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Thread: 2010 Christmas Wish List

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Changing the Posting System has got rid of the Right-Click Spell Check things, and with you getting rid of the old Spell Checker

Spell checking is definitely something that needs to be improved. I'm working on it and hope to have a resolution by the end of the week at the latest.

You will now find that misspellings are underlined in red. If you right click on the misspelling, you will get a list of suggested corrections, click on that and it will correct the misspelt word.

Thanks Taz. 

Also, When I click on Save Post, it highlights the Circle/Arrow next to the Applications thing, not submitting  it.

I can assure you that Taz would not have made these changes unless it was really necessary. Taz is spending an insane amount of time, and you'll see in the end that is was worth it. Smile Smilie

Taz, I'll do the editing, you have more than enough on your plate. 

Hey guys, cut Taz some slack; he is working on these problems as fast as he can; and he is doing out of love for Tolkien's work at great cost to himself with no income from the site. You have noticed the disappearance of all the ads, haven't you. So please be patient, whether it takes him an hour, a week, or a month to implement your desire, it will probably get done and if not, there will be a legitimate reason for that


When I click on Save Post, it highlights the Circle/Arrow next to the Applications thing, not submitting  it

That's not supposed to happen, I'll investigate. I have disabled Applications temporarily.

I wasn't being unpatient with him, Grondy.

I don't see why he needs to make all of these changes so quickly though; I think he deserves more Free Time for Himself, IMO.

I think I have found a solution.

All posts that are written from today's date will include the code to use correct standards. All posts written prior to today, will use incorrect standards but will display with the correct paragraphing (spacing). It's late, but give me an hour to figure out the logic and write the code and I will publish it live. This should then please both camps and not require us to go back and manually edit all the posts, and also enable all future posts to meet HTML standards.

Wow, I actually wondered if something like that could be done, and figured it would probably be too complicated. You never stop to amaze me, Taz. 

Seconded, Amarie.

Where has the Applications thing gone?


Wow, I actually wondered if something like that could be done, and figured it would probably be too complicated

It's been done and is working.

All posts made before today will use the non compliant HTML and show paragraphs/spaces as expected.

All posts made today onwards, will use complaint HTML and show paragraphs/spaces as expected.

I'll second everyone else's thanks here, you're doing a great job on the site - and like Rho I'm anxiously waiting for this mysterious RPG thing. 

The paragraphs thing seems to have been fixed, and I must apologise if I went slightly over the line in my earlier post. Again, Taz, your continued devotion to this site works wonders, and I think every member on here is grateful to you.  

Taz, If you need help to re-paragraph the posts in the active threads I'll be happy to help you.

And as everyone else says, thanks for the awesome work you're doing Smile Smilie

Welcome Back Thorin 

In our PM folder, it would be nice to be able to select more than one PM to delete. More like a e-mail inbox.

Taz, you are a dear. Thankyou for listening to us and doing what can be done.  Smile Smilie

I would like to be able to add bigger than 70 x 70 avatars and not just gif. Don't really like thte one I have, but its the best I could do

I think that if it was less more than 70x70, if it was too small it would ruin the format of the page, and if it was more it would take up room and ruin the formatting. Maybe it could shrink/zoom to the right size?


While we are at it, I would like to bring up these two suggestions I have made in places a while back. 

Im new so I have no clue what could make the site better, but I would love to have a Sponsor of sorts, someone to show me the ropes and how to manuver around.

I'm sure someone will reply if you ask for help!

New wishes...

Group chat

Search function in the forum (if there is one I can't find it!)

I agree with what 42 said. Maybe we could have the Option to turn off the Daily Mythril messages?


And maybe add polls to threads?

The link to the search seems to have vanished. But the address should be easy to remember: http://www.planet-tolkien.com/search Smile Smilie

Second the group chat wish, or if there has been more wishes of the same quality, then add me too! =)

Arrgh, I updated java, now the chat wont work for me   Very sad. I'll have to restart my computer and see if that fixes it!

Thank you a thousand times Taz, my poem to Grondy and my subsequent stories actually went through. You ARE a dear.

I have to agree that the chat client that we are using doesn't work well. Is there another one out there that we can try?

It would be great if we could have the common chat room going again and have the Discussions group back and running. Maybe we could work out a rota for the monitoring the chats or even have the chats open on specific days?


Would be awesome if we could get our members together to talk about Tolkien live!! Would be like a party at the Prancing Pony Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Awesome,i want a Gondor t-shirt!

why not add the balrogs from Angband and utumno

who is taz he seems very shy and aloof?

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