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Thread: Information for Newbies!

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Along with what Peredhil said, how do you do/put that thing(say) what is on the bootom,when you post something?

Thanx in advance....

Wiggle Smilie - i LOVE this smilley,too
Hi, Iīm new here too! Signed in three days ago or so. Just finished my exams, and I just found this site and itīs really cool! Cool Smilie Tell me, how can I become a ranger, and a council member? How many postBodys do I have to send too get upgrated? Iīm really curious! Smile Smilie
Hullo katakutur, welcome to Planet-Tolkien.

Nell mentionned this before once,,,here-

Stranger ............. 1 - 49
Friend ............... 50 - 199
Ranger ........... 200 - 499
Elf-friend ......... 500 - 999
Steward ......... 1000 - 2499
Istari .............. 2500 - 4999
Maiar ............. 5000 - 9999
Valar ............ 10000 and up

There that's the number of posts neaded to become something.

Have lots lots lots and lots of fun here at PT(Planet-Tolkien). Belive me, you'll love it here, the things are fun and interesting, the people are great and this is an extreemely well made site!!!!


Wiggle Smilie

Sorry, accually it was Grondy that posted that-(how many posts are needed).

Well, katakutur, there are quite a few new ones here, and more are comming in everyday, so you'll feel like home Big Smile Smilie . Accually , i'm quite new myself, and i already feel welcomed(i did on my first day).-So , you'll fit right in!!! Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie

It will be my one month aniverssary the 1st of February- i came on to PT the 1st day of 2003!!!

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Wow, lots of new faces. Welcome!!!
Just one thing: how do you quote someone else' post in yours?

Hi Peredhil
If you click on My Account over to the left, you will find a link at the top that says Website Guide. You will find the directions in there.
It will be my one month aniverssary the 1st of February- i came on to PT the 1st day of 2003!!!

I am glad you started the New Year out with us, Irena. And that I was in the chat room to talk to you.
Welcome to you too, katakutur. Irena has very kindly answered your question so I hope that we will be seeing lots of you in the forums. Drop in for a chat sometime too. Big Smile Smilie

Welcome katakutar and Peredhil! I hope you enjoy PT. Big Smile Smilie
be welcome katakutur.....i asked the same once and i am still looking for an upgrade.....but someday there in year 2030 i will get the:" not-too-stranger" grade Big Laugh Smilie

welcome peredhil, i hope that on time you will think on this place as a second home...and it is even better, because there are no fights about who plays music,or which program do we see....(you all know....,little brotherīs stuff.... Big Laugh Smilie ).....,because i think every one is in the same frecuency..... Wink Smilie

so ....., be free to hang around whenever you want to.....
Along with what Peredhil said, how do you do/put that thing(say) what is on the bootom,when you post something?

Head to the top of this here forum page, click PROFILE, and then type in whatever you want to say (making sure it's only 3 lines (including spaces) of NORMAL text with no images html or anything we don't like) and you're set. Or alternatively, go to MY ACCOUNT and hit WEBSITE HELP and follow the instructions on the guide.
Thanx Plastic,,,
I accually realized that after i posted that,,, oh well,,, thanx alot anyways

Big Smile Smilie

Wiggle Smilie
Hi, thanks a lot for the answer, littleirena, I really need to be very active! Smile Smilie And thank you all a lot for those good welcomes! I really feel like home and everyone here is great! Big Smile Smilie Thank you! Wink Smilie
Hey Littleirena the skwerl will get you if he see's that you have a smiley in your signature!
Ross, I don't think that is a signature. The sig's all have a line above them. Litterinea's smiley doesn't. I think she is safe for now. Although, I could be wrong.


Tigger Smilie

[Edited on 1/31/2003 by MelliotSandybanks]
Fair enough!
Nope, i'll survive, the smiley isn't a signature, but why is that we can't have smileys as a signature, or part of it?

Wiggle Smilie

I just really like that smiley, so i put it at the end of almost every post ! -strange-
but why is that we can't have smileys as a signature, or part of it?

Smilies, bold, underlined and italic text, URL's and more than 3 lines including spaces in the signature use up extra bandwidith. We have so much bandwidth allotted to Planet-Tolkien through our webserver and if we go over that amount then it costs Taz extra money.
I just noticed, that Elemuel has a smiley in his signature-not that i wanna be mean or anything.
I don't want Taz to have to waste(maybe not the best word) more money on PT, so i'm not gonna use a smiley in my signature, but ya...

