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Thread: You know your a LOTR freak when...

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ok, I like this thread. Thanks ilovefrodo.

You know you are a Tolkien freak, when your family tells you that you need to get help, because you are sooo obsessive with Tolkien, that all you do is eat, drink, breath, and sleep Tolkien. (That includes being a member of PT, and having like 20 or 30 books that are either about ME or Tolkien himself, having tons of maps haning on the wall, and buying 3" notebooks just to put all of the Tolkien related material in that you have downloaded off of the net, and there is never enough room in them.)
OMG - I am a LOTR Freak! Super Scared Smilie Big Laugh Smilie
Actually, what is the difference between the Tolkien freak and the Tolkien geek? Wink Smilie
Actually, what is the difference between the Tolkien freak and the Tolkien geek?
A Tolkien geek is a Tolkien freak when viewed by anyone who isn't actually a Tolkien freak themself. I'm not sure how we are viewed by those who have only seen the film, however.
Smoke Smilie you have read our mines and our act as a LOTR freak. they are so true!!!!!!!!!!! Pixie Smilie
Smoke Smilie I think you know when your a LOTR movie freak if you listen to the three soundtracks Big Laugh Smilie
I think i have an other one,(accually 2 others).

1. You throw your marriage ring in the fire just to see if there are markings on it.

2. You call all of your friends and loved one < my preciousssssss>

LoL, thanks a lot for starting this, i think it's a very neat idea.

Wiggle Smilie
Tongue Smilie You know you're a Tolkien freak when you long for the "good old days " of the first age when your good friend Turgon was king of Gondolin
You know you're a LOTR freak when you start calling your boyfriend "Legolas", your uncle "Bilbo" and your math-teacher "Saruman" Orc Grinning Smilie

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i read your board about how to tell if you're a lord of the rings freak and absolutley everythink apart from number 2 was, for me, true! (well, if that did happen to me, i probably would go mental!) every day i'm counting down the days untill rotk hits the screens. wow, i just found a cool character that looks like legolas!

p.s. do you know anywere were you can learn elfish? i know quite a lot already, and my dog still hasn't clicked on that 'havo dad' means 'sit'!

p.p.s. 321 days till rotk! yey!
Well, lotrmad, there's a topic about that somewhere around here.. Don't remember where.. Help, anyone?
Anyway, there are some really good links there.
Oh yes! It's in The Author and Writing in Elvish. Good luck!
Do you know about a site or something were you can download the elvish language so you could write with it in your computer? Smile Smilie You know, so you could use it in Word.
Go on Google and search for YaTT. (Stands for Yet another Tengwar Tool.) Big Smile Smilie It's great; I use it all the time.
Thanks a lot! Big Smile Smilie IŽll try that!
Hey folks, I'm a LOTR freak! Here are a few more for being a freak:

1. You know you're a LOTR freak when you're able to point out that the Old English root word for athelas is atheling, which means coming from a noble person.

2. You know you're a LOTR freak when you tell your brother to return you preciousss when he wears the One Ring around his neck on the chain.

3. You know you're a LOTR freak when you have read the trilogy at least 9 times, the Silmarillion at least 6 times, the Hobbit at least 5 times, and the Book of Lost Tales at least 3 times.

4. You know you're a LOTR freak when you want to do your senior thesis for your bachelor's degree in English Literature on Tolkien related material.

PS: Anybody have any valid (like literary criticism) ideas on what to write on? I've thought of writing on the destruction of the pastoral setting by industrialization by Saruman or doing a compare/contrast on Two Towers movie vs book.
You know you're a Tolkien freak when you have the sticker books and frequently swap with your friends!!