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Thread: Staying logged in

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There isn't, but there should be.
Im sorry to say Lasgalen there is not,but you can always have your password changed to one that would be easy to remember and type in. Smile Smilie
I did that, and then it wouldn't let me post. Kept saying some kind of error. I was told that this was a problem others had as well and if I went back to my original password I could post again (which is what I did).
As long as I don't clear out my cookies I find when I click in my user name, both it and my password appear in the respective boxes. I have found, however, if I let the PC remember another password for another site, it will then forget the PT one and force me to type it in by hand next time.
I find that if I close the browser, and then return a short time later (key word short) I don't have to log in, but if any length of time passes, then I do have to log in.
Could perhaps be down to your settings, Lasgalen. What operating system do you use?
According to our Website settings, you may be able to close all pages and remain logged in for up to seven days. However, if you have a webpage open and are inactive for 90 minutes I believe you get logged out. I have found this second part to be the case when I have been chatting, and know that when I've had a crash while on a P-T page and then I've rebooted and reopened P-T, that I was still logged in.
Could perhaps be down to your settings, Lasgalen. What operating system do you use?
I don't think it is my computer because several other postBody boards I post at, I am always logged on.