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I'm in need of some information about my girlfriends name 'Danaugh'. We already know that her name is of a Celtic origin, but we still don't know where her name is written down. It is nowhere to be found. Some people told us that they might have seen her name in one of the books written by Tolkien. I know that you are the real fans of Lord of The I hope that their is one amongst you who might help us. Does de name 'Danaugh' appear in tolkien's The Silmarillion, The Hobbit or Lord of The Rings? And if it does...where does is refer to? A creature or person, a mountain, lake, river or place? I hope someone can be of any help!

If you know anything, send an email to


Harald and Danaugh (from The Netherlands)
No, not heard of it.
Nope, never heard or read about it. Even double checked with the Encyclopedia of Arda. They didn't know either.
I have been wondering about this... Don't you mean Dagda?

This is what I found:
Oronw’ is also named Melmellar, the "good god" and is usually depicted carrying a stout staff of oak. In this, he is similar to the Celtic Dagda.

Maybe Danu?

*waves back from the Netherlands*
In Irish legend, an earlier mythic people inhabiting Ireland were the Tuatha de Danaan that I have read were so called because they were the people of the goddess Danu. They were supplanted and became the Sidhe, fairies. I am unsure of the spelling. Irish spelling is, I've read, very consistent but it's very different from what I'm used to. (What I think of as O'Sullivan is something like Ui Suillebhean. I'm sure someone out there can correct me on that.) Anyway Danaugh reminds me of that. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that's where it comes from. I don't have any of the books at hand to get you something more accurate. That's just how I remember it.
doesn't her mommy and daddy know?
According to Google, she has been asking this question since 2002 and no one seems to know.