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Thread: Would JRR Tolkien approved the films

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Naah, i just see the LOTR movies as an adaptation and tribute to JRRT's works. Took me a long time, though.

I think it's only possible to make a lotr-miniseries if we want it exactly like the book.

The last word in the Tolkien quote is 'absurd' : JRRT would have hated a movie bout his works. Of course, in the time JRRT lived, it was technically impossible to film his works. Now it is technically possible to film it (which PJ did) and this kinda changed everything. I agree that JRRT would have approved certain scenes from PJ's movies, but still i think he would be appalled by the fact that so many characters were thoroughly changed (Elrond, Faramir, Arwen) and that certain themes from the book were changed/left out/extended.

But i think that he would be satisfied by the fact that so many ppl wuld go and see the movies and that so many ppl would find interest in his works through the movies. I can't believe i said this, but it is true.

Wow Vir what can I say, I’m very impressed! Congratulations on having a bit of a more open mind, and for the record I agree with almost everything you said in your post. The characters you mentioned (Faramir, Elrond, Arwen) are the ones that PJ (or should I say Boyens) screwed up the most, and I don’t think that JRRT would’ve been happy with their treatment in the films, but I do think he would have been pleased with some of the aspects of the films.

I guess in a way this is kinda pointless to mention, but I think had JRRT been alive when these films were made, I think PJ and Co. would have consulted with him a lot more on the script, and the films would have been a bit different (in a better way for all of us book purists).

I think you made a good point too that JRRT would’ve been happy that so many people would discover his works because of the films, and I don’t think he would’ve minded that The Silmarillion has been on the top 100 best selling book lists for quite some time now.
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Who are you and what have you done to the REAL Virumor?? J/K
back on subject: I totally agree with Vir!

Someone put something into my drink... sorry i didn't mean all the stuff i posted earlier...

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I agree that PJ and his entire crew did their best job to bring Tolkien's works alive, and really put their heart into it and tried to follow the books as much as possible.

On the whole, I think JRR would have been PJ's greatest critic. He would have hated the changes that occured within the story and particularly to the characters. LotR was his baby. There would have been no greater Tolkien purist than the man himself.

Saying that, however, had he watched the extra discs on the DVDs concerning the "making of" the movies, I think even he would have been impressed by the attention of detail that went into each and every scene. I was watching a bit a couple of nights ago about the making of the Meduseld, Theoden's armour and throne etc. Seeing Weta describe the detail and history they were trying to portray in each piece gave me a very similar feeling to reading HOME and seeing Tolkien gradually developing his world. What really stands out with Tolkien's world is his attention to detail at every level, and that is what makes these three films stand out above every other film that has currently been made.

Had he been alive, Tolkien would have probably looked at the detail in Theoden's armour and thought it was all wrong, but I think he would have been pleased they had at least spent the time and effort to get it right.

In a way I think if he were to post here, his response would have possibly been similar to Virumor's. He would have been someone who disliked the films because they deviate from the books, but he would have praised the effort behind them.
All I have to say for the entire last page of posts is Wow. Primarily, I thought, well yeah JRRT would have been pleased to see the still ever-present and ever growing popularity of his works. However, after reading your posts, Virumor, Elfstone, and Valedhelgwath, I totaly agree with you.
Tolkien would say, I think, that Peter Jackson did the best possible job that could have been done putting his books into movie form. He would say, "Not bad."
I agree with u Plutoniumdwarf, although they Peter did the best, he still could have done more. I was dissappointed at how they had to leave out some important parts. It would have been better if they had done more by the book and made it longer. But no one will ever know if Tolkien approves this. But I loved the books and the movies.
In my oppinion(nobody wants to hear it, but I'll give it anywho!) the final batle in ROTK was compleatly messed up. That could have been improved upon.
In my oppinion(nobody wants to hear it, but I'll give it anywho!) the final batle in ROTK was compleatly messed up. That could have been improved upon.

Actually Crystle we do want to hear your opinion! Here at PT all opinions, view points, thoughts, comments, etc. are welcome, valid, and appreciated just so long as they’re done in a constructive manner, and adhere to the guidelines of this site.
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For the record, we should be having this conversation in the ROTK film forum, but if you’re talking about the battle at the Black Gate, I agree that it should have been better, but I’m optimistic that the SEE of ROTK will improve on this (Mouth of Sauron, etc.) somewhat. I’m afraid that we’re stuck with lighthouse Sauron forever though.
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I’m afraid that we’re stuck with lighthouse Sauron forever though.

Well, if the director himself thinks that Sauron was nothing more than a flying eyeball, then there isn't much we can do about it.

I found it irrational when the Gate opens, Barad-Dur was suddenly in front of the Dagorlad, while it stood way to the east under the Ered Lithui (which we saw in the map Faramir showed his buddy, although that map is crap too because Minas Morgul wasn't on it) so that movie scene was a major ?.

And Sauron suddenly whispering/hissing 'Elessar'? Aragorn never recieved that jewel from Galadriel (not even in FOTR special EE, he only got a dagger) so it's unlogical and confusing that suddenly that name is coined.

Of course, PJ will still get the Oscar for best director but he can kiss his actor for best book interpretation goodbye.
I found it irrational when the Gate opens, Barad-Dur was suddenly in front of the Dagorlad,

I agree with you Vir, I thought they made Mordor seem way too small in the films. Elf Rolling Eyes Smilie
Yeah. THeyr'e just silly. I think Peter Jackson needs to do something: READ THE BOOK. Oh yeah, you all say he has but I say he approached it wrong when he got the idea of a film. He read it thinking: "How can I make this hollywood?" but he should've read it "How can I portray this in a film?" He's just silly. He needs an essential ingredient of every human being (I know he's not human, but he's close) He needs a BRAIN. He obviously doesn't have one, or the one he has isn't in working order.
Peter Jackson didn't respect the story enough, it's like if Mel Gibson dramatically changed the story of Christ in his new film. I could almost understand leaving things out such as the old forest and saying that it could have happened but we didn't show it (sort of like the highlights of the story ) if they needed to save time, but making major changes to the story is just not on.
Just a few of these changes are ;
Eomer being banished fromn Edoras (leaving Erkenbrand out of the story),
The army of the dead setting foot on the Pellennor and winning the battle all by themselves,
No scouring of the shire plus many more that I'm sure you have all noticed.
Well i thought Peter Jackson did just fine, for a pygmy cave-troll!

