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Thread: Best Quote ever!

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*shakes head in disbelief, and gives up*
Smile Smilie *Plastic
Wow - Tolkien, Pratchett, Umbeto Eco - all in the same chat. And anything ranging from schoolgirls and guys to 53 year old editors. Good forum..
Personally speaking, in the fantasy field hard to beat JRR, Fesit was fine, Pratchett OK, Eddings pretty good. Only one who really got there - as far as I'm concerned - as a writer is Stephen Donaldson and the first trilogy of Thomas Covenant. Should also check Ursual Le Guin. Happy reading
Thanks, I needed that! Smile Smilie
*chortle chortle*
Welcome Huan, don't know some of them there postAuthorIDs you mentioned, but the Tolkmeister, Pratchett and Leguin are definitely three of my faves. We need more dogs around here, so it's good to have you about.
Wahey! Mervyn Peake! Now him I do love. The first two Titus books were fantastic, it's a bit of a shame about the third one, but you can't have everything.
I don't get why if something is really popular, immediatly it's stupid...in my opinion, if something is loved by "the masses", it's better than something that's only enjoyed by a few people. And aren't postAuthorIDs mostly trying to get their book read by as many people as possible? You'd think they'd all pretty much revere Tolkien for having one of the most popular books ever.

I quite agree!

May I suggest a couple of good Australian postAuthorIDs? (please don't judge by nationality, they are really good!):

Sara Douglas
Cecilia Dart-Thornton

Both recently released in overseas market I believe. Smile Smilie Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie

[Edited on 2/1/2002 by Allyssa]
There are good Australian postAuthorIDs? Wink Smilie
This I must see! Will try and find some.
I've heard of Sara Douglas, but I have no idea where...what did she write?
mad max.... or was that a movie trilogy? or wasn't that even australian
It had Mel Gibson in it, and loads of sand, must have been Australian.
Okay, bol.com haven't got it either. Never even bloody heard of it, just kept coming up with the original Darwin texts. Heading off on a new search now Huan, hold on....
Big Smile Smilie
I have good news for ye! I have bought two Tolkien books yesterday, namely the Sil and Unfinished tales, and I will start readind the Sil soon, so I can finally know what the hell you're talking about! Smile Smilie
Never heard of the postAuthorIDs mentioned before... Pratchett and LeGuin are the only ones I've heard of. They had Pratchett novels in the bookshop, but I didn't know which one to buy! Can someone tell me which one is a really good starter? Smile Smilie
I think "The Colour of Magic" is the first discworld novell or was it "a light fantastic"...
Color of magic was the first, The Light Fantastic is the second half of the story. I personally think you should start somewhere a little later like Moving Pictures or Soul Music, cos they're funnier.
And Tommy will finally know who Morgoth is!
Disagree with Plastic. Moving Pictures was the the 2nd lousiest Discworld novel (worst was Fifth Elephant). Soul Music was ok, but I think you ought to start off with the first 2 novels, Colour of Magic & Light Fantastic. Otherwise you'd get somewhat lost.

How's it going with Silm?
No way! Moving Pictures was great, loads of pop culture references, a talking dog and loads of Dibbler. And the other talking animals and everything. And Soul Music just for the line, "Are you sure you're not Elvish?"
Didn't like the pop culture references, that's why I thought Moving Pictures sucked. Pyramids was ok, so were the Guards series (Guards, Guards, Men at Arms, Feet of Clay - except for Jingo & 5th Elephant). I liked the ones with Susan (Death's graddaughter) though - maybe Tommy should try out Soul Music & Hogfather first.

And since you like the Phantom of the Opera, Tommy, maybe you could try Maskerade (although I found it boring) but then you ought to read Equal Rites, Wyrd Sisters, Witches Abroad & Lords & Ladies to get a feel for the characters first.

I've put up a list of Discworld novels for you up in Prancing Pony. Wink Smilie
I see, you like the ones that I don't, and vice versa! How can you not like pop culture references? Tis my favourite sort of humour that. Like when Glod tells Cliff he won't get far in the music business with that name! Had me rolling on the floor that one did.
I loved the Hobbit as a youth, Bilbo was the best hero I could think of. But it wasn't my favorite book and Tolkien nver has been my favorite postAuthorID, I couldn't even get into LOTR. TOO WORDY. (My father says it's because I'm a female.) As much as I give Tolkien his due for being the father of the genre, it was Terry brooks who really got me into fantasy with "Elfstones". David Eddings Belgariad made me love it even more. Michael MOrcock's Elric made me love moody elves. RA Salvatore restored my faith in new fantasy postAuthorIDs. Tracy Hickman made me want to write a fantasy novel. Anne McCaffrey made me want to ride dragons. D&D made me a half elf with a magic quiver.

