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Thread: Hobbit Characters

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Index of Names - Characters/Creatures

1. Hobbits (The Hobbit, LotR)

2. Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit, LotR),

3. Belladonna Took, Mrs, Bungo Baggins (The Hobbit, LotR).

4. Bungo Baggins (The Hobbit, LotR).

5. Baggins (The Hobbit, LotR).

6. Took (The Hobbit, LotR).

7. Fairy (The Hobbit, LotR).

8. Old Took (The Hobbit, LotR).

9. Gandalf (The Hobbit, LotR).

10. Wizard (The Hobbit, LotR).

11. Dwarf (The Hobbit, LotR).

12. Goblins (The Hobbit, LotR).

13. Dragons (The Hobbit, LotR).

14. Dwalin (The Hobbit, LotR)

15. Balin (The Hobbit, LotR)

16. Kili (The Hobbit, LotR)

17. Fili (The Hobbit, LotR)

18. Dori (The Hobbit, LotR)

19. Nori (The Hobbit, LotR)

20. Ori (The Hobbit, LotR)

21. Oin (The Hobbit, LotR)

22. Gloin (The Hobbit, LotR)

23. Bifur (The Hobbit, LotR)

24. Bofur (The Hobbit, LotR)

25. Bombur (The Hobbit, LotR)

26. Thorin Oakenshield (The Hobbit, LotR)

27. Bullroarer Took (The Hobbit, LotR)

28. King Golfimbul (The Hobbit, LotR)

29. Burglar, Thief (The Hobbit, LotR).

30. Were-worms (The Hobbit, LotR)

31. Thror (The Hobbit, LotR)

32. Smaug, Old Smaug, Smaug the Magnificent (The Hobbit, LotR).

33. Men (The Hobbit, LotR)

34. Warrior (The Hobbit)

35. Hero (The Hobbit)

36. Azog the Goblin (The Hobbit, LotR).

37. Thrain (The Hobbit, LotR)

38. Necromancer (The Hobbit, LotR)

39. Trolls (The Hobbit, LotR)

40. William, Bill Huggins (The Hobbit)

41. Bert (The Hobbit).

42. Tom (The Hobbit).

43. Elrond (The Hobbit, LotR, Silmarillion).

44. Elves (The Hobbit, LotR, Silmarillion).

45. Durin (The Hobbit, LotR).

46. Stone-giants (The Hobbit)

47. Great Goblin (The Hobbit)

48. Gollum (The Hobbit, LotR)

49. Wolves (The Hobbit, LotR)

50. Wargs (The Hobbit, LotR)

51. Lord of the Eagles, the Great Eagle (The Hobbit, LotR)

52. Eagles (The Hobbit, LotR, Silmarillion)

53. King of all Birds (The Hobbit, LotR, Silmarillion)

54. Radagast (The Hobbit, LotR)

55. Beorn (The Hobbit)

56. Spiders of Mirkwood (The Hobbit, LotR)

57. Wood-elves (The Hobbit, LotR, Silmarillion)

58. High-elves (The Hobbit, LotR, Silmarillion)

59. Light-elves (The Hobbit, LotR, Silmarillion)

60. Deep-elves (The Hobbit, LotR, Silmarillion)

61. Sea-elves (The Hobbit, LotR)

62. Elvenking (The Hobbit, LotR)

63. Galion (The Hobbit)

64. Master of Lake-town, the Master (The Hobbit)

65. Bard (The Hobbit, LotR)

66. Girion. Lord of Dale (The Hobbit)

67. Ravens (The Hobbit)

68. Old Carc (The Hobbit)

69. Roäc (The Hobbit)

70. Dain (The Hobbit, LotR)

71. Nain (The Hobbit, LotR)

72. Bolg (The Hobbit, LotR)

73. Sackville-Baggins (The Hobbit, LotR)

Again, the suggested format is as per Hobbit Locations:

Location Name / Character / Creature ( References/Books ) Short description.

Gundabad, Mount Gundabad (The Hobbit). A mountain situated at the meeting point between the Misty (Hithaeglir) and Grey mountain ranges. The location of the capital of the Orcs of northern Middle-Earth.

Am working on the locations right now so I won't start on the characters/creatures until later. If anyone wants to put up what they've done here, great! Smile Smilie
Ok. Here we go. Taz, you asked me to post the list I made of the characters in LOTR here, so I will. I warn you, it is long...

