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Thread: stars??????

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We celebrate January 6th as The Epiphany, the Twelfth Day of Christmas, when the Three Wise Men (Kings) came out of the East to visit the Christchild in Bethlehem. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
Or (as we call it, and it's very Shakespearean) Twelfth Night. WOOHOO!
In English, when someone calls a female "a cow" it is usually meant as a put down implying they are overweight and not vary feminine.(..) I believe you wished to say "I'm a Taurus",

Nice save Grondy! You got my little joke but still made sure that I wouldn't be offended if I wasn't joking. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie I did mean that I'm a female Taurus= a cow. Maybe my joke has more meaning in norwegian, our name for the sign taurus (tyr) is a known word for bull, not the name of a bull. I thought taurus=bull in english too. But taurus isn't daily used in English anyway.. (The taurus and the cows are out on the field. Taurus-fight instead of bull-fight.. I guess not.) Oh well, I know Celebrian laughed! Wink Smilie
Somewhere january 6th is a holiday called "Three Kings Day". Yeah.

Uhuh. Over here in Belgium and the Netherlands we call it "Driekoningen" (in Dutch) or literally translated "Three Kings Day". Big Smile Smilie

Very Big Grin Smilie Cow! Big Smile Smilie Nice little joke, Amarie.

Happy birthday Elentari!! Birthday Smile Smilie Dunce Smilie Hope you had a good time! Big Smile Smilie

Happy birthday Elentari!! Hope you had a good time!

heh... Thanks, Tommy! I did have a good time. Big Smile Smilie
You're one post away from becoming a Friend.
What does lol mean?
why don't we gets stars anymore? I liked them..... *SAD*

What does lol mean?
Lol is an acronym for laughing out loud.
why don't we gets stars anymore? I liked them..... *SAD*
We don't have the stars because some of the post counts are inaccurate. Mine, as you can see, reads 244; I actually have over 1900 posts. I believe that Taz is in the process of fixing the wrong post counts, so I guess we will get the stars back when they are all correct.
I hope sol. Sad Smilie
sol = sad or lonely. Btw.
Also, btw = by the way.
And... I would like to see stars! Look Around Smilie
So would I. And by the way, why does Vee have a crown on top of her name, and why have a status if it's not shown on your posts?
And by the way, why does Vee have a crown on top of her name, and why have a status if it's not shown on your posts?

Members with crowns above their avatars are those who have chosen to financially support Planet Tolkien's running costs. For just 1 a month, you could have one too.

On the old site, a member's status was shown next to their avatar. Hopefully, when he has time, this is a feature Taz will program for this site too.
Nooooooo.... it is because I am a goddess!
So would I. And by the way, why does Vee have a crown on top of her name, and why have a status if it's not shown on your posts?

That's because Vee serves as PT's Statue of Liberty.
Members with crowns over their avatars choose to financially support PT's running costs.

Guys, I really was going to be one of those, but Dad keeps cutting my pocket money if I don't lick his boots and stand to attention the very second he says so and hey, I'm just a kid, like I have money, and this is NOT an excuse.
How do you know how many stars you have,or your rank?I can't figureit out!
Crystal Caves,
The stars and rankings were a feature on the old site that has not been transferred over to the new one. It has not been decided if we will go back to that system or come up with something new and exciting. Smile Smilie
So, let me get this straight. I wont see stars even if they hit me upside the head with a frying pan, the crown is not a rank of novelty, Vee represents liberty in this Planet-Tolkien of ours, and Loni still has no Avatar? Its kinda hard to keep track of all the post Ive made, and now you say it matters not? Good, for I lost count with the last one. I wish not for stars, or crowns, or Silmarils (no matter how pseudo they might seem). My Goal is lays in reaching You... and hopefully start a conversation. Other than that, I think I am pretty. Pretty clear on how things work arround here. I have a question, though. Why cant I see other members profiles? Is that something I simply cant do?
My Goal is lays in reaching You... and hopefully start a conversation.

And that is the way it should be! *salutes Azadhel*

Why cant I see other members profiles? Is that something I simply cant do?
Maybe some day, I'm sure Tarrant has a lot of tricks up his sleeve, we just have to wait and see.

Would be fun to try and invent something new on the member rankings. Big Smile Smilie
That's because Vee serves as PT's Statue of Liberty.