There are still lots of great fantasy postAuthorIDs. The problem is you have to sift through all the other stuff too.
You never read LOTR then? What a shame. The hobbit is just a kid's book when you compare it to LOTR. Wink Smilie
Thanks for all the replies on the discworld novels, but this way I'll never know where to start. So if I ever start, i'll start from the beginning... Big Smile Smilie
I haven't started the Sil yet cos I haven't found the time yet. Smile Smilie
Oh, I couldn't read LOTR on my own so we are reading it to the kids (who loved the movie BTW) and also had problems reading FOTR on their own... at least I know where my kids get their talents from Smile Smilie

We are on chapter 3 of FOTR, and if it hadn't been for the movie, I wouldn't have bothered buying the trillogy...
This topic will get hacked at a later date rather than now, because I'm a good guy. Big Smile Smilie

You probably should have used a tavern or the private postBody thingy for this.
faye what's you first impression of the book then? better then the movie?

Tommy: just look at the rightbottomcorner of your screen/ monitor there's the time
Borring: lol

Swampfaye: Why on earth couldn't you read LOTR on your own? Do you think its a kid's book like the Harry Potters (this sixty plus year old enjoyed those too) or is there some other reason. "The Narnia Chronicles" are kid's books too; however, they contain much for we adults that would pass right over the heads of children. If I have mis-read between your lines here, please forgive me, I meant no offense. Smile Smilie
Maybe that's better then Tommy, at least the first two are funny enough for most tastes. Wink Smilie

Yeah, Plastic, there were some good jokes in Soul Music that was funny but I can't remember 'em now since I haven't re-read it. But it's too 'modern' for my liking..I preferred stuff about the wizards, UU, witches, vampires, guards, Cohen etc..
I think I'm beginning to understand now Golly, whilst I like watching the Discworld being dragged kicking and screaming out of the century of the Fruitbat, you'd rather it stayed more like conventional fantasy? Am I right?
Never really thought of it before, but you're right Plastic. There must be a little bit of Dios in me after all.

Dunno why I don't like it...haven't sat down & analysed it or anything. Maybe I'm just getting old. Sad Smilie
Eddings?? Eddings???
i read almost all his books several years ago.. and HATED them.. why did i keep reading? i dunno. same reason i keep watching Buffy, i suppose..
my fav. fantasy postAuthorID definitely has to be Ursula LeGuin, also love Gene Wolfe and Michael Moorcock (i REALLY hope that's the right spelling..). But JRRT really got me into fantasy/sci fi genre.. before i only read the hoity-toity-pulitzer-prize-winning-serious-fiction.
How can you hate Discworld????? Sad Smilie
And LeGuin got me into the whole scifi/fantasy thing so I must admit I love her. Before I just read good old Ian Fleming and Raymond Chandler all the time.
Well all this brings up the age old question of literary genres - sci fi, heric fantasy : scifantasy etc
Beginning of the century and until the 504 THE GENRES WERE VERY MUCH SEPARATED. sci fi on one side and fantasy on the other - very virulent opponents most of the time. The earlier considering the latter as childrens stuff / non-literary.
Then what do you do with postAuthorIDs like LeGuin, Aldiss, TH White, or even Gene Wolfe?
The other issue is the plethore of "epics" like Edding - with 7 or 8 volules. I emans it all seems to be just and editorial thing to make more money. Raymond Feist was a good example - one oggd first book "mAgician" , some weaker volumes (1 or 2) and then the rest is just absolute silliness. Its ridiculousoand scandalous that a good postAuthorID should let himself be bullied by editors to write crap. (AMybe he was crappy all along). I mean several readers are just scared of getting into the fansay world because sometimes its so hermetic and then well there the finance. When you see Moorcock or Brooks or Pratchett and you have tons of stuff to read just to get to the end of a story.... Bugs me. Sci fi writers in the 50's at least didin't do that. OK Van Vogt and Assimov put out series of books on cerrtain themes and characters but at leas tthe writing was goo dna d going somehwere.
Well I know alot people out there have "hard-core" views on this subject so lets here 'em
the so called 'epics' you call them... Eddings, Mac Caffrey, May, the whole trash... they don't even deserve to be called Sci-fi/fantasy..
i guess these emerging of genres is one of the aspects of our Postmodern culture. Wolfe, Moorcock and Cordwainer Smith, to mention a few have really exemplified the postmodern science fiction, the absence of grand narratives, etc... i wonder where we're heading next?
I will start reading Pratchett and LeGuin soon, cos I heard so much good things about them here, I'm almost forced to read them... Wink Smilie
As for all the other postAuthorIDs, I really couldn't tell. I never read any fantasy fiction other than Tolkien's. But he got me into liking fantasy, before I didn't even like the word. (concerning literature)
Big Smile Smilie
hm, I think it's time to join the discussion about my home-world. As you might guess, I love Discworld! I cannot say which I like most cause they all have there charme. Soul Music and Moving Pictures were great. But I agree that the Fifth Elefant was somewhat under the average.

