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Aki_Hana,where did you get this from?
Yea, that was very good, did you write it?
Thank you very much! Big Smile Smilie
Yes, I wrote's actually a comic book that I'm illustrating/writing. Hehe...would you like me to continue? Wiggle Smilie
Yes please,you caught my attention! Wink Smilie
Aw, gee, thanks! Ok, this isn't as good as the comic, but I will continue with the next three paragraphs...

My parents died when I was really young, about when I was six. It was a closed casket funeral, the dreariness hightened by the grey weather. I wasn't allowed to see them, to say goodbye...
The next day I was sent to Japan to live with my aunt and uncle. Aunt Rosa was my mom's younger sister, a spitting image. She had long blonde locks that trailed down her back, crling slightly. Her green eyes alsways seemed to smile, and her lips in a grin.
She taught me many things, such as how to read and write, Japanese customs, and some of the history. I especially loved it when she played the shamisen (*).
Uncle Lee was a martial arts master, who trained me everyday, believing I would become something great. I attended his sessions with fellow students and soon becoame the top of my class. After, when everyone else had left, he would teach me the secret ways of the samurai.

(*)shamisen is a banjo-type instrument Big Smile Smilie it's a work in I said, with a comic book and can illustrate some of these details, but I had to go back and rewrite it like this *shrugs* hope it's ok...
Oh that was well done! Though it does look a bit like what other comic books do with there plot.
I can't wait to hear more Big Smile Smilie