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Thread: question on chat w/mIRC

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I have mIRC but it wont connect/bring me to the tolkien chat room. I am under the server sorcerynet and channel #tolkien, but it doesn't work. I don't know if I am using it correctly, but I followed all of the instructions. I can't get into the chat room normally either... Please Help!!!
That's an easily solved problem. Our chatroom is no longer on SorceryNet. It has moved to irc.darkmyst.org, and is still called #tolkien. Smile Smilie
Thanks Peredhil!!!!
You're welcome. I'm here to help. Smile Smilie
For future reference just remember to connect to irc.planet-tolkien.com - as we have our own IRC server now, darkmyst is simply just the network we are linked too. If we were ever to leave them remembering irc.planet-tolkien.com would still get you to us Smile Smilie
I can never connect to the Planet-Tolkien server. I don't know why.