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I was wondering, if one, say like me, joined the PT recently and reading material in threads since 2007 or earlier, is one allowed to post in there, to give opinion or just to admire to the posts?

I see so many conversations or matters left alone for long and I think others may have something to add. I just can not make decision if this is right to do.

What is your opinion about "reviving" threads from the past- add new things, see how mind has changed in time etc.?
You are more than welcome to bring old threads back to life. There are a lot of great topics and debates burried in the depts of our little planet, it would be sad if they never saw daylight again simply beaucse they are old. Smile Smilie

There is also a lot of junk, that you can leave alone. Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Caruvanyes rato. Antan vanda caruvantes!

I will try to pull only good stuff and I hope this will make others (with deeper memories) to pull out many wonderful topics back too.

Namaarie, Amaarie!
Now that it comes to it, I find my self in question again!

Shall I post inside a thread to open it again or shall I create a new thread with the same topic. The last one seems not to be good, more like "flood" rather than "revival".

What shall I do? What will be better?
I believe a new post in the old thread would be best in most cases.
It would be great if each of us had a few moments to go through the old threads and revive one. It would be rather like getting to know those from the past or renewing old friendships. I will try to do this .
Ahh, the old days, yes, this place was a hive of activity once. The chat room was my main source of socialization before I met my wife and had chillins.
P-T is currently experiencing the doldrums, however we expect our sails to fill once again when the Hobbit movies enter production. I hope, I hope, I hope!
Aye, even the council members have gone, V, Rednell, Plastic squirrel, Val....I'll keep popping in from time to time waiting for it to liven up again.
Well, that is sad that they have departed. but come on fellow Middle-Earthians, we must pick ourselves up and carry on , after all we are not hear just because of a movie or two, but because of our love of JRR and his wondrous works. :Let us delve into them once more with energy and share our journey through the pages with one another. Brother and sister elves arise, Hobbits remember Frodo and Samwise, uncle Bilbo, let us go on for Gimli and Faramir and Lord Aragorn and all the rest. They did not quit, neither should we.
They did not quit, neither should we.

Actually, they did quit. The Hobbitses, Gandalf & Galadriel all left Middle-earth via the backdoor, leaving poor Aragorn all alone to rule his kingdom that had been conveniently handed over to him on a silver platter.

It is no surprise that a 'Dark Cult' soon appeared (JRRT's originally planned LOTR sequel) then in Gondor under the rule of someone who had required so much hand holding before.
nay little happiness shredder, they only quit when their tasks were done, Illuvatar saw to that. And as our tasks here will only be done well..........when we are done, we have much to do. So come one now, let us all do our part. Smile Smilie