Little One
Wiggle Smilie
I'm extreemely sorry sorry sorry, it must have been one off the old posts, 'cause there is no more smilley there.

Sorry for that- that's all, sorry sorry.

Tiny I
Wiggle Smilie
By the way, Irena, congrats on becoming a Friend on your 1 month anniversary. Loads of people have just reached 50, it seems. I'm hoping to do the same today which, incidentally, is my one week anniversary! Wiggle Smilie
Yes, congratulations on becoming a Friend Irena! Dunce Smilie Birthday Smile Smilie Pary Smilie
Congrats indeed. And once again I'm saying hello to all of those new members I have never seen before in my life. Animated Wink Smilie Waving Hello Smilie This forum is growing so fast I can't keep up with it! People are actually posting comments in a thread where I only just posted. :o Help!!! Tongue Smilie It's great really.

Breath Tom, breath.... Wary Smilie
do not worry tommy.....,sometimes i have been about to post where i already did.... Elf With a Big Grin Smilie .....

but well, i think that is good because it means that pt is growing....,ŋis it not? Wink Smilie
Yes of course, Thingol, and that's the main thing. PT's moving, growing, going somewhere. There was a time when nothing was happening, and when all you could do was read your own old boring posts over and over again. Boring Smilie lol

Thank God that's over. Thanks to all the newbies, and I do hope you stay around a bit longer. Because this is a place to stay.
Yeah, I'm with Tom on this one, Hi everyone! Come and say hello in the chat sometime, or stay around on here anyway Smile Smilie
Yes, we certainly love to see PT grow the way it is. It makes it so interesting. Welcome to any new members that I have not greeted in a while. Have fun, join chat and any of our other wondeful things to here.

Ummm, hey, ok, i'm not a newbie, but i still have billions of questions always in my head, so, here's one-

the *topped* (sp) thing has already been mentioned domewhere, but how do you decide which threads get *topped* and who decides that?

Well, that's about it :P Wink Smilie

Wiggle Smilie Tiny I
The Council Members are the ones who use the moderator controls to 'top' certain threads (make them always be at the top of the forum regardless of the date of their last post). The decision to top a thread usually depends on whether or not the thread is about something important or urgent.

However, in the taverns we have topped a group of threads to make it easier to find which one of the group your post might belong, rather than having to hunt through many pages of threads to see if there is s bettter place to put it. This is most apparent in the Ivy Bush (games) and Green Dragon quotes).

I hope this will help unmuddy the water for you. Happy Elf Smilie
Thank-you Grondy, that did clear up my mind, i didn't even know what topping a thread was :P why it was needed, but now i get it , , ,

Thanx again
Umm, I'm new here and I'm totally lost! HELP! if have any info. plz email me @ nimrondel_06@hotmail.com.

PS: my real nickname is Rohonallien. Don't ask.
All the information you could ever need, and probably a bit more, can be found if you click on "My Account" up there on the left, and then hit the section called erm... Website Help, or Guide or something, and it'll tell you everything you need to know. In fact, I'm pretty sure there was a link to it in your welcome email, unless that's down as well....

Anyhow, welcome LadyofLuthien and have a good time, I'll email this post to you as well then...
Welcome to PT Lady of Luthien! I hope you have a wonderful time here.
What exactly do you have trouble with? I can see you know how to work the forums. Wink Smilie Anyway, ask us your questions and we'd be pleased to help. Big Smile Smilie
Welcome to Planet Tolkien, LadyofLuthien. Most of your questions should be covered either in the site guide that Plastic mentioned or among this section of the forum. If you cannot find an answer, however, to some problem, just ask.
ok, so here I am, after 6 months with PT, posting my first question in the newbies thread. Big Laugh Smilie Tongue Smilie

How can I submit news? I've been looking and looking, but I can't find it. Does this mean that only council members can submit news? I've got an excellent piece on the extended TTT dvd... Jumping Flame Smilie Orc Grinning Smilie
Sure, it's gotta have a red, big, blinking sign that says: SPOILER ALERT! But I'm more than happy to have found it anyway. Smile Smilie
Yeah, it has to go through us now Aire (I think anyway) just in case of sabotage. Mail it to any of us (or all of us through council@planet-tolkien.com) and it'll get put up, or Grondy'll find it anyway and stick it up before he reads this. Smile Smilie
Hi Idril,. Welcome to Planet Tolkien. Don't worry about being a Newbie. Even Grondy was one once (back in the First Age probably Big Smile Smilie )

I think the best advice I can give you at the moment is to visit our guide.