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Does anyone have fuzzy and fond childhood memories of the unfinished animated version, i loved that when i was seven... Awww *warm feelings of lost innocence* Alcoholic Smilie
The animated version is so good! I seem to remember that half the characters wear hot pants. Big Laugh Smilie
I cannae remember at what point it ends though..

Is it somewhere after Pellenor Fields?

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I cannae remember at what point it ends though..

Is it somewhere after Pellenor Fields?

It finishes shortly after Helm's Deep.
The animated version? Good? Whatever. I haven't seen it, but on the Tolkien Sarcasm site (It's not all sarcasm) someone wrote in about it, and said that half the time they call Saruman Aruman but they don't even be consistent about it, and that Gandalf is portrayed asa prophet of doomk,k and everyone can't keep still, and whenever they make a point they do the old "milking the cow" movement with their hands. Theyr'e always pacing up and down. ANd everyone has so much hair it's not funny anymore.
I`ve seen it, it`s full of tripped out acid animation. The orcs are just completely black with red eyes and amazingly evil voices that sound like black metal vocals. Boromir is some kind of stereotypical viking and Aragorn looks like a seventies TV detective, as for the wizards and Theoden they are all related to Father Christmas.
It skips a lot of the plot due to having much less time than the new films and ends as Gandalf arrives to save Helms Deep.
Really. Wab. (My word) NOONGNUNGNINGNUNGNINGNUNGNINGNONG! (Another one of my words) *Loni starts bulging her eyes and twitching each of her eyebrows individually, because she can do both of them* I agree. What do you think, guys? Should I take it out of the video rental place up the road?
Yes, do it, but be ready to cringe and laugh and maybe even be scared. Shocked Smilie
The orcs scared me when I was a kid, but now of course I would let them feel my sword.

Did you know that the Beatles wanted to make a version of LotR, thank god the powers that be stopped it happening.
I think I saw it. But I am not sure. I saw one animated movie where the host of orcs was a footage of german armies, just like, drawn on top of it so the movement and proportions were good, but they all had like small horns in the silouettes (Is that spelled correctly?). I liked the movie about the last unicorn. I saw it when I was younger and I remember it clearly. I want to own it, though. But now that you are all grown up things look different. I remember that Mazinger-Z was the coolest. Then I saw one of the original cartoons a couple of years ago and really expected more. Specially since I had this masive concept in my mind.
Heehee. Of course I know the Beatles tried to make a TLOTR version. I read it in the side column in 'The Magical WOrlds of TLOTR,' and I laughed. But i think it would've been kind of funny, although not very good. It would've been okay. (COntradiction of terms?) I mean it wouldn't've been seriously good, but nice to laugh at. Heehee. Or not. I've only seen 'The Yellow Submarine,' and it was just weird graphics and them saying things with no expression, and that's what made it funny.
I saw the cartoony t.v. series. I didn´t miss it, as a matter of fact. The intro, with "I´m in love with her", was soo cool Wink Smilie . Also, I would like to add for the sake of the Thread, that I do think Tolkien would have protested a bit about the movies. I protest about some aspects of the movie myself, and I am just an expectator, imagine being the creator. But there is no denying the trilogy came out for the best and I still refer to it as the greatest ever done... yet. Elf Smilie
yeah so whats the conclusion of the matter?
OMG... Now someone's planning a Bluddy LOTR musical - save US!

Next thing will be something in the order of a LOTR Space-Opera?

I despair, truly I do. Shaking Head Smilie

I've posted my feelings when i first arrived on PT, so dont think i can add too much, aside from i do not share Viromir's intense dislike of the Movies, though i recognise there exist flaws that spoiled my total enjoyment of the films... shame really!

Oh and as for Tolkien's views, who can say? Except maybe because he was an altogether English gent, i think he'd feel flattered and honoured by the attempt.
I believe the conclusion is that there are two views:
1. Tolkien the creative artist: Would be very exited by what others made of his creation. The movies would be an exiting new interpretation!

2. "It's mine! All mine! You got it all wrong! Get lost!"
GrevBukMcJern is probably right. It´s mine! Mine, I tell you!
As if someone is going to take "The Passion" as other thing than yet another book adaptation for the big screen.
I saw it. The book is better.
Like with "Bourne Identity". The main character has the same name as in the book, he is fished out of the sea as in the book, and is suffering amnesia as in the book. Oh yes, and has a german/swiss bank-account as in the book. But there endeth all similarity!
Oh no! In "the Passion", almost all of the characters that are in the book are in the movie. One could say it also ends the same way.
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Still, the book is better, not as graphic, but better. And not even a really Really good book, in my opinion.
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"The Passion of the Christ", just another hollywood movie magestraly directed by Mel Gibson. Mel Gibson is the hairy guy in the "Lethal Weapon" movie series. I think there is up to 4 Lethal Weapons. Well, "The Passion" is just another movie, that´s all. You don´t see people running and preaching about what Tolkien Fans think about "The Lord of the Rings". But you do with that other movie. The paper is one thing and the celuloide other. I have to say in any case: the book was better. I don´t know of a movie that was better than its book.
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