Adelard Took one of Bilbo's relatives
Aldor son of Baldor
Amroth an old Elven-King of Lothlórien, lover of Nimrodel
Anárion son of Elendil, brother of Isildur
Anborn man of Gondor, from the troops of Faramir
Ancalagon the Black greatest dragon ever known in Middle-Earth
Andy uncle of Sam Gamgee
Angbor Lord of Lamedon
Angelica Baggins one of Bilbo's relatives
Aragorn (Strider, Dúnadan, Elessar, Wingfoot, Ervinya, Telcontar, Elfstone, Valandil) son of Arathorn, heir of Isildur
Arathorn father of Aragorn
Arod horse given to Legolas and Gimli by Éomer
Arvedui last King at Fornost
Arwen (Undómiel) Elrond's daughter
Asfaloth Glorfindel's horse
Bain father of Brand
Baldor man who dared passing the doors of the Paths of Death
Balin dwarf from the hobbit-company
Balrog "Demon of might", aroused by Balin & co in Moria, killed Gandalf
Bandobras the Bullroarer legendary forfather of the Took family, hobbit
Barahir Beren's father
Baranor father of Beregond
Bard the Bowman son of Brand; killed Smaug
Barliman Butterbur innkeeper of the Prancing Pony in Bree
Beechbone an Ent from Fangorn forest, died in Isengard
Beorn skinchanger, lived near Mirkwood
Beregond a Guard of the Tower of Minas Tirith
Beren son of Barahir
Bergil son of Beregond
Bifur dwarf from the hobbit-company
Bilbo Baggins the hobbit with whom it all began
Bill bagage carrying pony of the Fellowship
Bill Ferny inhabitant of Bree, collaborates with the evil
Bob a hobbit, servant of Barliman Butterbur
Bofur dwarf from the hobbit-company
Bombur dwarf from the hobbit-company
Boromir son of Denethor
Brand father of Bard
Brego son of Eorl, father of Baldor
Bumpkin one of Merry's ponies, given this name by Tom Bombadil
Carn Dûm evil King in the land of Angmar in the times of the Men of Westernesse
Carnimirië rowan tree from Fangorn forest, cut down by Orcs
Celeborn Elven-Lord of Lothlórien
Celebrían daughter of Galadriel, wife to Elrond, mother of Arwen
Celebrimbor greatest of the smiths of Eregion, maker of the 3 Elven-Rings
Ceorl rider of Rohan, soldier of the Rohirrim, messenger
Círdan the Shipwright boat builder and captain of the Grey Havens
Cirion the twelfth steward of Gondor
Daddy Twofoot the Gaffer's nextdoor neighbour
Dáin King of the Dwarves in the Iron Hills
Damrod man of Ithilien, under the command of Faramir
Déagol Sméagol's friend
Denethor King of Gondor, father of Boromir and Faramir
Déor descendant in the line of the Kings of Rohan
Déorwine man of Rohan, chief of King Théoden's knights
Dernhelm (Éowyn in disguise) rider of Rohan, hides Merry to battle
Derufin son of Duinhir
Dervorin son of the Lord of Ringló Vale
Dior son of Beren and Tinúviel, heir of Thingol
Dora Baggins one of Bilbo's relatives
Dori a Dwarf from the hobbit-company
Drogo Baggins Frodo's father
Duillin son of Duinhir
Duinhir Lord of the land of Morthond (Blackroot Vale)
Dúnhere chieftain of the folk of Harrowdale
Durin King of the Dwarves in the Realm of Moria
Dwalin dwarf from the hobbit-company
Eärendil husband to Elwing the White
Ecthelion father of Denethor, twenty-fifth steward of Gondor
Elanor the first girl-child of Sam Gamgee and Rosie Cotton
Elbereth (Varda) Lady of the Stars, greatest of the Valier
Elendil father of Isildur, King of the Men of Westernesse
Elfhelm leader of a company of the Rohirrim, from the men of the Westfold
Elladan Elrond's son
Elrohir Elrond's son
Elrond Halfelven Master of Rivendell, one of the Heads of the Elves
Elwing the White Dior's daughter, Elrond's mother
Éomer rider of Rohan, leader of the Rohirrim
Éomund mother of Éomer and Éowyn
Eorl sire of the Lord of the Mark
Eorl the Young father of Eorl
Éothain rider of Rohan, servant of Éomer
Éowyn King Théoden's daughter
Erestor chief counsellor of Elrond
Erkenband leader of the men of the Westfold
Esmeralda Rory Brandybuck's daughter-in-law
Everard Took Bilbo's cousin
Fang one of Farmer Maggot's dogs
Faramir youngest son of Denethor, steward of Gondor
Farmer Cotton (Tom) Hobbit from Hobbiton, father of Rosie, Tom and Jolly
Farmer Maggot hobbit-farmer of Bamfurlong
Fastred man of Gondor, fallen in battle
Fatty Lumpkin Tom Bombadil's pony
Fëanor maker of the Silmarils
Fengel father of King Thengel
Feralóf father of horses, horse of Eorl the Young
Fimbrethil an Entwife, lost in the elder days
Finduilas of Amroth daughter of Orodreth, loved by Gwindor
Firefoot Éomer's horse
Flói dwarf that went with Balin on his journey to Moria
