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Thread: The Forgotten

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Elda I know where your coming from it is mad.
Thanks brother!
Yup fights will take days alright...and can you imagine a fight against a cave troll(for an example)?
I am 90% I missed this somewhere back in the forum but do we have types of damage:melee,piercing,slashing etc...???
I have returned from purgatree. I will check out and see whats happening .
I have not Forgotten Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie Big Laugh Smilie I'm just busy looking for jobs so don't worry guys I have a few ideas.
Just dropped in. THis looks awesome!!! I'm joining.

My name is Beleg. I am an elf that has existed since the beginning. I did not fall into darkness and distain those that did. I am about six foot seven. Father of Beleg Strongbow in Turin's story. I have black hair, green eyes. Am prone to playing dice. Oh, yeah. I'm an expert with a bow and arrow, and almost no one can pass my swordsmanship, seeing as how I've had time to practice. I like singing. I'm fighting for Rohan in Helm's deep, because all those kids can't do jack.

Is that enough info? I'm new to this.
Good to have you Beleg.This is currently in pre production hell...I'm trying to sort out the battle system if I don't I'm just gonna start it we will see. But its good to have you on board Beleg.
How are you getting on with a combat system Darous? PM me if you require any advice or help.
The battle system is my nemesis...I have seen examples of how it can be done and how we can incorperate it into the game heres an idea:

Darous,Calenthang and Asteroth have spotted a scouting group of orcs. They need to be taken out before they alert the main force on the postion of The Forgotten. The three decide to split up and Darous takes point and Calen and Aster come From both sides. Darous moves ahead and spots an orc falling behind he rushes over.

Darous: Begins his attack he can 10 points damage or 20 points 10 points allows him to defend while 20 points leaves him defenceless. Darous decides to go all out and throws down his shield. He strikes the orc and takes off 20.

Orc: The orc having not seen the approach of Darous takes 20 damage out of 80, leaving 60 health points . It can decide to attack or heal itself.# this may be determinded by The Controller if one is ever decided upon# the orc decides to defend which allows him to recurperate half the health points he lost.

Darous: Prepares to attack but as the orc is defending minamal damage will be done.

Orcs: They have noticed the attack on their brother and begin to advance on Darous they strafe in between the trees so there approach is un-noticed by Darous.

Asteroth: Asteroth can now decide to either regroup or fight alone.

Calenthang: He can regroup or fight alone.

Well this is an idea of what it maybe like..let me know your thoughts cause if I go with this one The points system may need to be revised again oh what alot of fun that will be....I am glad I'm mad you know cause doing this here would drive you that we bit more insane oh yeah you cna be sure of it..Well let the boss know your thoughts and all that other stuff.

Right then well I'll hold off a wee bit so I can sort out the new points sytems it may not be points but something in the way of stones or jewels e.g...We have 10 stones or jewels which we can use say if we attack we can use 4 of them for attack and keep 3 for defense and then have in 3 spare.
Your a mad crazy lady now shooo shoo away...what is she thinkin Aladdin this aint Disney you want Disney go to them Bub. Smoke Smilie The jewel/stone is the points you have maybe for the whole game
The 3 catergories still stand warrior, rogues magic people...but now we'll have set stones/jewels
I think to similpfy things this will fall into the stones or jewels...you can replenish yours by picking up more or keeping spares to replenish strenght maybe
That sounds good--and you could give everyone a certain amount of time to respond (maybe you could give them a week, three days, or just twenty four hours, depending on how fast you want this thing to move) and then everyone who did not respond loses a certain amount of points (unless they have posted in before hand that they would not be on--us in the States have summer vacations, you know!).
Yes, there would be some complications. But it was just a general idea. Wink Smilie
Right I am back so updates will come soon but first I must chill.
Sorry guys, I've been a bit busy of late and missed getting in here.

