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Again. (Ran out of room.) Personally, I think this one's a no brainer; I might could take an Uruk, and the worst the other can do is kill you. All save one. My question though is how does Shelob make the list but Ungoliant doesn't? Movie bias? In fact, ALL the choices are from the Trilogy, and I'd rather face all of them (save one) than, say, Ancalagon or Glaurung. Or Carcaroth.
I voted for the watcher in the Water. Well, I suppose I had a bit of the movie influence when I voted, but when it comes to horror scenes it's the movies that make the best impression on me. And maybe another reason I didn't think of the books was because there was no creature from the Sil. in the poll.

But to Mor I'd say Ungoliant is actually less scary than Shelob. All you have to do is feed the greedy thing and run, whereas Shelob is sort of disinclined to negotiate, isn't she?
I voted Shelob. I hate spiders, ever since watching Arachnophobia.

Still, it's gotta be a very large bed for Shelob or the Watcher to fit under it.
This is so, Vir. I did have some second thoughts about the Watcher, but at the end of the day I still come back to "the worst it can do is kill me." Stealing my will and my soul, but leaving me alive and conscious, seems far worse to me. To each his own, I suppose. As to Shelob being worse than Ungoliant though, well, sure, you can feed Ungoliant, but how does that end? You make her increasingly powerful until you run out of stuff to feed her, which doesn't leave her in the best of moods.

On a completely unrelated topic, last I checked the OTHER poll we had an 11 vote lead. Go us! Wink Smilie
Well Ungoliant was huge in the end. Real huge. Heck, it took an armada of Balrogs to chase her off.

It's even more funny to imagine her under your bed.

Nazg’l are pretty harmless, provided you do not fear them. Of course, they can still do some swordfighting and what not, but just fill a bucket of water and you should be able to chase them off.
And I don't see why anyone should fear Smeagol if you don't have the Ring in your possession. But Ugluk might be creepy. He could tear you apart bite by bite....eeeeek!

I still go with the Watcher though. Think of those tentacles winding around your neck as you sleep and silently bringing your body closer to its dark wet mouth. And oh yes, don't forget the slime it'll bring as it slithers across you (this is imagination... but it could happen)

As for Ungoliant, she can get bigger, sure. But she'll probably get so fat her legs won't be able to support her. And of course, she's easily distracted by food, so you can get away if you're quick. Shelob's webs are just too freaky. Imagine her weaving webs all over your room so that you're trapped as soon as you wake up.
Meh. Anything Shelob can do, Ungoliant can do better; Ungoliant can do anything better than Shelob. Rhythm of that is all shot; stupid Tolkien! ;-p

And I think those Wraith blades can turn you whether you're scared or not. Not to mention the level drain. ;-p

Besides, a Nazgul COULD hide under your bed; at least with Shelob and the Watcher you get some warning.
Well, at least I would be able to kill a Nazgul, since "I am no man."
You misunderstood the prophecy, just like the Witch-King did. The prophecy said a man would not kill him, which is not equal to a man could not kill him.

It should've been something like this :

WK : "Foolish little child. Don't you know a man cannot kill me?"
’owyn : "Mwahahahaha! But no man am I!"
WK : "You are not?! Why, what a surprise. So long, then, for I cannot risk losing"
*WK flees*
’owyn : "Wait!! I'm supposed to find honor & glory here!!"
*’owyn chases WK*
Merry : "Wait!! I'm supposed to do something remotely important on this quest too!"
*Merry chases ’owyn*
Th’oden : "Hello?! Hello, anyone??! I am dying here, for crying out loud!"
*cough* *cough* *cough* *BLAP*
I'm not too fussed about spiders or giant squids, so it was the Nazgul for me.
Yes giant kraken are all in a day's work for Val and his scientific shipmates. What he hates though are the minature mucus spewing mutant mussels that can move their beds into his.
I went for the Nazgul as well. Shelob you just hit in the eye, well, one of them, and flash a bright light in it, or use a can of bug repellant, about 4 should do the trick, and she'll run away.
The watcher you just nuke. But if you don't have any lying around, then chop off his tentacles or let him grab you and start bringing you to his beak, when he opens wide, shoot him.
You'd have to fight Ugluk, burn the Black Huorn, and use pepper spray on Smeagol.
Cloveress, Ungoliant is far worse than Shelob, Ungoliant doesn't weave webs of thread, she weaves them of impenetrable shadow, void, nothingness that even Melkor couldn't escape from.
Upon being devoured by her, you would pass into oblivion. With Shelob, you would have the comforting thought that someone might find your bones, or if they found you relatively shortly afterwards, your rotting remains, after she had picked the choicest pieces of flesh. But considering the fact that her diet usually consists of orcs( and they doesn't taste very nice now does they precious), you could be sure she'd pick the bones clean.
With Shelob, you would have the comforting thought that someone might find your bones, or if they found you relatively shortly afterwards, your rotting remains, after she had picked the choicest pieces of flesh.

