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Thread: What do you think about the site?

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Nice site, though it would be nice if there were more choices for race and location. For example, why Mirkwood is left out I'll never know....
More will be added in time.
This site RULES!!!!! sirously PT is the best website i have ever seen thank you for creating it Smile Smilie
(Guess what???? Today i turned 14 YAY!!!!!)
Well, the content and discussions are great; it's certainly nice to have a group who'll rap my knuckles for treating HoME as canon instead of responding to comments about the Silmarillion with "what's that?" I'd give my right arm for a search function, though, navigating to threads to which I've posted is maddening. In fact, I wound up here trying to find "what other books have influenced you?" (which I still haven't done.) Of course, since CGCS was my first forum after (finally) getting online, they've kind of spoiled me with the whole "gee, I can't remember what thread that was in; I'll just look through all my posts 'til I find it." Meanwhile, I guess I'll just have to bookmark things I wanna pursue, at least for now (sigh.) Great site, nice folks, I just wish it was a little less cumbersome at times for me, but then my computerese has huge gaps in it so maybe I'm making things harder for myself than they should be.
What can I say but Cow Sleeping Smilie whooops!! I mean Angel Smilie . (sorry bout that just had to find a reason to use Cow Sleeping Smilie!!)
Is that cow chewing gum or chewing a cud?
Cow Sleeping Smilie if it is cud, i really want to steal it, all you who have practiced vetinary medicine know what imean if i say this sight is better than stealing a cows cud!!!Cow Sleeping Smilie
The cow is sleeping, it's a Japanese thing to put a bubble by the nose or mouth like that when someone/thing is sleeping...I just had to clear that up.

But anyway, I love this site. I joined when I was in 8th grade and now I am in 11th, so I'm going on my 4th year here. I have seen PT go through a lot of changes, all for the better, and I have to say this is the best site I have ever come across...I will probably keep up with the site until I leave for college and beyond...again I love PT!!! Pary Smilie Juggling Smilie Wiggle Smilie
this site RULEZ!!! Great job!!! NO COMMENT... Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
ah Nimrodel, when did you grow horns and turn green? alas, all that is fair must someday pass.
*takes a bow*
Is Luthien asleep, oh joy! *chews on some gum and sticks it on luthiens nose Smile Smilie*
I like the new pretty-picture! Goes well with my avatar. Thanks Grep.
so do i.
It's not right that I haven't still posted here, because that's what I feel everytime I come to PT: the site is wonderful, simply unique and homelike. I don't think I should write all the definitions crowding in my head, cos you know what I'm talking about..
A piece of my heart is always here with you all.
Thanks to you guys, The Council, for making this all come true.

I love the new picture!!! Grep, do you hear a storm of applause? Big Smile Smilie
Thumbs Up Smilie , Thumbs Up Smilie and Thumbs Up Smilie !!!!
When i found the valley / mountains image I had to use it, it's exactly how i see parts of middle earth looking so i'm very glad everyone else likes it. The web designer in me thinks it's too large both in terms of file size and in terms of screen real estate... but the creative in me just loves it so i have to find a way to make it work.
oh yeah itz great the valley really does make it, and the elvish writing just makes it Middle earth FANTASTICO
I'm so glad that I've found this site. I mentioned to my roommate the other day that I feel blessed to have found a community of people that are also obsessed with the fictional history and lands of Tolkien's Middle-earth. I love flexing my mental muscle over Tolkien trivia, and it's wonderful to have a place to do it. I havn't ever met anyone in person that is as interested in this stuff as I am.

The site also looks and functions well. Kudos to those who are doing all the hard work to make this place so great! Good job!
This is great! It is sooooo middle-earth! I love the theme! And you fixed the post reply boxes too! *hugs everyone* I love you all!!!
*hugs back* We love you too!

Yep, Grep! I just love the background. Its all BLACK! Whoopee! I looooove black! Thank God, I don't see green anymore.
I really love the new background made by Grep .Love the colours and specially the ligths coming over the mountains It feels like Im entering Tolkiens world in real life..Love this site and all its warm PT members I Love You Smilie
I truly like this site VERY VERY MUCH... the people here are friendly and funny. Next to this, I can talk seriously about Tolkien and there are good Tolkien trivia going on. Only one thing which i would find handy is that i could get an email whenever there is a reply in the forums. The design is very lovely and... as i said i truly LIKE this site!!
We used to have that function, Beren. To be honest I didn't realise it had gone until you mentioned it. I should have realised by the recent lack of emails to the Council asking us how switch the function off, that it had gone.
P-T has the cleanest looking Boards that I have ever seen. They are easy to navigate and easy to look at too!
I felt a sudden urge to comment on that and now that I have, I feel lighter! Orc Smiling Smilie
You all love posing questions that you know the answer to, don't you?

It is the best-tolkien related site in the web!!!Everyone here is soooo friendly and nice!!!!!!!I LOVE this amazing site!
oooh there are no words of my tongue that can describe this site, simply amazing and sooo easy to look around the threads, great idea whoever thought of that set up, preferably Tarrant......
Next to Tolkien Forums this site does have a pretty good layout.
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