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I am so shocked. There was a time when, having answered a thread, when I came back the next day already twenty people had written something on the thread. What has happened? This site has been a mainstay for Tolkien Lovers and persons who just wanted to meet lovely caring people for ages. I say let us all do our best to make it so again, so that our children have a wonderful imaginative and inspiring place to log in to and not be bombarded with offensive words and thoughts that do not contribute to a young person being depressed and going in a wrong direction. Let us make this a memorable place to come with our thoughts to share and our imaginations to inspire. FOR PLANET TOLKIEN AND GRONDY !


sorry for the misspelled title. how do you re do it?

Hear, hear! Oh Rachel, words full of meaning and wisdom, that's what I've come to expect of you and dearly respect too. Let us indeed strive to make Planet Tolkien as active and great as it used to be, though I haven't ever ceased to believe in this site and it's power.

And needless to say.. FOR GRONDY! Smile Smilie


The site still gets 900+ unique visitors a day on average to different forum threads, the problem seems to be most people find the answer they were searching for and leave. I guess our forums have been around for so many years now, that we have discussed most of the topics and answered the questions people generally have, so there is no need for them to register.

This is one of the reasons I'm building Two Trees, to make it more interactive like an MMO.

I'm open to suggestions about how the forum can be improved.

Leelee, I miss those times as well. And I feel like I should have done more to keep this planet alive. Sorry.

I totally agree with you. And I'll do the best I can to keep things going.

you did an awesome job I read many of your replies to people. So up lifting and infused with wit and magic.

Taz I want to believe that's the only reason, I really, really do. But the fact 98% of the old regulars who would engage in discussion more than question answering have just left us....Almost all of the 10-15 400+ post members who were active when I started here in 2009....these days....maybe 3 still come and go....4 on a good day.

There needs to be some sort of internet forum marketing event lol. We'll send Taz and Arwen to represent our PT booth and get new members to join.

Oh, I also agree Arwen has been doing a great job of trying to keep things moving. If only we had more Arwens in the world...

...the world would be a better and kinder pleace Wink Smilie

And better with less me...because I left I feel bad, but great job Arwen!!!!!! I tried to keep  it going but the whole debacle late this year with my health, and with missy going, yeah.

Ahww, thank you all for your kind words. I don't feel like I deserve them but I greatly appreciate them! You mean so much to me. One big (hopefully) happy family! Thank you.

I'll try to be more active again.

P.s. Please Amras, don't feel bad! You're a wonderful person. And you didn't just leave cause you gave up. You left to concentrate on recovery! And that's a good thing. And most important, you have come back!

Hey! Well, you caught my attention and I decided that it'd be high time for me to come back. Smile Smilie

I've been off for quite a while now, and I haven't even posted a new work for ages, though there's a simple explanation for that. I just haven't been writing that much lately.

But I wrote some new material just a day or two ago and finished some of it just now and it's looking good. I like to use Norse mythology and stories as a great inspiration these days. And Arwen, I agree with Balrogs, you've been trying your best in keeping this site alive. You're a real kind soul and I'm very glad you've stayed around all these years.

And Amras, once more, welcome back. It's nice to see you up and posting some things.

And a little hullo to Balrogs too! Smile Smilie

I feel like an evil person every day I don't at least check to see what's happened on here, it's such a wonderful place. Of course, I feel like a slightly sleepier person when I do, but it's worth it. I wonder if something new (site design, pictures, poll, something) would help. Sadly, it'll be the weekend before I'm spending too much time at school to contribute to that.

Hey Taz, I am thinking, along the lines of renovising(did I spell that correctly?) We should include Email, if someone wants to dsiclose that to someone else, just saying. A little farfetched maybe?

Ah,,, I am tired, Well, I can sally forth for one more hurrah! Planet Tolkien is a beacon of Tolkieness, yes, that's a word, for years now, thankyou everyone!

I love Planet Tolkien. Always have. Life just keeps getting in the way, I'll try to be on here more.

This is a place (not just a website) that is truly worth saving!!!

I miss you all deeply!


Take care

Odette how lovely to see you!!! I hope all is well. Take care.


(Sorry for the late reply. I was on holiday.)