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Thread: I cant find a 70 x 70 Picture

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How did everbody find theres do you draw them or find them on a different website?
I found mine at www.hotavatars.com
It's hard to find the right size,but you can always resize your chosen avatar. (I had my brother do that for me). Good luck! Smile Smilie
Ya, I know what you mean, I couldn't find one either. I just cheeted, Taz did it for me. Tongue Smilie
If you look here
Website Help > how do I get an avatar you will find Rednells and my e-mail, and we can help you to create an avatar. Send one of us the picture you want and we'll make it the right size for you. Smile Smilie
You could also email it to me at patrick_vary@hotmail.com and I will resize it for you (and jazz it up a bit if you like). Smile Smilie