Flourdumpling Hobbit from Hobbiton, taken prisoner
Folca descendant in the line of the Kings of Rohan
Folco Boffin Frodo's friend
Forlong (the Fat) Lord of Lossarnach
Frár dwarf that went with Balin on his journey to Moria
Fréa descendant in the line of the Kings of Rohan
Fréalaf descendant in the line of the Kings of Rohan
Fréawine daughter of Fréa
Fredegar (Fatty) Bolger friend of Frodo
Frodo Baggins Bilbo's cousin and best friend
Fundin father of Balin
Galadriel Elven-Lady of Lothlórien
Galdor an Elf from the Grey Havens
Gálmód father of Wormtongue (Grimá)
Gamling leader of the men of the Westfold that defended the Dike at Helm's Deep
Gandalf the Grey (Stormcrow, Láthspell, Greyhame, (the Grey) Pilgrim/Wanderer, Gandalf the White, Mithrandir, Tharkûn, Olórin, Incánus) wizard-friend of Bilbo
Gárulf late master of Hasufel
Gerontius eldest uncle of Pippin Took
Ghân-buri-Ghân leader of the Wild Men
Gildor Inglorion of the House of Finrod a High Elf
Gil-galad Elven-King of Westernesse
Gilthoniel Elbereth's husband (?)
Gimli son of Glóin, member of the Fellowship
Gléowine minstrel of King Théoden
Glóin a Dwarf from the Hobbit-company
Glorfindel an Elf from Rivendell
Golasgil Lord of Anfalas (Langstrand)
Goldberry the River-daughter, Tom Bombadil's wife
Goldilocks name provided by Frodo for a future child of Rosie and Sam
Gollum (Sméagol) once a hobbit, stole the Ring from Déagol, came under the command of Sauron
Gorbag Orc-captain in and around Cirith Ungol
Gorhendad Oldbuck (later Brandybuck) first Master of Brandy Hall, father of the Brandybucks
Gothmog man of Rohan, fallen in battle
Gram descendant in the line of the Kings of Rohan
Great Enemy (Morgoth, Melkor) master of Sauron
Grimbeorn the Old son of Beorn
Grimbold leader of a company of the Rohirrim, from the men of the Westfold
Grip one of Farmer Maggot's dogs
Grishnákh leader of the Orcs from Moria
Grond the Hammer of the Underworld, a stormram that broke down the first gate of Minas Tirith
Guthláf banner-bearer of King Théoden
Gwaihir the Windlord greatest of the eagles
Hador the Goldenhaired lord of Dor-lómin, father of Galdor father of Húrin
Hal Gamgee Sam's cousin
Halbarad Dúnadan Ranger of the North, from Aragorn's troop
Haldir son of Halmir, elf of Lothlórien
Háma captain of King Théoden's guards
Hamfast Gamgee (the Gaffer) Bilbo's gardener, Sam Gamgee's father
Harding man of Rohan, fallen in battle
Harry Goatleaf Bree's gatekeeper
Hasufel horse given to Aragorn by Éomer
Helm descendant in the line of the Kings of Rohan
Herefora man of Rohan, fallen in battle
Herubrand man of Gondor, fallen in battle
Hirgon errand-rider of Denethor, of Gondor
Hirluin the Fair Lord of the Green Hills from Pinnath Gelin
Hob Hayward Hobbit from Whitfurrows
Holman a cousin of the Gaffer's dad
Horn man of Gondor, fallen in battle
Hugo Bracegirdle one of Bilbo's relatives
Húrin father of Túrin
Imrahil prince of Dol Amroth
Ingold leader of a troop of men of Gondor
Ioreth healer from the Houses of Healing in Minas Tirith
Iorlas brother of Beregond, uncle of Bergil
Isildur son of Elendil, cut the Ring of Sauron's finger
Jolly Cotton brother of Rosie, hobbit-boy from Hobbiton
King Eärnur last of the line of Anárion, last King of Gondor
Lagduf Orc from the troop of Shagrat
Landroval brother of Gwaihir
Lassemista rowan tree from Fangorn forest, cut down by Orcs
Leaflock (Finglas) one of the three eldest Ents
Legolas son of Thranduil
Léofa descendant in the line of the Kings of Rohan
Lightfoot father of Shadowfax
Lindir an Elf from the house of Elrond
Lobelia Sackville-Baggins Otho's wife
Lóni dwarf that went with Balin on his journey to Moria
Lotho Sackville-Baggins (Pimple) son of Lobelia and Otho Sackville-Baggins
Lugdush Orc from the troops of Uglúk
Lúthien Tinúviel Thingol's daughter
Mablung man of Ithilien, under the command of Faramir
Malbeth the Seer seer in the days of Arvedui
Mardil steward of Gondor, when King Eärnur was at war
Marigold hobbit-girl from Hobbiton
Master Gorbadoc Master of Brandy Hall, home of the Brandybucks
Mat Heathertoes man from Bree
Mauhúr Orc from the troop of Uglúk, leader of a party that was hiding in Fangorn forest
Melilot Brandybuck Bilbo's cousin
Meneldil son of Anárion
Meneldor younger Eagle, companion of Gwaihir and Landroval
Merry (Meriadoc) Brandybuck Frodo's friend
Milo Burrows one of Bilbo's relatives
Morgul-lord (Witch King) the Lord of the Nazgûl
