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Thank you all.Every word shall be stored in my heart , It made me cry but it is a cry very deep and when I read the children of hurin or the sim I can hardly breathe. Think of all the people who have no one to help or are in a tent because they are refugees. . Or in a home with no one to defend them. I have had many troubles but I could always help myself. This was humiliating and frightening but strangely freeing as well.

Oerath , good for you. All of you thank you. Galin, you have been on my mind so many times and to 'hear your dear voice is something wonderful'

Dearest Leelee, oh, you have no idea how glad I am to see you posting again. I'm trilled. I missed you so much.
I'm so sorry to hear you aren't doing well. I'll keep praying for you. And for my little sister, and for dear Travis and Clayton. May god bless you all.
As Otto said, it has been really quiet without you. I tried to keep some things up. But I'm not really doing well lately. So I haven't been posting much. Sorry.

(ps. I really hope you got the email I send you with your birthday, and the one I send Hasia for her birthday)

I have always been bad with words when it really counts so I shall lean on Albert Einstein;

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

And Walt Disney;

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.”

And just remember, everyone here will be thinking of you through this time and we all pray for your safe return.

Gimli, I can hardly believe it. And I have read too many of your posts dear to not appreciated how wonderfully you speak. Thank you

Thank you Ilse,, your words as usual were well timed. Hasia thanks you and Travis and Clayton still pray for you and your brother,  Are grandfather and grandmother alright?

Well bless you all and I will try to come on and do my best, I have been working three jobs and school and sppech with Hasia, though now I use the exercises as well to bring my speech back too, and my writing. I hope to send two children's books to the publishers soon , now as I am better.

My grandmother is having a very hard time. On the 17th of Oktober, almost two weeks ago, my grandfather died. He had cancer and there was something wrong with his lungs. My grandparents had been together for 66 years! So, it's really hard for my grandmother now she's alone and has to miss him so much. And of course this also effected us. And I already wasn't doing really well. : (

Ilse I am so sorry. There is no comfort in saying your nan had your grandpa for such a long time

because whether it is six years or sixty six the loved one is gone and the hurt is deep. I have found

he best thing to do is pray for others and later on help others who have suffered the similar thing.

Then the suffering takes on a new meaning and you grow strong and feel good by turning it around

Tolkien himself turned it around by writing about the pain through all his characters and helped

millions. Nan is strong and loved, you just let her talk and look at pictures and dont run from it.

That always makes the sufferer feel worse. Eventually she will either go be with him or turn to

other things

So you are in a bad way, with your health? Remember two years ago when you went skating

and it was perfect and you felt so much better. Think on those things if you can We are

praying and love you.

I am, also, very sorry, Arwen. It is never easy to lose someone we love and Leelee is right, it makes no difference how long that love has lasted. The thing about love is that it never ends. Our bodies do give out, but love lasts forever.  Do take care and remember all those wonderful times that you and your grandfather shared. *hugs*

Leelee, it is so wonderful to see you again after so long! I do hope that you are well and can still drop in to see us. *hugs*

Thank you both for your kind, lovely, and caring words. That means a lot. *hugs back*.

And about me not doing well. Don't worry. It's nothing.

Hey Red, I think about you in your idyllic town fellow Canadian, How goes the library and all the lovely things you do?

I cannot come on here through the normal way via Google like I always do, have to use firefox and for some reason it comes on with the words far too large, I have tried everything, and so until I fix it I will not be coming on much.

I don't know if you tried this already. But maybe it helps to go to: View → Zoom → Reset. (Or Ctrl + 0) (I suppose you have to latest version of Firefox?) I don't know what else would help. I really hope you can get it fixed soon.

Take care.

I miss Grondy. He was matter of fact  said it like it is and had a heart more precious than all the gold and silver and mithral that exists. I came here because of him and I hope he is very happy in the west. I miss Cloveress and her exciting awards. And Lord of All who seemed to be bnned most of the time. He would get so angry and make us laugh.


Arwen, remember our family loves yours so dearly. Love to your handsome twin.

I miss talking to Otto.

I'd just like to say how dear to my heart this site was for many years. Though I'm nowhere near as active as I used to be, this community was my first experience of an online group of people with whom I shared an interest, and I grew to know and love many of the members who posted here on a regular basis (Cheesey, Thorin Oakenshield, Icefangs, Oerath...). The Khazad-dûmish Inn especially holds many fond memories for me, and I will always miss that old bartender who served those Balrog wings.

Don't ever change, PT. Smile Smilie

During my absence I missed all of you!


I miss Grondy too even though I've never had the honor to 'meet' him. (I've said this before but I'll continue to say so!)

I miss(ed) Taz being online.

I remember Rukain and Wenlesael Isil. They became good friends of mine and I hope they'll find their way to pt again soon.

Lelee, I was just thinking about you and hoping to see a little post here from you. I missed you. And I'm glad to see you've found your way to this wonderful planet once more. Take care and remember I love you all. *hugs* Greetingzz from my brother. 

Otto, just take one day at a time. I have observed that if you take losts of veg and a good b supplement all cravings get less and less I am in your corner no matter what.

Galin it is so very good to hear your voice. You always comforted me much.I have found that by turning mt prayers to all others going thru what I have it makes any oain a d fear and suffering worth something.

And Aylee everyone goes thru stuff, we all cry and we all get afraid. So we can just be there for the others.

Well, you wouldn't want to hear this, but I haven't been on the most right path for some time now. Alcohol, cigarettes, damn those things to some extent. Beer I approve on, but NOT on my weekly usage that I've had for quite a while now.

I know that this thing will fade on it's own, 'cause I may've great times ahead of me, that's for sure. I'll let you on something in that email I promised. Smile Smilie

But else all is good. I feel more creative these days, and life goes well in many ways. 

I'd say that don't worry about it that much, but I know you will.

Thank you, Rachel, for many things.

My darling Ilse I did receive all that and it was so nice of you. Just feel my arms around you and my prayers and know you are loved dear. It seems so hopeless and overwhelming but you will move past it and just think of how many people you can be a light to, a hand held out. And I am very proud of you Otto no matter what. Nothing ever will change that. nothing. You just remember to eat really well and sleep well and the rest will sort itself out. Help others Otto, it is a real way to get well yourself. You have a powerful command on language and you could be tremendous at speaking to others.

Well I am sorry for leaving for so long. I had to sort out my little brother Nelson's murder and the death of my baby sister. Her death was the end of all my family growing up. I had to begin to walk the road alone and it felt so hard. But my children and their needs filled the void and I just went on. I felt I could not be an example to anyone in my dreadful valley of despair. But I kept praying and listening to His still small voice and taking one step up the mountain each day. Sometimes I felt back down almost to the start. But he gave me the strength to start over.

Forgive me.


Thank you to Amarie who always said kind things to me and straightened me up as well as our own mariner and council member Val. He was a rock and his words and video soothed me like the small sea we rock in in the womb

I've often thought of going all storyteller and start to do audio books to some extent. I'm not far from making that a thing, actually.

I've been searching for a good reading voice in myself, and to my own surprise, it's not even a lowest kind. It would be awesome to be able to tell stories via videos to not only for my own, but most of all, to other people's enjoyment.

And I hope I've been of help to some people through my stories and words, 'cause that what I always strive to achieve. Joy and fun by reading.

Cheers, Rachel. Thank you for your kind words, again. Have a most pleasant day. Smile Smilie

I remember  Val and Red and our Gimli. I would so eagerly read their comments. I remember Arath amd Gandalf and felt they somehow understood and Mellon and Sean O the Green, who were my first friends.

They were thrilling. And so so many more.  

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