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Thread: Best fighter in Arda

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Rereading the Silmarllion is an amazing experience, but I always end up asking myself the same question: who is the best fighter? It's a juvenile question I know. However, like many things Tolkien doesn't really answer this question, in my opinion. Is it one of the ainur? Or is it Eonwe? Additionally, who amongst the children of Illuvatar/dwarves of Aule do you think is the most powerful/best fighter?? Would love to hear everyone's thoughts and interpretation!

Hi Elvedui! Welcome to PT!

This is a great topic. As far as I can remember, most of the answers are to be found in the Silmarillion.

The greatest warrior of man is undoubtedly Hurin Thalion:

But It is said that Hurin would not live thereafter, being bereft of all purpose and desire, and cast himself at last into the western sea; and so ended the mightiest of the warriors of mortal Men.

Next to him would probably be his son Turin (the Mormegil) and thrid Beren Erchamion.

There is no contest for the Maiar, Eonwe:

...Eonwe, whose might in arms is surpassed by none in Arda.

For the Valar I would say Tulkas followed by Orome.

We do not have sufficient information about the dwarves. In any case, the race itself was much fearned as a race of fighters and commanded respect and awe on the battlefied (think about the dwarf-goblin wars, the retreat in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad).

The question is much more problematic for the Elves. Indeed they are not in my opinion a warring folk but became so by necessity. I am sure if we were to ask ourself who is the greatest Elf warrior, we wouldn't have a surefire answer. They did many individual act of renown but no one really stand out.

However I would give the place of honour to Fingolfin, who fought and wounded Morgoth Bauglir. Another elf who probably also comes close is Glorfindel. He fought and killed a Balrog and stood against the witch king in the third age of Middle Earth.

And last for the Hobbits, Bandobras the Bullroarer!