Mouth of Sauron messenger of Sauron
Mr. Mugwort client at the Prancing Pony, Bree
Mrs. Cotton wife of Tom Cotton, mother of Rosie, Tom and Jolly
Mrs. Maggot Farmer Maggot's wife
Mûmak of Harad Oliphaunt
Muzgash Orc from the troops of Shagrat
Náli Dwarf that went with Balin on his journey to Moria
Narvi the maker of the runes on the west-gate of Moria
Nibs Hobbit-boy from Hobbiton
Nibs Hobbit-helper of Farmer Cotton
Nimrodel the maiden after which the stream was named (Lothlórien)
Noakes Hobbit-client in the Ivy Bush, Bywater
Nob a Hobbit, servant of Barliman Butterbur
Nori Dwarf from the hobbit-company
Odo Proudfoot one of Bilbo's relatives
Ohtar esquire of Isildur
Óin Dwarf from the hobbit-company
Old Man Willow oldest and most dangerous willow-tree in the Old Forest
Old Took one of the eldest Hobbits ever known, he became 130
Ori Dwarf from the Hobbit-company
Orofarnë rowan tree from Fangorn forest, cut down by Orcs
Oromë the Great a Vala, one of the Aratar
Orophin brother of Haldir
Otho Sackville-Baggins Bilbo's eldest cousin
Paladin Took father of Peregrin (Pippin) Took
Peregrin (Pippin) Took Frodo's friend
Primula Brandybuck Frodo's mother
Queen Berúthiel
Quickbeam (Bregalad) younger Ent from Fangorn
Radagast the Brown wizard of Gandalf's order
Radburg Orc from the troops of Shagrat
Robin Smallburrow Hobbit from Hobbiton, a Shirrif
Roheryn Aragorn's horse
Rory Brandybuck Master of Brandy Hall
Rosie Cotton hobbit-girl from Hobbiton, latter wife of Sam Gamgee
Rowlie Appledore man from Bree
Rúmil brother of Haldir
Sam Gamgee the Gaffer's son, gardener for Bilbo & Frodo
Sancho Proudfoot Odo Proudfoot's son
Saradoc Brandybuck father of Meriadoc (Merry) Brandybuck
Saruman the White (Sharkey) head of the Council of Wise, later under the command of Sauron
Sauron (the Dark Lord, the Enemy, the Necromancer, Lugbúrz) servant of the Great Enemy, Morgoth (Melkor)
Scatha the Worm a dragon from the days of Old
Shadowfax the swiftest horse in the whole of Middle-Earth, ridden by Gandalf only
Shagrat Orc-captain in Mordor
Sharp-ears one of Merry's ponies, given this name by Tom Bombadil
Shelob last child of Ungoliant, large spider on Sauron's side
Skinbark (Fladrif) one of the three eldest Ents
Smaug dragon that lived in the Lonely Mountain
Snaga Orc from the troop of Uglúk, spy, later under the command of Gorbag
Snowmane King Théoden's horse
Strider pony that carried Frodo from Minas Tirith to the Shire and to the Grey Havens
Stybba Rohirrim pony, ridden by Merry
Swish-tail one of Merry's ponies, given this name by Tom Bombadil
Targon man from the company of the Guard of Beregond
Ted Sandyman the Hobbiton-miller
Telchar forger of the Sword that was Broken; called Andúril (Flame of the West) by Aragorn
the Thain leader of the Took-family
Thengel father of Théoden
Théoden King of the Rohirrim
Théodred King Théoden's son
Thingol a King of the Elves in Middle-Earth in the older days
Thorin Oakenshield the leader of the dwarves whose story is told in The Hobbit
Thorondor Old King of the Eagles
Thranduil King of the Elves of Northern Mirkwood
Thrór father of Thrain father of Thorin, old King under the Mountain
Tim a troll
Tobold Hornblower hobbit that first tended the pipeweed in his garden
Tom a troll
Tom hobbit-boy from Hobbiton
Tom Bombadil (Iarwain Ben-adar, Forn, Orald) Master of the Old Forest
Tom Cotton (young) son of Farmer Cotton and Mrs. Cotton, brother of Rosie and Jolly
Tom Pickthorn man from Bree
Treebeard (Fangorn) an Ent, the oldest creature living in ME
Troll a troll
Túrin son of Húrin
Ufthak Orc caught by Shelob
Uglúk leader of the Uruk-Hai
Ungoliant Shelob's mother, large spider on the side of Melkor in the old days
Vorondil father of Mardil
Walda descendant in the line of the Kings of Rohan
Wandlimb an Entwife, lost in the elder days
Watcher in the Water creature in the pool outside the West-gate of Moria
White-socks one of Merry's ponies, given this name by Tom Bombadil
Wídfara one of the Rohirrim
Widow Rumble Hobbit-woman that looked after Hamfast Gamgee after the scouring of the Shire
Will Whitfoot Hobbiton mayor
Willie Banks Hobbit from Bree
Wíndfola Dernhelm's horse
Wise-nose one of Merry's ponies, given this name by Tom Bombadil
Wolf Carcharoth, servant to Morgoth, guard of the Black Gate in Angband
Wolf one of Farmer Maggot's dogs
Wormtongue (Grimá) counsellor of King Théoden, servant of Saruman

