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Congratulations Rhapsody! It seems the baby is due end of January!
Best wishes and big congratulations to Rhapsody.
Hehe, Grep made us a new thread so we wouldn't mess up his thread anymore with babytalk. Men.. Wink Smilie
I wish you all the best, Rhapsy. *big hug* Good luck and enjoy your time with the baby when he comes. Big Smile Smilie
Yay! Babies - Hey Ama you know my god-daughter spent the first year of her life living with me (and of course her mother, as her father did a runner) so i've done my fair share of midnight feeds, shopping with buggies and nappy changing!
So Rhapsody, have you got all the things you need? Those little bottle warmers are a life saver!
Feeling broody, Grep?
Yes, Grep we have everything we need, including very cute bottle warmers!

Today we entered the 'delivery' period. The baby can be born any minute, if he chooses too. The due date is 24th of Jan, but since our boy (we are expecting a son) has been ahead two weeks of schedule in growth, he might arrive earlier... but he's a very bouncy baby (so we will list him for soccer training once he can chase a ball or can walk).

The whole reason I never have been able to be around here the past months, besides trying to keep on writing my stories, is that this whole pregnancy from start to finish has been very exhausting. My morning sickness didn't lessen after the normal weeks they say it goes away, but it always remained (morning sickness isn't the appropiate word since it remained throughout the day). I feel like I have been sleeping so much, you have no idea. As a result, I missed chatting, e-mailing to my PT friends more than you guys will ever realise. And it was sometimes incredibly difficult because some of my PT friends have been experiencing so much grief, dealing with so much pain. But I always kept those in my mind and heart. I hope to join in the chat once we settled down on some sort of routine and become more active here again. I have much news to share about my stories, I won awards, have been nominated for more...

But most of all, I missed PT. For the girls, the details:
- delivery will be in the hospital, because also of the size of our son, still aiming for a natural birth, but c-section has been mentioned
- I will have pictures to share, also of the baby room, all in time. Also when this baby is born, I gladly show him to you guys!
- after a long debate, we decided about the names for our son (funny thing is we knew the names for a girl very fast... go figure).. only after we knew we were expecting a son
- right now I am experiencing pain during the day because our baby is very active, but is dropping as well. I am trying to take as much as naps as possible.
- I am quitting my job to become a full time mom.

Did I mention that Naps are holy!!!!!

But for those who know me personally... this has been a gift from heaven. After six years of so much pain and when we no longer expected ever to become parents, we were completely overwhelmed by this. After four months of living with utter fear of loosing it, I am enjoying every minute of it and I feel extremely grateful to soon have two very gorgous men in my life.
Did I mention that Naps are holy!!!!!

That be right. Pity my former boss didn't quite agree with that...

- after a long debate, we decided about the names for our son (funny thing is we knew the names for a girl very fast... go figure).. only after we knew we were expecting a son

Considering the activity of your baby, have you considered 'F’anor' as a name? >:-)

At my old university, there was actually a girl who was named Arwen irl.
I know the feeling well, one of my best mates gave birth on new years eve (curiously she was due on the 24th too) so there have been many conversations about naps, tiredness in general, inability to see your own feet, utter dislike of maternity clothes and even the need for help with shaving legs! I'm so glad you're happy about it - a blessing upon your house! Send me a picture of the baby when he's born and i'll put it up on the site. Mabye you can keep a baby journal?
My hearty congrats to Rhapsody.

Hehehe, having been able to be around all the time as my soon to be 4 year old niece was brought up, I can tell you its going to be a very very pleasureable pain Tongue Smilie Gosh, you're going to enjoy it Big Smile Smilie

Oh, on a sidenote, Rho told me a couple of days ago that he's to become dad too. He didn't ask me to pass on the news, but I'm doing it anyway, because it's a great news and definitely worth sharing.

( Ok. Delete the previous para if off topic Tongue Smilie )
Yay! She's back!
again congrations on the boy Rhaps, Big Smile Smilie
I want Pictures though Like Everyone else, and I cant WAIT to see you In the chat room
*hugs and lots of love for you and baby*,
There is only one good thing about being pregnant - you get a baby at the end of it!

Rhapsody, I am so glad for you. Sounds like you have had a rough time. As a mother myself I can guarantee you that *nothing* ever comes close to growing and giving birth to a new life. May you enjoy it to the full.

There is only one good thing about being pregnant - you get a baby at the end of it!

That's a good thing?