I've only used systems in the past where an element of chance has been introduced by using dice, the score of which has been added to the skill rating of the character to determine damage inflicted from a table.

I'm guessing for this game, however, you are attempting to get away from using dice or chance. The way I would go, would be to have stats for each character in the amount of damage they can inflict, and similar stats for various weapons, and maybe bonuses for armour that would decrease damage.

For example...

Damage inflicted in combat by...

Warrior = 30
Rogue = 20
Wizard = 10

Weapons would then add bonuses to this rating, eg...

Dagger = 0
Short sword = 3
Hand Axe = 5
Spear = 8
Long sword = 10
Battle Axe = 12
2 Handed Sword = 15

So for example a Rogue with a long sword would have a bonus of 20 + 10 = 30

What I would then do is have a simple combat table in which damage is either increased or decreased depending on the action of the attacker and defender....

..........................Damage inflicted to Defender

Aggressor :Full Attack : Half Attack : Full Parry
Full Attack: x2 D : x1 D : x 0.5 D
Half Attack : x1 D : x0.5 D : None
Full Parry : x0.5 D : None : None

I think the board will scrunch up my table, but you should be able to see that an attacker going for an all out attack on an opponent, who is similarly engaged in an all out attack, will inflict double damage (in the case of the above Rogue with a longsword, 30 X 2 = 60), whereas against a fully parrying opponent he will only inflict half damage (eg 30 X 0.5 = 15).

Similarly, half attacks will inflict less damage but will leave the player less open to damage himself.

Once the damage has been calculated, points can be taken off for the armour worn. Eg....

Soft Leather -3
Rigid Leather -5
Chain Mail -10
Plate Mail -15
Shield -5

During character generation, you might also consider giving player the option of spending so many points in order to build up their attack/defense stats etc

For example...

A warrior might begin with Attack 30, Defense 0 and 80 Hits with three "slots" to spend. These slots can buy 5 attack, 5 defense or 10 hit points. These slots can be spent any way the player sees fit, either increasing his attack, his defense or hits, or spread between the three.

These slots would also provide a simple method of level advancement, were each level gained a player 3 or 4 new slots.

Hopefully these ideas can be of some use to you. They are only a rough guide and perhaps need refining somewhat. I'd also suggest splitting melee attacks from missile attacks too, and maybe give the rogue a better starting missile bonus than the warrior.

Right my friends its time to meet on the flipside.

That night there was a uneasy silent in the forest. Round the fire sat Darous, Asteroth, Calenthang, Reng Menia, Eglaviel , Mad , Tommie and Beleg.
"The night is uneasy my friends I sense a something what I can not say...but it is unsettling" Darous spoke with concern..."Now you know why you have been summoned..the winds have told me of unsettling news but soon we will know all we need to know."
"Darous " shouted one of the watchmen " a rider approaches!!!"
"Let him come"

[Edited on 7/6/2003 by Darous]
Beleg stood. "What if it is him, Darous?"
"Then it means they have failed and once again we........THE FORGOTTEN our all that stands before the coming darkness and middle earth my friends.
The rider rode up to the ragtag group of adventurers and the glint of mithrill armour showed beneath his cloak and greeted them:" Hail, puny travellers! I see you have yourself quite a group there" His sharp eyes surveyed the group and his eyes finally rested on Mad.
After a few moments, he beckoned to Mad and said:" You are wanted for the crimes you commited Mad, come with us. And the rest of you had better not interfere." As if on cue, ten similarly clad riders appeared.
"Hail yourself you over grown butt monkey" said Darous
Darous stood up and lit up a smoke and walked over to the rider...."Sorry friend he ain't going no where...."
"And who is gonna stop me...you little man."
The rest stood up and withdrew there weapons.
"Just me and the rest of these puny travellers...you wanna start something friend be my guest but we'll sure in he*l finish it......
The man just laughed.

"All right then," the stranger said, "If that's the way you want it!"

At that moment the riders charged.
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