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Thread: Tolkien's poems

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Meril: No we didn't pay to put up the poetry because rather than writing a whole poem, we have left them incomplete and referenced where the complete poems may be found, a form of advertisement for the books.

I could add a few poems from the Book of Lost Tales I, were I able to find my copy. It should be buried in that bookcase behind the Great Mound, but I can't get to it for a while. As I remember Volume I has a green cover while Volume II, which I am looking at, is red. Still, I will keep it in mind.

There are more of Tolkien's poems in The Golden Perch Tavern under Tolkien's Poetry, Serialized than are posted under the Poems link in our menu under *J.R.R. Tolkien* to the left. One of these years I intend to move some more of these.
Grondy your Lost Tales books look a lot different than my do then. I have noticed that they keep changing covers UT has at least 2 if not more.
Okay Meril, with Mellie's help I am complying with your request. Look for one in The Golden Perch Tavern under Tolkien's Poetry, Serialized. Cool Elf Smilie
I am trying to help Grondy, since I can find my copies of both Lost Tales. I will get one into the computer each day. I can't do much more than that at the moment.

Grondy, when I e-mailed you a poem did you put it in the Golden Perch? (Sorry, I did not know about the Golden Perch so I hadn't looked there)
Which poem did you email him Sam? I don't want to send him the same one.
Grondy, when I e-mailed you a poem did you put it in the Golden Perch? (Sorry, I did not know about the Golden Perch so I hadn't looked there)
No, I haven't received a poem from you Samwise, when did you send it, P-T's email server is still down, or at least I have been unable to query them since last night. You could also PM me, but I will probably only see a PM between 1:00 and 6:00 PM PST (2100 and 0200 hrs GMT) which is when I am normally working the forum. Happy Elf Smilie
Well that is very odd Grondy. I e-mailed it to you about a month ago, from my Sam@tolkienmail account to Grondmaster@planet-tolkien.com. Was the P-T e-mail service down then? Mellie, the poem I sent is called 'The Lost Ark' and I got it from The Monsters and the Critics and Other Essays.
I would try to PM it to you, but it appears that I can't PM people (I tried and it said the database didn't read and that I couldn't send). But I'll try it later. Thanks.
Thanks, Sam! I don't have that book, so if you want to send Grondy more poems from that one, I am sure he will appreciate it.

I hope you get the PM thing worked out soon. I am not sure what to tell you about it. I think that would be a Taz job.
Yeah, I sort of thought so too. I didn't try to PM anyone today, thought I'd give it a moments rest, but I'll try again tomorrow and if not, oh well.
You should really get that book, Mellie, I find it fascinating. I posted stuff about it under Tolkien's Work forum, under Other. Wink Smilie