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Thread: Twilight (Arwen and Legolas after the Council of Elrond)

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Hi, Sepdet. This is a good piece of writing. You have a lyrical style. I haven't seen anyone else draw the distinction between the Caliquendi and the Moriquendi in terms of their shimmery light. In my stories I call it "the calad" and all Elves have it. But it only shines forth when the Elf most closely approaches the fullfilment of his or her being. Your approach is very explainable in terms of the canon. As for technique, you're practiced or talented or both; I saw no flaws such as use of the passive voice or too many adverbs. (OK - Legolas colored "slightly." I bet Legolas never does anything slightly - but you only did it once.) Nice job! Regards - Chathol-linn
Tongue Smilie Wow! I'm drooling for more! That is the most amazing piece of writing that could actually equal Tolkien himself. I have tried many times to imitate his style, and decided eventually that it could not be done. You have proved me wrong by far! Well Done!