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Thread: what is writer's gulid?

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I don't know. Wink Smilie
so what do you do here?
I should probably let Allyssa do write this, but here is my partial take on the subject:

Some members share the poems and stories they have written and some members read and enjoy and constructively review them, offering ideas to make them even better. Sometimes when they pass muster, they get posted to our Fan Writings section, whose link is in the menu to the lower left under *General*.

The main critieria to be a member is that you want to be one, that you try not to cause harm to any of our writers with undo brutal criticism, and that you don't poke fun at their effort or person. In otherwords, follow the Golden Rule and you will get along fine in this Guild as well as around the rest of the forum.
That is pretty much it,1ElijahLover. You don't have to be a dedicated writer or anything. If you are just interested in reading and discussion of writing, you can join in. If you have a poem or short story tucked away in a drawer somewhere, that you always wanted to share, you can either post it in the forum or email it around if you prefer.

The Fan Writings section at PT only accepts Tolkien related fan fiction. If you are interested in contributing to this section, just email one of the council members and we will organise a review panel for you. The purpose of the review panel is to maintain the quality and style of PT's information.

All that being said, have fun!