in Eomer's hall sounds a great idea. Roasted venison washed down with flagons of ale. I'll be there if it's not raining.
Oh,cool...I'll be showing up Wink Smilie
Is that "This Friday", like today 16 January, or the one next week? Either way, I'll haul my axe out of the caves and join you. Never have been able to pass up excellent company, good grub, and free ale.
Did I miss it?

I think I might have....
Hey this is like, a year ago!!! How come we didn't have any flashy parties this year??
Its still not to late to make one , is it ?
Hey, I'm with you!!!!!! Cat Smilie
heck yes! youre invited!