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Thread: Miss you guys...

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Hope everyone is well Smoke Smilie

Well, I surely am and I hope you're well too, my friend. Smile Smilie

And hey Balrogs.. Stay heavy. Big Smile Smilie

Hmm, I've been thinking about posting something.. You know..

But.. It's hard to say what and when..



See ya!


I'll just be on my way back to my cozy; dark cave to which I absolutely and truly belong.

Balrogs, Otto, and everyone else, I miss you all terribly. I'm doing well. Summer break finally started! I'm going on holiday and when I get back I'll hopefully have some inspiration to post. Stay save. Namarie, Arwen

So glad to hear two of my favorite Tolkienites are alive and well! Maybe we can all work out a time to meet in the Prancing Pony or something? Easier said than done I'm sure since we all 3 live in different countries LOL

Otto and I can easily come online at the same time, so you'll have to adjust to us! 

Hello to all of PT... i am ashamed that i have not spent more of my time with my mates! Miss you ladies and gents deeply. Wink Smilie