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Thread: A journey

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Hurray, I am ready to hunt down evil doers and as my new signature quotes to 'sing songs as if no body is listening'. Where exactly are we going though so I know what to wear?
I think this thread needs to have a prologue, Darous. We need to know where you are going--oops, bad choice of words Grondy--we need to know the nature of this thread to know if it is going to be a story where people add on parts or if it will be a role playing game. The story type may stay here, the RPG might get moved to that guild.

You might want to edit your original post above to add a starting paragraph defining the nature of the thread. But do carry on, lets us see where we are off to. Cool Elf Smilie

Will we need to bring a change of underwear or two, and maybe some clean hankies or will we be home in time for supper?
Count me in too! Tongue Smilie
i'm in i tryed to make a story but no one would go along with it so i'll do this thang yo!
You can count on me too!
And as Darous returned today after a long hiatus, maybe we can get this show on the road. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
My friends I have returned. Sorry But I was scouting ahead for a strange darkness has fallen across the path which we were taken. So let me tell you off our journey my friends we must travel to Mordor. I know it is a journey that is long and filled with many dangers. But word has been sent to me from Gwaihir that a new breed of orc has appeared. And using the war machines left behind by Sauron, they plan to plunder the lands of middle earth and summon a great evil from the past. So my friends we must make haste. We shall meet in Bree at The Pony and rest here for 2 nights for friends come with tools which will aide us in our cause. I will arrive a day early but I must leave for 3 days as I have pressing business else where. But I will be back before yous set off. But for now gather your strengh and spirit as we shall be fighting for the whole of Middle-Earth.
Yes, good question Elbereth. I'll be there when I know when. Big Smile Smilie
Moderator Smilie And until I know the nature of this thread, I can't figure out if it is a stoyboard that really belongs here or under our Writers Guild, or is a role playing game that belongs under our Role Playing Guild. Moderator Smilie
My friends we must hurry I have been on the run for many moons. Being hunted by wargs and orcs and balrogs. The forces move against us and we our all in serious peril.
A darkness has fallen upon the path. But I know that we must continue for if we don't then most certainly we shall all fall....Asteroth i always welcome you at my side.
I would like to come on this journey with you too, your enemy is my enemy or whatever I'm supposed to say...so I'll just follow along behind you or whatever. Wink Smilie
I`m in too, if you don`t mind. I`d risk my life for my fellow friends, you have all my weapons and skills. Big Smile Smilie