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Thread: What's the difference between the different taverns?

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Nope, the games just all seemed to be started in the Ivy Bush, so we moved all the games that were elsewhere there as well. Makes 'em easier to find. You can say pretty much anything you like in the Taverns, just not the 3 big bads, Sex Politics and religion (trust me, there was a really good reason we stopped talking about them).
And I found out the hard way....
It caused nothing but tears and anger Asteroth.. Sad Smilie
We have discussed this earlier:

Website News > Forum Rules and Policy (Bread & Butter)


And some other places I don't remeber.

... but not computer operating systems?

That's banned too in some places; it can get quite heated! Speaking as moderator on a board with a special "Boiler Room" forum where those topics may be discussed under a very tight set of rules (keep debate civil, critique ideas not people, etc), it takes a special sort of moderator to monitor those threads and administer verbal valium as needed. Having such debates changes the whole feel of a community.

And that last is something you may not want.

At any rate, thanks for untangling my confusion!

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The Council decided that a 'Boiler Room' type thread would cause more ill feelings than good and as there are plenty of other forums where people can go if they want to vent steam that made it unecessary for us to provide one.
... but not computer operating systems?
So far our membership are nice enough not to want to cause unecessary confrontations on purpose, and when they accidently do so, they are gentile enough to refrain from doing so again upon receiving a gental reminder. I'm the exception of course, but the membership and our other moderators yank my chain once in a while to keep me in line. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie