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Thread: Tolkien fans we know in person

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Do you know any Tolkien fan in person? I mean like a friend of yours, a relative or any other person to share your passion with. I don't, and that's something that really makes me sad...

My entire family are devotees of the LOTR Laura. But do not despair , for we can be friends to you and share our mutual love and admiration. And I wonder if you have checked in the city you live in to find out if there are clubs there that are in to Professor Tolkien's works. If so you could join and get to meet the people and develop some cool friendships. Or even start a small club yourself and advertise one or two times. There is always a way to find others that share your interests.

I don't know anyone who shares the Middle Earth passion like I do. I have many friends who love the films but sadly none of them have read the books which is a shame Sad Smilie

Thank you Leelee, the problem is that I live in Milan (Italy) and a "club" is something that people here do not even conceive...you're so lucky to have Tolkien fans in your family...my mother and my brother like him, but in a very superficial way, they just like the movies and that's all...

I think most of Wellington is at least part Tolkien-crazy, so it's not too hard to find someone to talk to, though it can be more focused on the movies sometimes. My (now) husband got me a copy of Unfinished Tales when we were first dating as I'd lost my one.  ( A good dating tip for you guys reading this!)

I'm with you Laura, I don't know anyone who appreciates JRRT to the extent that I do. I know people who LOVE the movies, and claim to have read the books (it's funny when you actually do know a lot about Tolkien how easy it is to spot the "claimers"Wink Smilie but nobody other than that. In fact, I'm only 21, and sometimes I feel like I'm the last of my generation who TRULY appreciates Tolkien. Sad...

@Balrogs R Us: I feel the same cause I am 20, and I cannot find other people who are my same age and love Tolkien as much as I do...that's so sad...

It really is, Laura. But it's reassuring knowing that at least SOMEWHERE in the world, in this case, Milan, I'm not alone and the legacy shall live on for at least one more generation...

I hope at least 2 generations...I'll do my best to transfer this passion to my sons, if I ever have some...

Btw, where are you from?

At least 2 would be nice, but I'm crossing my fingers for infinite generations...

And I'm in the United States. They teach Tolkien in our schools, but seemingly to no avail. I've been reading Tolkien since I was 10 so I felt right at home. Other's would complain it was too slow. They just can't appreciate fine detail...

Exactly! Everybody can describe a forest saying that the grass is green and birds are singing letting the reader imagine all the rest... with Tolkien you cannot imagine too many things, because you can actually see them with our own eyes! But as you said, many people do not appreciate all these details. They just find them "boring" and close the book after 15 pages (if they dare to open it at all).

In my class at University there are students from all over the world but it seems like it is the same story in any country. I remember once I mentioned Tolkien, and the girl I was talking to just said "wow, finally I understand how to pronounce that name!". They ALL love Harry Potter, they consider it a masterpiece; they prefer reading a book which was written with the sole purpose of making easy money instead of going with Frodo and Sam on their journey to Mordor.

I'm speechless.

Well, in all fairness, I actually love the Harry Potter series as well. I'm also a sucker for all things fantasy, though. But I don't think Rowling wanted to just capitalize on children (No, that would be that damned Twilight series), I've seen an interview with her and she seemed really chill. Of course she could've just been a master liar, but even so, you can normally tell those types, regardless of how nice they might come off as.

That doesn't surprise me it's like that everywhere though. Tragic, really...btw, you have excellent English considering you're from Italy. Very impressive...

I feel for you guys and more for those who can't see the beauty and wonder of Middle-Earth and the languages and art!! Still I would have liked to be part of an active Tolkien group and learn the elvish language and have people to talk to and practice!


@Balrogs R Us: well, thank you for what you said about my English... it's really impressive what you can achieve by just reading Tolkien books in English LOL

Sorry for what I said on HP, but that's what I actually think... same for Twilight. Maybe I'm just jelous cause everybody loves Harry Potter!

I agree with you about HP, Laura.  If you look at just the language of Tolkien compared to the language of Rowling, you can tell right away that whatever prompted Rowling to write was not good art. 

Oh, and I also agree that your English is excellent.  Since I teach English, you can believe I know it when I see it.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not at all saying Rowling is equal in ANY level to Tolkien. But you have to keep in mind Rowling was initially writing a children's book. Of course the language in Tolkien is much more subtle and the words are more artfully put together. Also Rowling said she started writing the book on a train ride somewhere. It started as a short story that other people read and liked so she made it a book. Which I think is fair grounds for  an aspiring author to write a book...

I definitely understanding not liking it. In fact I understand hating it. But I feel like it's more attributed to different tastes and different ages than who's better or more deserving of their success.

Harry Potter is also already dying out as a trend. 10 years or less, after the movies are finished, nobody will care. However I can GUARANTEE Tolkien will be around still. So hold on for just a bit longer and it'll all be over

Thank you so so much guys for what you've said about my English!

@Balrogs R Us: "So hold on for just a bit longer and it'll all be over" ---> this really gives me hope LOL

......So sad, nobody I know is a Tolkien fan, just me,a loner. I have all the coolness for myself,one does not simply have a sudden knowledge of Tolkien. My sister endures, yet kind of gives me a fight of how I adore my Tolkien lore!