What can I say? I guess, what I always say in these circumstances.... It wasn't me!!!

Seriously, though... Congratulations Rhapsody. Hope everything goes well.
There is only one good thing about being pregnant - you get a baby at the end of it!

for a short time, then you get roadrunner and after that something akin to bugs bunny crossed with Yosemite Sam and the alien, then it hates you and learns to drink beer (or vodka with coke), then it learns to like you again - soon there will be GIRLS, and then inappropriate girlfriends. After that inappropriate internships, jobs and... more babies!
RE: "and ... more babies." Those are the best ones because you as a grandparent don't have to clean up after them and you can spoil them with no qualms, considering it retribution for for their parent's childhood deviations from your desires. Wiggle Smilie

Congratulations Rhapsody, may everything go smoothly, before, during, and especially after the delivery. So enjoy those naps now, for later you won't have time.
remember to play lots of music! really good music, violin music, piano music, music that stays in tune so ur bayb can get a good ear! start him onh an instrement early (go for the violin) and mayb those muzzy videos that teach you a different language, thats wot i wish my parents did.
start him onh an instrement early (go for the violin)

Ohh... Unless he's a natural, make sure you have a sound proof room first. Wink Smilie Give him guitar lessons, I say. More gentle to the ears and he'll be popular at parties.

Just enjoy the baby years, worry about everything else later.
The music thing is curious, I absolutely love 70's rock, and prog rock - all the music that was on the radio when my mother was pregnant in 1975. It's really quite odd.
When my wife was pregnant i have been playing really a lot of music and now my little boy (Tobin, almost 2 years old) has become a very musical kid who likes to sing and dance. When my wife was pregnant of my youngest daugther (Lori, now 9 months old) i did not have time to play any music and she turns out to be less busy with music and does not sing and dance like her brother. It is odd indeed...
I heart literally did a leap when I heard about your fantastic news, Rhaps. He is one very special little boy. All my hopes will remain with you and your son as his entry into this world draws nearer.

Don't forget to read to him, everyday. It has been proven that children who are read to everyday from prebirth until they start school (and beyond) will develop strong reading skills when they start to read independently. But I am sure that you know that and have undoubtedly been testing your wonderful literary creations on your son for the past 8 months or so.

All the best for your happy family!
Congrat Rapshody !!! Im so happy for you !! I wish you and your family all the best in this sweet time to come
No... he hasn't arrived yet, although every day does get harder. In the middle of the night waking up thinking: oi is this it?

Many many warm hugs for all the well-wishes!

Grep: yes, a baby journal is kept, from the beginning when I found out about it in May.

Vee: There is only one good thing about being pregnant - you get a baby at the end of it!

This time for sure! 3 times is a charm!

What can I say? I guess, what I always say in these circumstances.... It wasn't me!!!

I can confirm this LOL

Grondmaster: hugs (I haven't figured out how the smileys work)

Elrose and Amarie: I think for now the sounds we will hear coming from this rugrat when he finally gets here, will be cries for food Wink Smilie We do think he will love the sounds of keyboards, humming pc's..

Rednell: I heart literally did a leap when I heard about your fantastic news, Rhaps. He is one very special little boy. All my hopes will remain with you and your son as his entry into this world draws nearer.

*snif* and very warm hugs. Hubby is already planning his: what will I read to him schedule, actually, in the baby room we have a special corner with a very comfortable chair in it to read to the baby... But also for ourselves, when we want to, we can curl up there with a book with once a while a glance on the little one. I think you will like it Smile Smilie

Mellon, Beren, Tiger and the rest I forgot to thank... thanks so much for the well wishes and warm thoughts. It means a lot!
Just wondered if there is a pitter patter yet - anyone know?

(morning sickness isn't the appropiate word since it remained throughout the day).

Morning sickness, must of been a man to think of that name for it. I had it for 9 months with both my daughters, morning noon and night - my constant companion was a bucket!!
Talking about babies - we have our first PT baby of the year

Author - Crystle caves
Written on - Thursday 19th January 2006 (10:12pm)

Born January 9, 2006 Arwen Elizabeth Vela, Daughter of Daniel Vela and Krystal Nash, strong, bright, independant.