My arms are tired. Can I put this torch down now?
Stars, stars, stars! i want stars! When will they be operational again, Grondy?
Stars?? Who wants 'em when you've got mithril....yes, I'm hoarding till I beat you all!!! Mwahahahahaha!! Okay, not, but anyway....I liked the stars and rank but I could never get above...I think it was stranger....just wasn't on here enough.

Anyway, according to the old system (and just for good ol' curiosity's sake), what would I be now?
Grondy doesn't know when or if the stars will be reactivated, for that is in Tarrant's bailiwick. One thing their not showing does, is cutting down on the number of nothing posts just to be adding to ones statistics, and for that reason maybe it's good that they have taken a leave of absense. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

For the record, here is how they used to be ranked if I remember correctly:

1 - 49 Stranger
50 - 199 Friend
200 - 499 Ranger
500 - 999 Elf-friend
1000 - 2499 Steward
2500 - 4999 Istari
5000 - 9999 Maiar
10000 ------> Valar
I'm a friend, I'm a friend, I'm a friend friend friend, I'm a friend, I'm a friend, I'm a fried end!!!!!!!!
Im an Elf-Friend!
Elf Smilie

(...No matter what you say)
YEEESSSSS!!!! A ranger, a ranger, a ranger....oh, yeah, Amarie already told me what I was but now it's official....I'm a ranger, I'm a ranger....*dances around in a funny little dance made up on the spot* Wiggle Smilie Oh wait...sometime or another I'm gonna move out of ranger status....can I stay here? Though elf-friend sounds good, too. Angel Smilie Big Smile Smilie
There is one way for you to keep that status... But it would sound rude if I told you.
Elf Smilie
I am a steward Wiggle Smilie Wonder if I'll get that status when we get those again.. Smile Smilie
Youll get that status, Lady Feawen, youll see!
You just have to be brave, and pacient, and strong.
Elf-Friend, Ranger? hmmm i dont like that much at all, can we NOT assume that everyone wants to be an elf, i like elves, but theyre passe... Besides i'm trying to bolster my evil alter-ego and it dont want nuffink to do with Elves, So i would propose having "evil" assignments like "lieutentant of the Shadow" or "Agent of Saruman" as examples and alternatives to girly Elf-Friends and Goodie goodie Rangers?
Very Evil Smilie
only a suggestion btw.
I have to agree with Lord Aelric. Can we Not assume anything. Assumption is the mother of all F#%* Ups, you know. I would like to be a major Sage (and that is not my oversized unearthly Ego at work), that was Lonis suggestion. Its just suiting. Can we other things as well? I mean, can I get rankings as an Ent? I would like to be a Hobbit, some may say. Others might have Dragon dreams. And Gollum hopes the rest. I say, give us stars enough for being anyone (or anything) we like. Dont box us in. Have we not aspirations? Have we not illusions? If you prick us, do we not cry? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? Ha ha ha. Let the lack of our own voice be heard. Is this not a Planet. Our planet? If Lord Aelric wants to be a Tulip, I say let him. Why not? To frame the mind is to anchor the body. That is why, here, I have no body. And now that I think of it, a Sages will do me just right. Hail, Lord Aelric of the dark ones! This Revolution is Thine!
Very Big Grin Smilie
If the above dark ones will take time out from their self indulgence and look at the space below their names, they will find they are nothing, mere figments of our imaginations. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Someday, when the signatures are reactivated, you will be able to fine-tune those to fit your individual natures.

Now that I think about it, the star rankings have probably disappeared as a counter measure against the outbreak of statistic posting which occurred a while back. Happy Elf Smilie
Mmm... O.K!
Elf Smilie
I'm a ranger! I am, I am, I am!

Azadhel, tis true thou art a sage, as I have said at least twice before (Now tis thrice I have voiced my opinion) and I fully agree with you. Let us have stars. But let us choose our own ranks of office. But of course this may stuff up the system. Who knows what complications this might set Grondy, Val, Taz and all those people on the Council, those brave ones, declaring our destiny on this noble site? I agree, but I also leave it to the Council to agree.
Who knows what complications this might set Grondy, Val, Taz and all those people on the Council

Not Grondy, Val and the Council, just Taz. Our overworked webmaster does all the hard graft behind the scenes. The rest of us just show our faces here and there to make it look as though we do a bit now again.
Alright Taz, then. I'm still a Ranger! Val, do you know when the website will be complete and that little thing at the top fo the page "The website is currently under-construction, please be patient' will go? It's annoying me. When WILL it be finished? And another thing, the Weekly Poll is NOT changing when a thousand people or more have voted! Tell Taz to get working on the Weekly Poll and the website before anything else! And help as well, you slouching little boy. And get Grondy and all the others to do so as well.

