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Thread: Book to film sentences....

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After reading lotr's again, i'd just like to have a little discussion on who says what, make it a challenge if you like..

I've found a few sentences in the book, that are said by totally different characters in the film...
lets see how many we can find...

I'll start

In the film Legolas says...

He is one of the Mearas, unless my (our) eyes are cheated by some spell.

(in the book it is the gate warden at Edoras that says it..)

anyone know anymore..??
- Arwen says "Noro lim, Asfaloth" in the movies, whilst it's said by Glorfindel in the books.

- In the TTT movie, Aragorn mentions a Sindarin line to Elrond, which in the books his mother Gilraen speaks to him before dying.

- In the TTT movie, Brad Dourif uses Gandalf's "But who knows what she spoke to the darkness, alone, in the bitter watches of the night, when all her life seemed shrinking, and the walls of her bower closing in about her, a hutch to trammel some wild thing in?"-speech from the book when he's flirting with Melanie Otto.
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Anyway, there are some other ones: Treebeard said "For the world is changing: I feel it in the water, I feel it in the earth, and I smell it in the air." in RotK, whereas Galadriel said it in the prologue of FotR in the movies.