Nunc id vides, nunc ne vides
My home world is Middle-Earth! I sometimes dream of living there, amongst the elves and ents and wizards and hobbits... Must be great... Smile Smilie I'm starting to believe in all these creatures! Smile Smilie They're becoming horrifying real! Smile Smilie But back to reality now! Big Smile Smilie
Latin, rincy? (Now what you see, now what you don't see?) ???
Poor Tommy. Just make sure your parents inform PT when you get committed, I'm sure we'd all want to send flowers & cards & stuff. Smile Smilie

As for the fantasty/sci-fi debate...I don't read 'em, so naturally I don't have an opinion.
I always hated fantasy stuff and was a staunch sci-fi bloke. Never saw the two as connected at all (still don't) But cos I read Leguin (the Dispossessed has to be one of the top sci-fi books of all time) I had to read the EarthSea trilogy, which kind of did for me, and I had to grudgingly admit that fantasy writing wasn't all bad. Ended up having to read that big ol' boring Tolkien book, lord of the somethings?
I've always like fantasy better than sci-fi...big fan of dragons and elves and that sort of junk...
Thanks Plastic - looking for a good read. Will go and buy Dispossessed. As A Sci fi fan do you know where I can find "Voyage of the Space Beagle" by A.E.Van Vogt? Out of print for years and would love to find it. Why do the anglo saxons not like Van Vogt?.
have to admit i've never actually read Van Vogt. Often meant to though. My suggestion would be bol.com as they seem to have everything ever written by anyone. Unfortunately I've just spent my months book money on a shiny new copy of Faust, otherwise I'd have got that, oh well, perhaps next month. And as an Anglo-Saxon, I did not know we had a particular aversion to the fellow.
Well, here is another thread that I am adding to that seems to be quite old. But it is new to me. lol. Sorry. If no one ever sees this or reads it that's ok, but I gotta put my 2cents worth in.

I have just recently gotten into the Fantasy/SciFi genre. My first experience was with Michael Moorcock and his Elric series. Which I loved, then I moved on to Piers Anthony and his Incarnation of Immortality. That absolutely facinated me. I have also read some of Terry Brooks and David Eddings. But only a couple of each. They could not keep my interest after more than a couple of books. They all seemed the same. Another postAuthorID that surprised me that I liked was Gordon R. Dickson. That is not my type of book usually, but my husband told me to read it one day when I had run out of everything else that I liked and did not have money to buy anything else and did not want to re- read anything. The Dorsai series, kept me riveted for a while.

My husband laughs at me because before we met all I had read was just stuff like Danielle Steele, Sidney Sheldon, Robert Ludlum, Stephen King and that type of thing.

I had never read Anne Rice or even Tolkien at that point. Guess I was pretty sheltered.

Now every time he suggests a book or a series of books, I jump on it, and I am wonderfully surprised.

I have just recently started reading Azimov and Heinlein SP? Some of those are way over my head but some are really good.

I have never read Terry Pratchett, but I think Matthew has some in the house somewhere. I will look and check them out. BTW he has read everyone of the postAuthorIDs that ya'll mentioned. He could give you some great opinions and great quotes.

I am lousy at remembering quotes, but I love to here some good one.

Well this is yet again very long winded and will probably never be read.
Have a great day ya'll Tongue Smilie

[Edited on 21/8/2002 by MelliotSandybanks]
Thanks for bringing this thread to my attention Melliot! I'm relatively new to PT so a lot of the older threads I've never read.

I too, am new to the fantasy genre, LotR being my first read. Though, now I remember reading Stephen King's fantasy book, but I can't seem to remember the title! Something with Dragon in the title. And a long time ago I read a collection of short stories based on Moorcock's Elric written by other postAuthorIDs. And I've read Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles (up to Memnoch the Devil) but I never considered that fantasy. More horror I think, though, another name I've heard is dark fantasy. Anyway, it was Tolkien that got me hooked on the sword and sorcery subgenre.

