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Thread: A job for you folk maybe?

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A pretty tall order Taz, to come up with something comparable to that. I have not read the Carpenter Biography myself, has anyone else?

What do the rest of the guild think of this task...can we do it?

Just wanted to make it an url. I am a lazy typist.

It shouldn't be too bad if we all chip in for some of the research...we could do it in sections - everyone take a part of his life (history, hobbies, things like that) and find out about that bit, and then we can put it all together. It'd be a lot for one person, but if there's a bunch of us that want to do it, it should be ok.

Do we want pictures and stuff like in that site? or just a straight biography?
Sounds like it could be fun.
Allyssa, actually I am reading Carpenter's book on Tolkien now. Slow going because of my course, work, Mom's Taxi,etc, etc.
I'll put a little more effort into it. I start vacation in 2 weeks, maybe I can finish it then.
Rednell Read Smilie Read Smilie
Okay, I suppose we could throw something together. Could take some time.
Do we want pictures and stuff like in that site? or just a straight biography?

Straight Biography please :-)

*Hugs the writers Guild*, what a good idea of mine it was to set this guild up Tongue Smilie
Gee, Allyssa,
Isn't Taz so brilliant! A "writers' guild"; who woulda thought! :0

/me grins
Anything happening with this you guys/girls?
I'm still reading Tolkien's bio and also a book called "The Inklings", Taz. Haven't contacted anyone else yet.
Allyssa? Chik? Any ideas on how to go about this?
Read Smilie
I'm starting in on some research today...should I email my notes and stuff somewhere, or post them here, or what?
Okay Guys, sorry if I have not been around much the last couple of days. Had and exam and a major assignment to finish.

Well, personally I do not know all that much about Tolkien's life. I dont even visit the postAuthorID thread here.

/me hangs head in shame

I guess I am more interested in his works than his life Winking Smilie

My thoughts so far, are to maybe try to take a slightly different slant than other biographers? After all, so much has been written about JRRT already that we hardly need any more info. (unless of course, anyone has any hitherto undisclosed trivia or facts?) Your thoughts on this Taz?

Maybe we could take certain aspects of his books and talk about how they reflect Tolkien's life. For example, Gandalf and how much of him was Tolkien? The real life Hobbiton, or in other words, the real places that JRRT based Hobbiton on, and so on. We could start chatting about what aspects we feel are significant, and we all work on one subject at a time and each add a bit in and someone gets nominated to write it up?. Smile Smilie

Accompany this with a list of significant dates in his life - a Tolkien "Tale of Years" so to speak - so that the reader can conect everything chronologicaly. A reader should be able to learn a lot about JRRT with the info presented in a slightly different way.

Resources: (naturally we will need to quote these) I have a copy of the National Geographic Documentary "Beyond the Movie" which talks a lot about JRRT. I also have a number of books on fantasy that might prove helpful. I am afraid that I have not read Humphrey Carpenter's work, so I am hoping that someone who has can fill in those bits. Wink Smilie

What resources does everyone else have?

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Hi Allyssa,
I have JRR's biography by Carpenter, as well as, his book, :The Inklings" which deals with his relationship with Lewis, Williams', and other writers of the time. There is some very interesting trivia in this book. I also have the NG film and two other videos which discuss JRR's life and LOTR. I like your idea of a chronological list and drawing a relationship between his life and his writing. Although Tolkien disliked the term allegory, there is not question that events in his life are evident in LOTR.
Did you receive my e-mail? It may be easier to discuss this using e-mail attachments.
How about you, Chik?
Rednell Read Smilie
I sent you guys the notes I've already got...basic backgroundish sort of stuff...even if we don't use it, I think it's good for a starting piont. I'm going to the library sometime this week...I haven't got really any resources of my own...I'll let you know if I find anything good.
If I can be of any help, let me know. I read this post way too late again. Disturbed Smilie I have a very short biography on JRR in my essay, but I had loads more of information from various places on the net. If it comes in handy, let me know, I'll mail it to ya. You can use the things from my essay if you want to, btw. Just mention my name and I'll be happy. Big Smile Smilie
Tommi, could you post the urls for us? I think the more sources for our information, the better. Smile Smilie
In researching articles for articles (columns) I've done a lot of JRRT biographical research. Might I suggest the best place to look for information is the NY Times site. (search "Tolkien")Biographies might lend you to over wordiness and plaigorism. If you want to use a biography as a guide (especially for a website) try a "juvinile" biography. Not too heavy, and always filled with the more interesting trivia.
Thanks Faye Big Smile Smilie
Progress report please folks?
The URL's for ya:

Thanks Tommi Big Smile Smilie

Anyone looking for the chat room, see "chat" under "news".
What does everyone think of telling Tolkien's Biography by describing the relationships with the people who influenced him, like CS Lewis, The Inklings, Edith, Unwin Publishers...etc

Any thoughts? Anyone with an area of specialty that they would like to cover?
I don't know any of them... Disturbed Smilie But it's a good idea, definetely.
Would it be possible to have a status report folks?
Sure Taz,
I have everything here text and photos. I just need to figure out how to deliver it to you so I can explain how we visualize the setup. I was going to try something on publisher and e-mail it to you then let you figure out how to convert it to a format suitable for the site. Or do you just want me to send all the attachments?
Could you do it in a Microsoft Word Document? The layout/format and how you want it with all the images etc, then just email me the doc as an attachment.
Will get right on it Taz.
Thanks Big Smile Smilie
Well done on the biography folks! Thought you might want to know that's being noticed around the internet although I have lost most of the refers here is one.

OH GOLLY GOSH!! I am so excited!

Give yourself a pat on the back Rednell! Big Smile Smilie

Thought you might want to know that's being noticed around the internet

Are we a cool site or what? Big Smile Smilie
Three cheers for PT! And the ones who worked on this, of course. Thumbs Up Smilie

I came across some JRR biographies in the book store just last week. And a book about the Inklings. But I couldn't possibly buy them all. Very Sad Smilie