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Thread: Is it hard to learn Quenya?

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I'm just started to learn Quenya and would like to know if its Hard to learn it, or how long it took you to learn it?!
I'm just started to learn Quenya and would like to know if its Hard to learn it

I haven't learned it all, but from what I know it is rather easy.
, or how long it took you to learn it

Matters how much you study and what lessons you download. Smile Smilie
ok thanx
It does get hard after a time, when you come to noun cases and such, but in all it's not too difficult. PM me if you have any questions; I will be happy to answer them.
ahem.. i really want to learn elvish, but i dunno how. can anyone please tell me where, when, how? please? thanks
Just go here and download the Quenya lessons.

Smile Smilie
Quenya IS really hard to learn, and you have to be switched on, naturally bright or just really really determiend. Wel,l it helps if you have had a grammatical background. And if you're real old, and so have learnt Latin at school, it REALLY REALLY REALLY helps. Both ways, of course - I just started learning Latin. It's a heap easier with a Quenya background. And if you are fresh from school, and still know what nouns, adjectives, adverbs, intransitive verbs and all that are... that REALLY helps too. But there's no way around it - you've got to grit your teeth and do it. Quenya is HARD. This is from a very bright student, if I may say so myself.
this is a nice link Tolkien speaking Quenya.

i think it is the only recording of Tolkien speaking Quenya. it is the poem Namareia by Galadriel in the Fellwoship of the ring

he spoke it before published threre are slight differences

(Grondy merely turned the url into a link.)