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Thread: Aylee pokes her head in...

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Hi guys how have you been? Just wondering if my Tolkien friends including BalrogsRUS, Galin, and Brego are still around? Also many others too numerous to mention. Wondering how life in your part of Middle Earth is. Upon my latest reading of The Silmarillion I once again had so many questions. Perhaps I shall pull them out! Anyway I have missed you and hope you are all well!

Hullo there, Aylee. I kinda remember you, but I'm not sure. Anyway, welcome back to PT!

And oh, Balrogs still lurks about. Smile Smilie

Not sure about Galin or Brego though. I haven't seen either one in a long while.

Anyway, once more, welcome back.

Ahhh of course dearest Aylee, so good to hear from you and I'm so sorry I didn't see this thread sooner. Honestly I don't see any of the old regulars leaving PT entirely, even if they do just jump in and out. This was a second home for many, a special place we couldn't find anywhere else in our waking life. It really, really is unfortunate how quiet it's gotten, even if pretty much every discussion that can be had about Tolkien has been had at one point or another. And it's not the same at other Tolkien sites, which are generally friendly but they just aren't nearly as warm and welcoming as PT ever was. It's like a feeling left behind by Grondy that nowhere else will ever emulate.

I could never leave my Tolkien mates and still think of all of you all the time, even if I am only being the creepy friend lurking in the background 

I would love to try and help answer your questions though, I love talking Tolkien and don't have anyone to do it with anymore. So sad indeed.

Miss all of you dearly though!

Oh my!  So good to see you both!  I have been away from the computer for a few days sooo, it took me a while to get back here!

Yes, I do find myself on other forums from time to time as well!  You know, any excuse to talk about Feanor, nothing new there!blush  I don't mind rehashing the same discussions.  It is kind of funny but upon each reading I kind of gain a new insight, or perspective shall we say and feel the need to tell someone about it!

But, I shall go through my notes from my latest reading and shall perhaps post my queries here then. 

Balrogs one thing has not changed though, Feanor is still the baddest of the bad of Middle Earth! 

Ah yes, good ol Feanor, the classic Shakespearean tragic hero. You want to root for him but you just can't. Or at least you shouldn't. But you can't help but empathize with him enough to not want him to fail either. He is possibly the most influential character in all of Tolkien canon short of Illuvatar. Everything that transpired started with the silmarils in one way or another and it just evolved from there, even when Frodo challenged Sauron roughly, what I'd estimate, 15,000+ years after their creation.

And it's true, his story could be recounted infinitely but never lose its allure and emotional impact. A true tale for the ages. I wonder what he's like in the Hall of Mandos. Or really what any elf is like, but especially Feanor as he was so....unique lol.

Feanor in the Halls of Mandos...now there is an idea not fully developed.  I would imagine that he would probably be the same fussy, vengeful, and prideful Feanor that we know and love.  He probably is not totally miserable though, he does have Fingolfin to fight with and we know how much he loves that! blush