Is that supposed to be telling me Shelob's not scary? At least with Ungoliant I won't have to worry about my family being scared half to death with the sight of my rotting remains. And don't make the Watcher sound so easy. Just chop off the tentacles, eh? We're not all Aragorns and Legolases here.In fact when it comes to fighting giant octopus-like monsters, I'm about as helpless as Frodo in Shelob's sticky cocoon.
Yeah, but Fionw’ makes a good point; why limit ourselves to Tech Level 2 stuff when even Tolkien didn't do that? And on that note, I'm confident my shotgun could handle the Shelob, or even the Watcher, but what's it gonna do to a Nazg’l?
And on that note, I'm confident my shotgun could handle the Shelob, or even the Watcher, but what's it gonna do to a Nazg’l?

A water gun would do.
Firehose, maybe, but "have you got Vilya in your hip pocket this time?" Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Their fear for water is enough a weapon to defeat them with; for they only entered the water of Bruinen because the Ring was so close to them.
Yeah, but that reminds me of the bit in the GURPS Basic Set 3rd Ed. about how the trick with sand in the eyes only works once or barbarians would trade in their swords and start carrying around buckets of sand. I don't think a small quantity of water would do it, else Earnur would have simply brought a bucket to his confrontation and come home to Gondor with a Ring of Power and a rusty crown in his hand (and wouldn't that have just ended wonderfully; E’rnur the Witch-King. :elfrolleyesSmile Smilie And the Master Stone of the Palantiri would have been safe in Osgiliath, too. I don't think a water gun will do it, particularly given the Nazg’ls aversion is clearly to RUNNING water, modeled on the same traditions that gave us Draculas. A super soaker isn't really running water. But doesn't this belong in the Gondolin thread? Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Draculas are only harmed by holy water, at least, the ones in Buffy and Blade are.

Furthermore, E’rnur could not have known the N’zgul's fear for water, for he was an idiot that was only interested in combat and arms and had no liking for books or counsel. Nobody has even mentioned the Palant’ri.

Besides, there was most likely never a duel between E’rnur and the WK. Instead, E’rnur was probably ambushed even before reaching Minas Morgul and sent to Barad-D’r to be 'changed'.
Traditionally, vampires, werewolves and even demons don't cross running water, though I suspect that last to be an old wives tale. If the Witch-King could have been driven from the field by simply saying, "Go soak your head!" though I'm sure Earnur would have done it; THAT'S combat, and therefore relevant, even if Minardil or Glorfindel didn't tell him. Though it does seem likely Earnur was ambushed. Moron. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie

Edit: we have a typo in our SMILEY CODE?!!! :elfrolleyes:
Well, if they cannot cross running water, that still means they can stand in running water.

