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Thread: Learn Elvish

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Celebriannenharma posted Wednesday 3rd August 2005:

The Elvish I am speaking is that of Quenya, I believe. There is a very helpful website containing the following: Elvish Phrases, Elvish/English Glossary, Pronouncing Elvish, FOTR Movie Elvish, TTT Movie Elvish, and ROTK Movie Elvish. It's a very helpful website. The link is: Hobbits Live .com

Also, there is another site, Learn Elvish .com. When you get there, click on the picture of Legolas, that says, "The Lord of the Rings" on it. The site has dictionaries as well as a Quenya Constanant Guide, Quenya Language History, Quenya Stress, Quenya/Sindarin Alphabet, and a Quenya Vowel Guide. Here is the link from the "Quenya/Sindarin Alphabet" page: The Tengwar. It has the Tengwar for Quenya and Sindarin, including vowels, punctuation, and how to pronounce it.
Enjoy! Happy Elf Smilie
Wow, I'm glad to see that someone actually reads what I write! Smile Smilie I'm only joking...
Thank You, Amari!
also i wudnt trust that site
doesnt seem right, your better off with a more established site
isnt there links on this page to Helge's quenya course?