On the left menu bar, almost at the top you will see a link called My Account. If you click on there, you will go to a page where among other options you will see another link called Website Help .

That will take you to a guide we wrote for new members like yourself, to help you navigate yourself around the site. It is possibly becoming a little dated now because none of us have had time to regularly update it, but most of it still holds true. If you take ten minutes to run through it, I'm sure it will prove a great help to you.
How do I start a new thread Tolkien/LOTR related and non-Tolkien/LOTR related?
By this, I assume you mean how do you know where to place your new thread rather than how do you physically start one? If I'm wrong, and you want to know the latter, the guide will tell you.

With regards to knowing where a new thread should go, it's just a matter of common sense really. If its book related or film related, they each have their own sections. If it's more specifically about a character or place, they have their own sections too. Other sections include threads concerning the site specifically, and JRR Tolkien himself. The Guilds are sections specific to certain interests such as writing or photography etc. If it is a topic bout anything else (particularly non Tolkien related), place it in one of the taverns which are open to a full range of discussions. Please bear in mind though that we have a total ban on topics discussing Sex, Religion and Politics, unless they have a direct bearing on Tolkien's works.

Hope that is of some help. Smile Smilie
re: email notifications of replies

I'm having a slight problem here. I'm receiving notifications from posts (which I want and are set correctly from what I can tell), but when I try to access them through my email via thread link provided all I get is

"404 Not Found
The requested URL /themes/PT_NEW/style/styleNN.css was not found on this server.
Apache/1.3.26 Server at www.planet-tolkien.com Port 80"

I'm using Netscape as my primary email server ...or does that even matter?
hello i am new to PT and it is great to be a part of it. i was wondering where to find avatars and if there were any specific pixels we cant use and such... also when i try to enter the chat room, the applet starts, but it says that it is unable to establish a connection with server... am i doing something wrong???
Hello Torvelthis. Welcome to Planet-Tolkien. Happy Elf Smilie

Regarding a source for avatars, I don't know, but I'm sure someone will come to your rescue. They need to be 70 by 70 pixels and in .gif format.

Regarding your chatroom problem, sometimes the server is down, so you should try again later, if the problem continues, ask for help again.
and to get your 70x70 pixels .gif avatar up you go to "your account - edit profile" and just upload it yourself. :-)
oh and btw, the avatar-file shouldn't be more than 8kb (which shouldn't be a problem using .gif)
Someone help me,please!For risk of coming off as a total idiot,HOW DO I SEND MY REPLIES IN THE CHAT ROOM?Please e-mail me with instructions or attach the answers to the thread!You have my eternal thanks.
Hey there Ainulindhe :wave:
Welcome to PT.
I noticed that you attempted to join the chatroom twice tonight. To "speak", you just type the message in the message box at the bottom (curser should be in the box) then hit enter. You cannot go into any other part of the website while you are in the chatroom or you will lose your connection. If you want to multitask, you have to open another Internet Explorer/Planet-tolkien window. Sometimes you have to stay in the chatroom for a few minutes before anyone will respond and you do have to "speak" so that my screen will flash. I may be checking out the forums and will not know that someone has joined the chatroom.
I hope this is of some help.
Need an Avatar? Come to Etharions Avatar Emporium !!! It is located in the forum Website sugestions under Avatar Market? We have elfs, human, dwarfs, undead, monsters, dragons . Of course maybe someone else will have your Ideal avatar , so this is the place where that person will be. And if you are having problems with uploading your avatar ask here and youl find the answer sooner or later.The thread is in the element of development so be patient. Later on the avatars shall maybe be available for mithril but thats just an idea. By the way all Council members that see this please tell me if you like the idea. Your PT friend – Etharion Timeweaver
If somebody is put on a buddy-list, do they know about it? Or is it just so you can more easily talk to the people you want to talk to?
They won't know about it unless you tell them. And that is up to you. You can only have 10 (I think) buddies but you can change them if you need to.
Hi, i am new to this site and i was wondering : where's the bathroom?
Hi, i am new to this site and i was wondering : where's the bathroom?

Amateur! By everyone a beer, then follow the crowd!
Hi, i am new to this site and i was wondering : where's the bathroom?

In your left shoe. Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
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