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Thread: What is Mithril?

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I'm new to the website and recieved mail which said welcome and you recieved 20 mithril and now I see that 20 on the Homepage. What is it and What is it used for?

ThanxHappy Elf Smilie
Hi there Happy Elf Smilie
Read The Planet-Tolkien FAQ It should answer most of your questions, or it tell you where to look. Smile Smilie
yes but my question has always been WHY is mithril.
another suggestion?
sorry taz to load up your plate, but if i dont get thewe out my brain might explode.
i was wondering if like 10,000(coma for conveniance) mithirl pieces could be exchanged for a quiasi-simiral?
Also taz you could send a e-mail for the mithirl every 100 pieces because the emails block up you mail page.
my question has always been WHY is mithril.
Ar-edain37: The answer to that has to do with the geological history of Middle-earth. As I never took Geology at Uni and did poorly in Metalurgy, I don't know its chemical composition, how it formed, nor its natural state. Sorry. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie

i was wondering if like 10,000(coma for conveniance) mithirl pieces could be exchanged for a quiasi-simiral?
Randalllin: I don't know of any source for quiasi-simiral (nor quasi-silmarils even); however, you can earn a Pseudo-Silmaril by being the first to answer the (almost daily) question in Trivia: Barad-dur. Cool Elf Smilie

Also taz you could send a e-mail for the mithirl every 100 pieces because the emails block up you mail page
Randalllin: If you look at the right side of your message list, you will see a delete icon for each message. Were you to click on one, that message will disappear. Do this on all those messages that are cluttering up your message page and the problem will also disappear. Happy Elf Smilie
Mithril is rare earth extracted from the igneous ore of the same name. It is renowned for being as strong as steel, yet far lighter, making it ideal for any number of purposes. It is inert, and therefore falls into the 'transition metals' section of the Periodic Table. It is a diatomic molecule, bearing the chemical formula Mi2. It is not magnetic, signifying that it is not as closely related to iron as was once thought. The aforementioned properties mean that it is like to such metals as silver, gold, platinum, tin and nickel. Highly coveted, we are fortunate to have so much of it here on PT.
NO! I MEAN WHY DO THINGS ON PT COST MITHRIL!AND IM SPEAKING FROM A REAL-WORLD POINT OF VIEW,NOT A MIDDLE-EARTH ONE!Does the council want to limit private messages?That seems to be the only thing mithril is used for on pt(with the exceptions of location changes and proving you have been on the site longer than others)
Things are often valued more when you have to work for them or pay for them. If everything was free and unlimited then they would lose their value. If Private Messaging was free and unlimited then some people would abuse the privilege and the site would probably end up bogged down and slowly drowning in a sea of Private Messages. The only limitation is set by how much mithril you have earned or saved - a privilege given to PT members.

To buy and sell one requires currency. Mithril is the currency of Planet-Tolkien. There are more ways of earning and spending it planned but at the moment you will have to be patient. You will need to log on every day to get the maximum amount of mithril available at the moment.
Please don't shout Ar-edain. It hurts my poor little ears. Orc Sad Smilie The main reason why we have mithril is because it is fun. Orc Grinning Smilie If we didn't want you to use PMs then we wouldn't have PMs or we would have you pay a lot more, maybe even real money. It is a free service given to us by Tarrant, this whole site is free. You don't have to pay to use this site at all. And you are given all the money you need for the parts that does cost 'money'. This is not how other sites work...

Yes patience is the key word here, goods things come to those who wait, both mithril and things to spend them on. If you send PMs so often that you run out of mithril, then you might consider using e-mail instead. It is up to you if you want to spend the mithril you are given or not.