Awe, sweet. It seems so strange seeing those young members of PT from a few years ago growing up. Best wishes to you Crystal.
Congratulations Crystal, Daniel, and Arwen Elizebeth. Happy Elf Smilie
Smile Smilie
Good on ya, both Crystal and Rhapsody!! Big Smile Smilie
So, has the baby boy arrived finally? Whats up?
Congrats to both the new moms. Though if it was me, I'd have second thoughts about coming out 'til I got a notarized agreement regarding my name; we're dealing with fantasy geeks after all. ;-p

Hoping and praying all are happy, well and remain both. Goodnight Professor Tolkien, whereever you are!
Hi all!!!

yes, our beautiful son, Kevin Marin was born on the 27th of January, 14.26 in the afternoon to be precise after a complete natural birth (with no pain medication) in the hospital. Labour lasted about 10 hours, the final phase lasted less then half an hour (Kevin was in a hurry to get here).

Unfortunately, Kevin and mommy were seperated almost directly after birth, since they suspected the little lad to have an infection, so after 3 very trying days (where mommy had her fevers &infections as well), we finally were send home. The first week was rough on all of us, but Kevin is finally cleared from medical check ups & is perfectly healthy (and growing fast!), his mommy isn't out of the woodworks just yet.

Grep, I do have an image (as you requested) just let me know how to get it to you.
Hi again !! MANY GREETING ON YOUR NEWBORN SON !!!! I hope you and little Kevin are feeling better !! Lots of hugs !! ( I have 4 children and I love every moment with them )
Great news Rhapsody!! I hope he turns into a big straping lad, and i just know he will be good in heart, with you as his mum. Big Smile Smilie
Congratulations and all the best to Rhapsody and her newborn son.
Oh yes indeed, congratulations Rhapsody and little Kevin Marin.
Congrats, Rhapsody, and enjoy. The worst is over, right? ;-p
My little Princess is now almost 6 weeks old and is the sweetest little girl in the world... when she's not screaming at me. We found pictures of her dad when he was this small, and they look so similar you could almost swear that they're the same baby!! I love my little squeeker.
Congratulations to you too Crystle Caves for your little prinsess !! Im sure you will have many special moments with your little squeeker growing to be a strong person like her caring mother
Congratulations Rhapsody! I hope you are well enough to enjoy being a new mum. All that baby cuddling - have fun and get well soon. Give Kevin a cuddle from me.
Yeah! Way to go Rhapsody. Happy Elf Smilie And Kevin Marin: I'm glad to have you as a fellow member of humankind: grow up big, strong, and wise with at least your fair share of intelligence and you will make your parents even prouder than they are at the moment. Teacher Smilie

Rhapsody: you may send your images to or even better might be to so one of us will have a copy in case he loses your email amidst the hundreds of SPAM messages he receives each day.
Well done to the new mums and babies and of course don't forget the dads - oh I'm getting soooo broody. I want another baby. Unfortunatley the only baby I will be expecting will be my grandchildren - though not just yet (please, please, please).

Please give kisses and hugs the the little ones xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

congrats to both new mums, especially Rhaps, who had a long and rocky road to get here.

Siran and I heard the babies heart beat last week, was amazing, especially the *sqeak* noise every now and again, the midwife told us it was the baby kicking out because the scanner thingy was annoying her. We have an apointment for a scan next week, will let you know if it's a boy or a girl then, though I'm positive it's a girl, not sure why, just a feeling.
Oh I just re-discovered this thread, no I am no longer pregnant, but I just wanted to let you guys know that my son Kevin became a proud brother of a baby sister named Susannah. I don't know how we made this happen, but she was born a day before Kevin's 3rd birthday and she has earned the nicknames Her Ladyship Hairshout or the Diva Wink Smilie
Congratulations! Baby Girl Smilie Not often that smiley gets used really....
Congrats Rhapsody! Pary Smilie
I have two little ones too now, two years and one month apart in age. Smile Smilie
Oh my, I missed that too I think - congratulations Amarie! Everyone is growing up, it's scary!
Congratulations, Rhapsody!! It is great to see you around the site again. Smile Smilie
Ohh, there is nothing like reunions with old friends. Hopefully we will get a chance to chat again, 42, Rhapsody and Amarie. I really miss that. Smile Smilie
congratulations Rhapsody, I have 3 now Pixie Smilie
Congratulations Rhapsody! Big Smile Smilie

How wonderful. I only just read that you had a baby boy! Time does seem to take wings and before you know it your daughter will be three. I wish you all very happy and safe and healthy.

Thanks for the bump, Leelee, 'cos I missed this, too.  That's fantastic; many blessings to you and your blessing, as it were, Rhapsody.