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Hi, everyone. How's the writers' council going? Is it set up yet? Regards - Chathol-linn
Orimono_Shujin: Even though your question was meant for Allyssa, I'll answer and she will correct me if I'm wrong, as well has provide The Guild Master/Mistress' slant on the topic. The main function of the Writers Review Panel is to determine if a piece meets's standards for inclusion in our Fan Writings section. I also believe that they will provide suggestions as to how those pieces, which do not yet make the grade, might be improved. Smile Smilie
That was you Ori? I read it yesterday, got it all ready to go up, and I'm just waiting for approval from a couple of other people before I put it up. Really funny mate, loved it. I did e-mail you about it yesterday I think. Check your inbox.

I have sent your piece off to another (non-council) reader for an opinion. From there, it is all steam ahead. The button for the Fan Writings section is on the left there, under "General". Give it a day or two, and check in. Big Smile Smilie
Do you mean the panel, Chathol? Yes, but it is a fairly informal arrangement. All the stories submitted will be read by at least three people before going up, at least one of which is not a council member. Big Smile Smilie
Hi! Chathol-linn, they have deemed that three of your stories, including the great three parter, have exceeded P-T's standards and thus have been added to our Fan Writtings Section. Way to go! Smile Smilie
Had the go-ahead Ori, so I did it, it's up there, go see, I'm not lying....