Up until then, sci-fi was my thing. If your new to that genre, might I suggest Arthur C. Clarke's 'Rendezvous with Rama'? Excellent story, although, a little light on action. It's more of a 'wow' kind of story, evoking a sense of awe and wonder, than a 'blow up the aliens' story. If you like action and excitement, David Brin's 'StarpostThreadIDe Rising' and 'The Uplift War' are superb with a very unique concept, blistering action, genious descriptive prose, and some of the most endearing characters you'll ever read about. I've been throwing out Brin's name all over the forums desperately hoping someone else will read his books, particularly the 'Uplift' series. You may want to recommend them to your husband as well. I highly doubt he'll be disappointed!

Heinlein's 'Starship Troopers' is some of the best military sci-fi I've ever read but I've never read any Asimov. Another book I should recommend is Frank Herbert's 'Dune'.
I personally am not a huge fan of this story (though, admittedly, it's been over a decade since I've read it) but I seem to be in a very small minority, at least on this forum. Most people would probably describe it as the sci-fi equivalent of 'The Lord Of The Rings', not necessarily in theme, but certainly in scope. Don't judge it by the horrid 1984 movie, they're hardly even related.

Anyway, please forgive my rambling. The Vivarin I took about a half an hour ago has kicked in! Disturbed Smilie
Anyway, please forgive my rambling. The Vivarin I took about a half an hour ago has kicked in!

That is something that I can not take. It makes me violently ill for 2 days at least, and then I miss whatever it was that I needed the Vivarin for.
Thanks for bringing this thread to my attention Melliot! I'm relatively new to PT so a lot of the older threads I've never read.

You are welcome for bringing this thread to your attention and welcome to PT
Though, now I remember reading Stephen King's fantasy book, but I can't seem to remember the title! Something with Dragon in the title.

The book you are referring to is Eyes of the Dragon. We have it, but it is actually one that I have not read.
but I never considered that fantasy. More horror I think, though, another name I've heard is dark fantasy.

I agree that is more horror, but dark fantasy is also a great description.
might I suggest Arthur C. Clarke's 'Rendezvous with Rama'?

Looking through the book cases, I saw that sitting there. After I finish the Silm I will get it out and read it. Thanks for the suggestion. My husband is a big fan of Clarke's.
David Brin's 'StarpostThreadIDe Rising' and 'The Uplift War' are superb

I will have to remember that because I did see them on the bookcases. I'll ask Matthew if he has them some where. He has soooo many books, that 1/2 of them are still in boxes because whe have no more room to put them. Hopefully we will be moving in January and have a house big enough to have a full library. We already have 10 bookcase stacked and stuffed to over flowing.
Heinlein's 'Starship Troopers' is some of the best military sci-fi I've ever read

That is another one that I have read recently.(Of course recommended by Matthew)
great book.
Another book I should recommend is Frank Herbert's 'Dune'.

I have actully read that too, but it has been a loooong time. I don't remember much about it or even my reaction to it.

Oh, btw, Matthew has the Discworld series, and says that he thinks I will like it. Sounds like I have enough suggestions to keep me reading for at least 6 months.

I got a great quote.

It was on a magnent
Happiness is when you marry your best friend
I read 'Eyes of the Dragon' and I think I liked it at the time, though now I don't remember anything about it...also I just finished 'Guards, Guards' by Pratchett and it was really good - I liked it a lot. I hadn't read any of the other discworld novels, but I think I will definitely check them out now.
Happiness is when you marry your best friend

.......Unless your best friend is your Sister......
Super Scared Smilie
Well, my sister is an idiot, so I really don't wanna marry her. Actually, she is not an idiot and she is trying to get her life straightend out. But.....she drives me nuts. well, this is off topic and I could go into a serious rant about her.

Back on topic, sorta. lol
My husband, Matthew, went out of town last week on a buisness trip. When he came home on Saturday, he gave me that. plus a whole bunch of other souvenirs. I just thought it was sweet.

Ok, back on topic for real.
There have been soo many books recomended in here that i think I am going to just print this entire thread and circle the names of books in a thick red marker and go to a used book store, or give the list to Matthew and say I want these, the ones you don't have buy me, Pleeeeeaaassssseeee, and bat my eyelashes at him real sweetly. I'll have as many of them as we can afford. lol.
There is a darkness greater than the one we fight. It is the darkness of the soul that has lost its way. Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope, the death of dreams. Against this foe we can never surrender.

Great signature, 42. Great quote, anyhow...

Melliot: I have been recommended so many books over this site, that I need two lives to read them all... Very Big Grin Smilie
That is a beautiful quote Tommie.
I thought so too, and in case 42 should change the sig, I thought it as well to post it here. Well what do you know, 42 has changed the sig! Tongue Smilie

I love Prog's too!

You laugh because I'm different. I laugh because you're all the same.

I think I'll take that as my motto from now on! Cool Smilie
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