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Thread: Getting Started

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Any new ideas would be welcome, Allyssa. I tend to start with an idea that evolves as I write. My old English teacher would not be happy, but that's just the way I write.

After a burst of four stories in the space of a couple of months, my inspiration seems to have dried up for the time being. I've been writing the same piece for nearly six weeks now, and I can't decide where I want it to go. I'm really happy with the part I've written so far, but the old inspiration doesn't seem to have found it's course this time.
It's a bit frustrating but I'm not too worried just yet. I've been really busy at work just recently and I don't seem to have had time to sit down and have a good crack at it. Get a full day off to tinker about and I think the words will begin to flow once more.
Perhaps you should check our thread on Writer's Block Val? Just a thought.

One of my old teachers had a pet theory about writers block being caused by the creative side of the brain becomming tired. Therefore, he theorised, you need to make the other side of your brain (the one that does maths and other useless stuff Wink Smilie ) work out a bit. Your creative juices should soon begin to flow again. Smile Smilie
I had no idea there was a name for that technique, or even that it was a technique. I have a notebook full of scrawled ideas that I keep in my coat pocket all the time. Generally it gets scribbled in while I'm sitting at a bar of an afternoon, or on a bus or a train, or wherever I get an idea. It makes no sense to anybody, not even me anymore sadly, but it is a d@mn useful way of getting your ideas down before they run away from you again.
Don't like the name river of ideas though, I always called it drunken scribbling.
Ha Ha Ha Smilie Call it what ever you like, I guess. It does work though, that's the main thing.

All the English teachers I ever had, had absolutely no idea about writing fiction. In general, I would ignore them, when it comes to genre fiction writing.

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