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I am researching JRR Tolkien's time spent living in Birmingham. Can anyone tell me anything about a house named 'Whetstones' adjacent to the university. So far I have learnt that JRR had a close friendship with the owner Henry J Whittaker a wealthy midlands industrialist.
I see what you mean Grondmaster. It is a pretty shocking book. Apart from that it has served my purpose in so much as I now know 'Whetstones' was a palatial house with clear views of the Edgbaston water towers (two towers). Sadly it was demolished in the 60s and redeveloped as an estate of student appartments. With JRRs inclination to use his surroundings as plots, I was wondering if anyone can equate 'Whetstones' with any part of JRR Tolkien's writings? Another excercise would be to see if the owner of the house is represented as a character in his writings. Apparently their was a strong friendship between both that began in the mid-forties.
I don't personnally know a lot about Tolkien's life in Birmingham. But I can suggest contacting Birmingham City Council, they may have information on the house and the owner. It's not much, but it's a start!

Having been in England only once and never having read a full Tolkien biography, I can't speak of Birminham or any of Tolkien's time spent therin. Sorry. Maybe one of our other members lives near there and can provide you with an answer.
I do come from England,but not near Birmingham. I can only suggest contacting the city council of Birmingham and reading a good Biography. If they don't answer your questions you could contact the Tolkien Society, they are endorsed by Tolkien's family and will probably be able to answer all of your questions.
Martin posted Thursday 29th June 2006 (08:28pm)
I think I've found Whetstones. I am obliged to C. Clarke of C.A who emailed me to say the information I was looking for can be found in a book by Christopher Carrie titled 'Tolkien is Klone'it. Unfortunately he could'nt tell where to find the book. Do any of you guys know where I can get a copy?

Grondmaster's reply to the above: If you google the author's name you will find a source for the book, which is not about JRR Tolkien, but about a sad affair concerning his late brother Thomas, a Roman Catholic priest. The book is only for mature readers and may not be discussed on this Family Friendly website. Moderator Smilie
Hiya there everyone - a newbie to the site, but I have been to Birmingham and followed the Tolkien Trail, which covers about 8 sites across the area from Harborne to the city centre. One of the water towers still exists and was under safety/repair work scaffolding when I saw it - cute and very emotive - hope they did a good job of preserving it!.

Have a leaflet about the sites but it doesn't mention Whetstones.

May the road go ever on .. .. ..