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How old is Elrond anyways? I know he was around for the last alliance, but I don't know how old he really is. And how many years are in the first age? I've noted that each age is about 3000 years old, but I think it has more to do with events then actual years... anyways please help me, I have a burning need to know.
Elrond was born in the Mouths of Sirion near the end of the First Age, hence around 580 I. So during the events of Lord of the Pants, he should be a bit more than 6000 years old.
How do you know this?! Are you in league with the UMOTE? Paranoid Smilie

But do you (know the muffin man? The muffin man, the muffin man? Do you know the muffin man who lives on Drury Lane?) know how many years are in the first age? Oh, and I assume you mean about the year 580 in the first age, or do you mean like 5801 (cause that's what it looks like at first glance)? Please enlighten me, "Almighty Fountain of Knowledge". Genius Smilie (It's not age, it's experience!)
The first age ended with the War of Wrath, around the year 580 I. Hence, the first age lasted 580 years... note that i already mentioned that Elrond was born near the end of the first age, so how can it be 5801 years?
It is too possible, at least in my own little world. I was under the impression that with each new start of an age, they started the years it would be quite possible, for me, to believe that. And my lotr books suck, 'cause I have a new edition of the rotk and an old hobbit and fotr and I misplaced my two towers so the pages are all different and-how do you know all this stuff?

You still haven't told me if you're in league with the UMOTE or not ... and I'm starting to get suspicious...
Virumor was trying to confuse you by using the Roman numeral for one rather than the more accepted practice of F.A. for First Age followed by the year, though I often give the year before the age.

Besides, the I doesn't quite look like a 1and there was a space separating it from the 580.

I assume, like many of us Virumor has studied the appendicies and read the major books numerous times, or maybe he has a photographic memory, or maybe he is lucky enough to have a Maiar looking over his shoulder whispering the information in his ear. Elf Winking Smilie
Evil Virumor ... trying to confuse me ... like he knows I'm easily confused ... I don't know how ... but he knows ... I know! He's working for the evil cheese monkeys that live in my pantry and sabatoge my dad's laptop so that it screws with all my files and junk. Paranoid Smilie