*Loni realises she is talking to a Council Member and gets very scared.
Alright, alright, alright. I Will be a Sage. But only because Loni says so. If it came from any one else, even Taz, I will gratefully refuse the offer. On other news, unlike site brats, no one gets annoyed by the "website is currently under-construction, please be patient" remark. We need no blood feud to be spawned here. Specially if Im here to prevent it. Specially if it could in any way, directly or indirectly, harm, injure and/or damage the mana of my mischiveous and blunt-speaking friends (Loni I mean). If We (Loni and I) can be of any assistance on speeding up the construction process, please let us know. For we are not only trouble spotters, but also problem solvers. Which brings me to my final point: Is the Poll and the website before anything else? If so, help as well, you slouching little crown wearer. And get Grondy and aaall the others to do so as well.

*Loni should realise she is talking to a Council Member and be more cautious in choosing words to say what she means, not get very scared.
I've asked for a poll change. If any of you have any constructive ideas for a new poll(s), please post them HERE, which is a link to the existing Poll Suggestions thread under Website Suggestions.

They don't have to have 10 or 12 things to vote on, they now can have only 5 or 6 if they are good ones.

Now can we get back to the stars. I would really like them back. When I joined they were on the way out.

Alright, alright, alright. I Will be a Sage. But only because Loni says so.

Make that a Sage Henpecked by a Dwarf!!!!!!!!!!!!

*just joking*
I wouldn't mind if we didn't get those stars back, though, I think the titles (stranger,friend,elf-friend,steward,ect) are cool Happy Elf Smilie but unfortuntly give the members who post just to just raise their post count more reason to do so. Whatever Taz decides I'm sure will be great.. Happy Elf Smilie
But the Council could delete the posts that are obviously just to raise the amount of posts they have! It's easy. If they're talking about nothing, then delete it. And saying "I agree," is okay for a once in a while, but many-time offenders should ahve their posts deleted. I still tink the pros outway the cons.
Careful what you wish for, Loni.**

(**Disclaimer: Any statement of fact herein contained is derived, purely coincidental, not guaranteed as to accuracy, nor does it reflect upon the majority's opinion or purport at being artfully insinuative; derogative. This seeks only to indemnify the above from whatever embarrassment may be incurred; -- should her plea be heard, and consequently, a substantial number of her posts fade into oblivion. )
I think the most I deleted in one session back on the old PT was 54. I was in a bad mood that night and got fed up of just opening smilies. If I could have my way, deleted posts would turn the counter back 2 points rather than just one. There again I am evil Bad! Smilie
If I may contribute to this, you can see that the number of my posts is relatively low despite the two years I've been a member. Whenever I post anything on PT, it tends to be fairly lengthy and (hopefully) contains some insight or meaning. Otherwise, people who just want to goof off should send each other IM's instead...

I do think, however, that if a person is thanking another member in a post for the sake of public recognition, that should be allowed, even if it's a one liner or a smiley. I think we should thank Taz for all his hard work (which he deserves time and again!) Big Smile Smilie
I do think, however, that if a person is thanking another member in a post for the sake of public recognition, that should be allowed, even if it's a one liner or a smiley.

I agree, Uruk. Sometimes after reading a long, thorough post you just want to say, "Great," etc. I've done it many times, and it is nice to have the recognition of your peers when they congratulate one of your own posts in such a way. Generally such posts are recognisable as such and tend to stay. Sometimes, however, you go through the forum, following someone who has done nothing other than post one liners etc, of which some of them are not even relevent. It is these that get the chop. Taking a serious discussion off topic tends to get frowned upon too, because the ensuing conversation tends to very easily bury the discussion.

We're not trying to lecture members on what they can and cannot post, until everyone is too scared to post anything. We are just attempting to keep things tidy. We have a lot of new members around at the moment, some of whom have probably never participated on a forum before. These notices are a way of teaching them forum etiquette.
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