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Thread: Best Quote ever!

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I would like to find something, but have not found one that was perfect for me, yet. Guess I'll keep looking.
I'm thinking about changing mine, actually. Think I will.

Yep, just did! Big Smile Smilie
I just changed mine too. I think it is cool. I just love horses.

Oh crud, I saw a great quote the other day and now I can't remember what book it was in. I have been doing a lot of reading lately. I read all the books in Robbie's lessons. They have a ton of readers for him. I check them all, and have read like 15 or more books the last few days.

hmmmm, let me see if I can find it. Oh well, maybe later.

Up until then, sci-fi was my thing. If your new to that genre, might I suggest Arthur C. Clarke's 'Rendezvous with Rama...

but I've never read any Asimov.

Sorry I know this is a little old ... but you love sci- fi and have never read any Asimov??!!!! Shocked Smilie
I too was mainly a sci fi gal until I read LOTR when I was 14 but Asimov still has to be my favourite postAuthorID or perhaps it's A C Clarke I'm not sure it depends what mood I'm in . You should really read some of Asimov's short stories the robotics ones are excellent and if your looking for a longer read try "the Currents of Space" or "Pebble in the Sky" or the Foundation series (although that really is a long series.)
I started to write that this thread was supposed to be about quotes from Tolkien; however, after further review I see it developed into a discussion about other postAuthorID's books last year with some input by me. So who am I to blow against the wind at this late date? Very Big Grin Smilie

Go for it folks. Cool Smilie
you love sci- fi and have never read any Asimov??!!!!

Eek! I'm busted!

To tell you the truth, classic Sci Fi was never my thing. My stepfather had to twist my arm to get me to read Clarke. Of course, now I'm glad he did. I think Clarke's stories have aged exceptionally well, as have Herbert's Dune (my personal opinions aside), Heinlein, and much of Theodore Sturgeon's works as well. But I've read many books that fall under the category of "Classic Science Fiction" that were just too dated to be enjoyable for me. I'm not saying that Asimov is dated; I wouldn't know, but that's the reason I haven't read very much CSF, including Asimov. Perhaps I'll pick up a story or two some time in the ...um ...future. Big Smile Smilie

you really should check out some of Asimov's stuff. some of it is really good. I read some short stories of his. Can't remember the name of the book, but it had both science and fiction in it. Very interesting trying to figure out which was which on some of them.

Love your new sig, Mellie. Love Yeats too. Thumbs Up Smilie

Asimov? Whadda yu talking bout?
Thank you Tommy. I thought it was a very me thing. It just fit.

Asimov? Whadda yu talking bout?

Only the one of the greatest sci-fi postAuthorIDs of all time (imho!!)!!! Up there with Clarke and Wells (you must have heard of them?!!!) He created not only a world but a galactic empire and saw it through the formation to destruction to a new era, you should really read some their amazing, what an imagination!!
Look Around Smilie Never heard of them, sorry Rosie. Silly me again, I suppose. Paranoid Smilie

That's ok Tom I'm sure there must be hundreds of great postAuthorIDs I haven't heard of. What else do you like reading?
Who me? Look Around Smilie Suppose so, yeah. Emmm well I like reading everything that's concerned with fantasy (the more unlikely the better) but also everything that's based on a true story or the truth or whatever. Non-fiction they call it I believe. These stories can be like horror stuff sometimes, and it's even more horrible cos you know they really happened.
I'm not sure I like autobiographical books becuse they're always so tragic and rarely have a haapy ending, maybe that's just the ones I read but I'm a great believer in happily ever after .Big Smile Smilie
oopss Wink Smilie
I don't really care what ending the book has, as long as it's not an open one. I hate open endings. It's like: make one up yourself cos I couldn't. You read a book of about 500 pages only to find out it has no ending!!! Frustrating, I assure you!
Yeah, me too!!! Big Smile Smilie Wink Smilie Wink Smilie
Im 13!!!!! I dont have a faveorit postAuthorID though. But I do love Jrr Tolkin, and jk Rowling. Dont make fun of 13 year olds you old man! jkjkjkjk
Talking about favourite postAuthorIDs, ha? I would say that, besides JRR Tolkien, I also enjoy Herbert, Clarke, Van Vogt, Dante and, yes, the one and only Al. Dumas!

Look Ma, no hands!
followed by
Sure I can, no problem.
Look out for that ...
- usually followed by a bump, splat, or

i love that quote it is really kool, but my 3 favorate qoutes are these:

Christ is the Lord of angles, and of men, and of elves."

J.R.R. Tolkien

"death from death alone can save,
love is death and so is brave."

George MacDonald

"doust thou love life? the do not squander time for that is the stuff life is made of."

Benjiman Franklin

[Edited on 26/10/2003 by EvithianEhtmire]
Christ is the Lord of angles, and of men, and of elves."

Okay, I know it's cheap to get a laugh out of a simple typo, such as all of us make all the time, but I just imagine jesus sat at a table with a protractor, ordering an obtuse angle to become acute. No offense meant, it was merely an observation which I found amusing, as I love typos.
"-Oh my god! Aliens! Please don't eat me! I've got a wife and 3 kids! EAT THEM!"
By Homer Simpson
"Someday you'll thank me for all this scary love." ~ Homer Simpson
"Love is an irresistable desire to be irresistably desired." Albert Einstein
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