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Thread: All My Wirtings...

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Intriguing, Orimono.

Some wonderful expressions, like: "in the breathless dark" I liked that very much. Big Smile Smilie

[Edited on 1/10/2002 by Allyssa]
So many images conjured by one short story, Orimono... I think my brain's cooking Smile Smilie
You're a master of description.
Wow! So descriptive and surreal. What amazing imagery. Exclamation Smilie
Oh Yeah, Im Cool Now! Cool Smilie Heres Another Story... Kind of a short romantic poem... not my best work but, Aw well! Here i go....

Icey Blue Eyes
By Orimono Shujin

You look at her and the first thing you notice is her beautiful blue eyes.

No, Her Icey blue eyes.

As cold as the coldest winter.

But wait...the ice is not solid.

Itís just a wall.

Itís protecting something, hiding something.

"What?" you whisper to yourself.

If you really want to know, youíll wait to find out.
You must prove yourself.

Prove you deserve to see this most hidden treasure.

Just like the hidden caves in fairy tales,

You must know the password.

You will have to learn it.

You spend what seems like years searching for the password.

It will feel like eternity before she gives it to you.

But for some reason you wait, and eternity comes and goes.

Shyly she stands in before you.

She smiles slightly and then hands over the password.

"I love you."

The ice melts.


Yay For Me!
That is really sweet Orimono. Whoever you wrote that for is very lucky! Big Smile Smilie