There you go. Hope you can use it... Big Smile Smilie

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Way to go Tommy, good job. Smile Smilie

Were there really two different Harry Goatleafs in Bree, or is that a double entry? Angel Smilie
Err. Sorry, twas a double entry. I edited it now... Disturbed Smilie
But don't tell me you've read them all!!!??? Shocked Smilie Paranoid Smilie Shaking Head Smilie

I think that post was the longest in my career so far... Dunce Smilie

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I've been adding a few bits to the guide but have been working in areas outside of those mentioned here. These lists of names.... Are they work in progress by somebody, or are they there for anyone to have a crack at? I've been leaving these subjects alone up until now incase one of you is currently working through them, ready to post your work in one go.
I'm planning to work on them, but feel happy to have a go. I was planning to work on them, I mean, but I haven't found the time yet. Maybe sth to do for next week. Must try...
Great job Tom Wiggle Smilie and greta job to Ungoliant as well Exclamation Smilie

ON THE ORIGIN OF TROLLS: Aule's other Big Idea, other than Dwarves, was Rock Giants. After the Awakening of the Elves, Eru graciously allowed these to have souls as well. Like the Shepherds of the Trees, these were intended to be Shepherds of the Rocks. But from their very inception, they were too stupid to be of much use to anyone. For Aule they cared not at all, since he was always away in Aman and not around. But Melkor was around, and to him most of the Rock Giants gave their allegiance. He quickly bred them with Entwives, to produce the first Trolls (who also had a judicious dash of Dragon genes). Trolls were utilized as heavy infantry by Melkor in his Wars, and were crossed with Orcs by Sauron to produce the Ologhai. As for the Rock Giants, their use as Breeding Stock greatly depleted their numbers. There were very few left by the time of the War of the Ring. They probably died out altogether in the early part of the Fourth Age. The Trolls definitely came to an end with Sauron's passing.