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Thread: Martin Freeman

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I have the Sherlock Holmes with Martin Freeman and although lot of it is great disappointment I like him. There is something real and everyday and vulnerable in him , both as John Watson and Bilbo Baggins. He reaches right down nd grabs your heart with his emotions. I would like to see him in other literary things.

He was great in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. I know a lot of fans of the books did not like the movie, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Martin Freeman is great! He puts a lot of details into little facial expressions. Benedict does that too, which is why they make a good pair.

Could not agree more. I don't think they could've chosen anyone better to play Bilbo Baggins. And I think he's great as Watson too. It's definitely his facial expressions, they're just so on point you know it'll be a great scene to watch if Bilbo is in it. But he also has the charming, home town look that anyone can relate to.

I hear he's a great person in real life too!

Yes, you read that over and over. What you see is what you get. And in Sherlock, although I loved Sarah, I am so stoked that Mary, his real wife became Mary Watson. Their emotions are so real.

Yes, truly Martin has become Bilbo. I truly hope tho that at the end of TBOFA we again get to see old Bilbo with Frodo. Maybe with Gandalf as well, in Bag End preparing for their Birthday Party. Would be a wonderful, up to date link with TFOTR. Imagine idf Sam,Merri and Pip are mucking around outside.

How wonderful