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Thread: Delete

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When you open a message to read it, it would be nice if there was a delete option right there so you don't have to go back the inbox to delete it.
And how do you suppose you read the message in your inbox without going in your inbox?
That's not what I mean. When you open the message, you ought to be able to delete it right there.
And I guess, you wouldn't like a little exercise for your fingers, eh? Its only a single click away! Why do you worry so much?
Delete "Delete"
I don't worry, but I have a slow connection at home and I hate having to go extra pages.
I don't worry, but I have a slow connection at home and I hate having to go extra pages.

A valid point. My connection often takes me 30 seconds or more to go back to the index page. Having a delete option within the message would be handy. On the old PT you used to be able to delete multiple messages en masse as well. This is another feature I miss, because currently it takes me 20-30 seconds to delete each one individually. Being able to delete a group of them would be nice.
At least someone agrees with me. It takes forever to go back and then delete it. A minute at least for me.
Me, too, I agree. Smile Smilie
I also suffer from dialup connection and sometimes it can be painful waiting to go back to the list of messages just to delete the one that I am reading. A delete option at the bottom of the message window would be a nice feature indeed. Big Smile Smilie
I don't worry, but I have a slow connection at home and I hate having to go extra pages.
This is another reason why I would rather our members reduce the number of their chatty posts and threads. After waiting time and again for page after page to slowly load only to find yet another new page full of meaningless conversation (that would have been better made in our chatroom) one tends to become discouraged. This is what makes moderators want to yell "Cease and Desist!" and reach for the lock and delete buttons. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
Those were the days, Grondy. I remember deleting over thirty such posts one evening when a certain individual had tried boosting their post tally by posting a smiley at the end of every other thread. It probably didn't give me back the time I had wasted opening up pages for no reason, but it certainly helped with the frustration I felt..... And that was back in the days when I did have broadband.
I've never had broadband... but I have TI connection at school!!! I try to do everything at school, but it is never enough. All right, back on topic before Grondy sets us straight. Big Laugh Smilie