Anyhow, it is mentioned in UT that the Nazg’l feared water (safe the WK, if i'm not mistaken), nothing about being unable to cross running water. How else would they have crossed the Anduin, the Mitheithel and the Baranduin?
Which kills the super soaker, and it's bearer as well, yes? So you can STOP a Nazg’l with water, even unhorse and wash one away if you DO have Vilya in your hip pocket, but you can't KILL one that way. Though I suppose that would be sufficient to keep us safe if it's under our beds, assuming we aren't drowned ourselves. But the flip side of that coin is I have to think the Watcher is pretty gangly and defenseless on dry land. Assuming it's not just Cthulhu briefly regaining consciousness.
Morambar: it isn't :elf roll eyes: sans spaces, it is :elf role eyes: sans spaces to make Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie because Taz used his spellchecker on the wrong word.
Is it just me, or does anyoneelse find it funny that no one at all seems worried about Ugluk? I suppose that, with the other choices, Ugluk pales in the comparison, but it is funny to me all the same!
If I had not already voted for Shelob, I might have voted for Ugluk out of pity!
You can vote more than once, ya know. Every time you login, I believe; heck, every time I connect I get to vote, even though I'm still logged in. Freaky.

And I did notice Grondy, which is why I popped over to Website Help and found out what it was, but I still think it's funny. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

Edit: my bad; I guess I thought "tongueelf" was something else.... ;-p
And that's : tongueelf : Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

I haven't been able to vote more than once as the results always show up once I have voted, as was meant to be.
I'm having troubles with the smily code too....
Anyhow, it is mentioned in UT that the Nazg’l feared water (safe the WK, if i'm not mistaken), nothing about being unable to cross running water.

I think most allies of Morgoth and sauron had a fear of water because it was the realm of Ulmo. As Ulmo never abandoned the people of Middle earth, when the other Valar locked themselves in Valinor, there was always the potential for him to pop out and grab those he did not like if they ventured too close.
Hadn't though of that, but it seems reasonable. Still a rationalization for the use of a well known mythical motif (Darkhounds can't cross running water either) but a good one.
I don't think Ulmo would do that. Oss’ is another thing, but as I understood he only roams the coasts.

OK, about the current "Who is oldest?" poll : I voted Tom Bombadil, not because he literally says " Oldest am I " in FOTR, but because he came first to Arda even before Melkor did. So in that way, I'd attribute the concept of 'oldest' to him.

If Tom Bombadil is an Ainu, though, he would technically be equally old as Treebeard, who is an Ainu too; both would be offspring of Il’vatar's mind. But inside E’, ToBo would be oldest for he was there before TrBe was.

So there shouldn't really be much of a choice in this poll, really.
Hold on. First off, using "TB" for both Treebeard AND Tombombadil renders the last part of that indecipherable (perhaps intentionally?) Second, do we know the Ents are Ainur, or are they more in the vein of the Dwarves, living creatures to whom Eru gave their own souls? You'd think if they were actual AINUR Yavanna would've been less surprised. Of course, we don't technically know WTF Bombadil is, but I'm going with "Maia" in the interest of logic and simplicity, so he gets my vote if we're choosing amongst those in the poll (which "None of the above" implies we're not, but obviously Eru is older than anything."
We've already had this ToBo vs TrBe discussion (yes i edited it). Hence I shan't go into it again, yet I'd suggest you go here for more information : Tom or Fangorn
Yup, me thinks this weeks poll is only to see who was paying attention to the discussion in the above link. Even Elrond considered Tom Bombadil the oldest:
'But I had forgotten Bombadil, if indeed this is still the same that walked the woods and hills long ago, and even then was older than the old. That was not then his name. Iarwain Ben-adar we called him, oldest and fatherless. But many another name he has since been given by other folk: Forn by the Dwarves, Orald by Northern Men, and other names beside.' - from FotR Book 2, Chapter 2.
I agree that there is not really any point in voting for who's oldest, since obviously Eru would be the oldest (and I did vote "none of the above"). Why Elrond is on there I don't know, and why he got any votes I don't know either. It would be better if the poll was changed to "who is older?" with only ToBo and TrBe as candidates. Then we'd have some fun. Although I think ToBo would probably win.
Well yes it wasn't a very good one this week I had to come up with an idea fast as was going away for the weekend - so i'll take the fall on that one! I try and change them once we've had about 200 votes or it's been up for seven days.

You're right too i was trying to draw some attention to the TB/TB thread.

On a side note i'm pleased to see the polls are promoting discussion!
Right - that one should give you something to talk about.