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Thread: Tauriel

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I never thought I sould say this but I really like Evangeline's character. I guess that finally there was some female to look up to and wish I could do all that. It was refreshing to see that a girl could do as well as a guy and was not afraid of orcs. I hate them . I as a rule get angry when Peter adds things and introduces who is not even there. But I like her. What do the rest of you have to say?

When I first heard of Tauriel I didn't want to have an opinion of her. The first movie had already came out and there were so many deviations from the book already that I expected the pattern to continue. When the movie came out I loved her! I think adding her was necessary. I'm excited to see what happens to her character in BOTFA. She's the one character who's fate we actually don't know.

I know the professor had definite ideas about women's roles and sometimes lids like Luthien they did stellar things. But I wish he wrote more about your average Elf and how they dealt with real life, the situations of the average life. I like Tauriel's spirit and kindness and how she thinks I hope she lives and has some joy.I really do.

I hope she lives too. With the death of Kili, Fili, and Thorin I'm not sure I can handle the death of another character. There is a scene in the trailer that has people buzzing about it ( When Thranduil slashes at her, breaking her bow), but I don't think that he will kill her.

I honestly wouldn't have much of a problem with Tauriel's existence in the Hobbit, except for the fact that shes in a confusing and weird interracial love triangle...with Legolas and  Kili....seems really really weird and unneccesary to me. 

Firstly.... Lee Lee!!! I havn't been on here for a while and what a wonderful surprise to see you here. I trulhope that you are happy and well.

Secondly I like the Tauriel Character. She is quite complex and interesting. She is a servant of a very overbearing King, a Woman and a Heroin.

All this talk of a love afar with Killi...or is it Filli...? Any how, I thin she is just a lonely girl who has found out that a rather charming young Dwarf is the total opposite to everything she has ever been told that Dwarves are like.

I fear that she will not make it to the end. And I fear that when her theme, A Feast Of Starlight, plays toward the end of the battle I will be in hysterical tears....


I love her like a sister and I will be there dear Brego.  We can  sit side by side and weep  from the depths of our hearts togetfer. oH dear I an already  WEEPING.

I think Tauriel will die trying/going to the aid of Kili. This will further strengthen Legelas's hatred for dwarves.

Well guys, it's me again, haven't been on in a great while, sorry. Just checking up for the meanwhile. Yes, I side with Glorfindel. Yes, Alas, sadly, she won't hook up with Legolas, what I wanted. whateverheart

I think it is best to kill Tauriel off. It's not that I dislike the character, but it could show how /why Thranduil finally sees that Tauriel may be right about the "outside" world

Well. really that would be very Tolkien if she does not have her dreams and dies.

Maybe it's just my humble opioion, but I don't know if I think Legolas is in love with her. I think it's like a sibling type thing, but that he has been told that he SHOULD love her, but doesn't truly. But I love the character. Elves are m favorite part of the whole Tolkein universe.